Increasing Pressure Threatens To Burst Trump Bubble With Potentially Concerning Fallout 1

Increasing Pressure Threatens To Burst Trump Bubble With Potentially Concerning Fallout


Rachel Maddow rounds up the recent spate of bad news for Donald Trump, not the least of which is the new revelation that the business at the core of his identity could be threatened by criminal charges in a matter of days, and expresses concern for how Trump followers will react as their fantasy continues to fall apart.
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  1. So, his organization might be criminally charged but he won’t? How does that make any sense. LOCK HIM UP!

    1. they are getting all the people around him first. waiting for someone to flip, and when one flips, they all flip

    1. @Bruce Wagner 8 times nuclear war was threatened on other countries. We’ll see if the ICC adopts the new law of crimes against humanity just for threats of the use of nuclear weapons.

      There’s a valid case open with many strong talking points about environmental damage!

      I’d rather have the world than one man who disagrees with the world.

      I suppose suspension of a law liscence for spreading false information has something else attached!

    2. @Daniel Palm It’s a darn good thing you guy’s did a rebellion and handed Biden the right to suppress habius corpus, we may actually get our last defense back if that new law passes in ICC.

    1. @Jerry Witmer I guess Congross does not really DISLIKE # BLM.MOST the GOP HAVE A BLACK GF AS A SIDE PIECE anyway…its just to throw the wife off the scent

    1. @Teena Selman so true! Thank God for President Biden🇺🇸💙🇺🇸💙🇺🇸💙🇺🇸

    2. @Debra Johnson after covid entered the US it became his, and he chose to lie and let people die! We’re finding out now that he wanted those Americans that got sick to be sent off to Guantanamo to die because of his selfish re-election reasons! That maggot will never ever step one orange foot in Our White House again! Count on it!!!!

    3. @Debra Johnson I don’t hate anyone. However, I do despise liars, cheats, and grifter. I would never support or vote for a leader who has been married several times, has a reputation of not paying bills, evades taxes, lies constantly, and possesses the intelligence and knowledge of a pond gnat.

  2. This all makes Rick Wilson’s book, “Everything Trump Touches Dies” seem prophetic.

    1. @acronhym

      Not entirely accurate to say ” …no Democrat cares…”. I can assure you, a sizable number of Democrats care, but more, we are tired of hearing about Trump when the news DOESN’T say ” Trump led away in handcuffs to appear before judges…” or words to that effect.

      People, apparently not enough of them, knew Trump was all wrong for the office of President. He has neither the patience, the general people skills, and as it turns out…the long term interest in what happens when he opens his mouth and/or squiggles his signature with that ridiculously huge Sharpie of his.
      Some of us knew in 2015 that Trump was a very bad businessman. Heck, by 2015 he already had 6 bankruptcies to his name, tho if you ask him about them he will deny they exist or insist they are someone else’s responsibility.

      Sadly, we have gone from a country where the President asked ALL CITIZENS to think “…not what your country can do for you…” to a President who DEMANDS all citizens to do for him, no matter the cost to this country.

    2. @Howard Kerr pretty much how everyone on the other side feels about biden.. say what you want.. but you won’t find pic of trump with david duke.. every democrat elected a racist that changes his view only based on opinion…

    3. @Erica A. Zwick did you join a convo and not say anything.. sorry you can’t read well enough to understand what i’m saying… or did you not find pictures of biden with the KKK leaders…

  3. I can’t wait to see these Trump people put their heads in the sand when they know that their tratoir of a leader that once was going to jail for a very long time

  4. As a public figure for decades Trump had never accepted fault for anything. That’s a red flag for anyone to think that they do nothing wrong ever.

  5. If he had been properly prosecuted many years ago, we never would have known the four years of misery known as don the con.

    1. Ignorance and gullibility of so called ‘conservatives’ and the greed of some republican officials put him in leadership for 4 years which negatively affected the whole country. Never again!!!

    2. @Len Black Indeed, if it wasn’t Trump, then it would have been someone else. We’ve been in big trouble, at least since Ronald Reagan, and we’re still paying for what he has done.

    3. That’s our system. The wealthy can afford legal representation that exploits every escape route of the legal system (though that didn’t prevent Trump’s fraudulent “University” and “Foundation” from being shut down).

  6. Trump eventually destroys everything he touches the GOP can count themselves amongst that wreckage.

    1. That’s what I’ve been thinking, challenging the republicans that stood up to him is only going to hand seats to the Democrats. It’s basically like having a third party run, it just detracts votes from which ever party they are most in agreement with.

  7. When rats are cornered they get dangerous. Agent Orange feels up against the wall, Putin can’t help, crony’s testifying against him etc. Narcissist’s are most dangerous when exposed as frauds. Expect the worst.

    1. Oh, baby, Putin IS helping. Who do you think funnels $$$ to Qanon, One America News, and every Republican on every ticket? Russia has funded Trump himself for decades. Putin is one of the richest men in the world, all crime money of course.

    2. At least he no longer has his ‘ickle fingers on the big button, thus fulfilling the end of dats prophesy?

    1. @Dottie Ignozzi well actually you can look it up on YouTube Rachel maddow claims she swore up and down that there was no hospital ship coming you can find it on YouTube and then after the hospital shipped arrived Rachel meadows look ridiculous,

    2. @Wolf Ganger I’m not a Trump supporter, buddy. There’s actually nothing political about wanting non-editorialized news.

  8. Take these as another brick in a wall. A wall the justice department is building, and Trump will pay for it.

  9. I kinda hope they drag him out of prison and charge him for the capital riots. The man needs to be in a federal prison for life, not some swanky private vacation bibleschool joint with a tennis court and a buffet.

    1. I would settle for a “swanky private vacation bibleschool” if they would just LOCK HIM UP ALREADY!!! I know the wheels of justice turn slowly, but this is nuts!

  10. No justice for the poor. Ordinary folks can’t “settle out of court” when they commit a crime.

    1. @Oga Thingo I agree, and I am still searching for what they seem to think of him “doing good in this world”.

    2. Oman, looks like trump is going to feel what it is like to be poor, just like the ppl he looked down on.

    3. Actually they do settle out of court they settle in jail with a plea deal and never go to court at all. And the whole system puts pressure on the people in jail to plead guilty even when they’re not and not go to court at all go to court they don’t go to court at all

    4. @Oga Thingo “Smart people learn from everything and everyone, average people from their experiences, stupid people already have all the answers.”
      – Socrates

  11. His hair is a lie. His skin color is a lie.His business acumen is a lie. His net worth is a lie and is golf score is a lie.Everything about him from his head to his toes is a complete fabrication. If Image is everything he’s nothing.

    1. @Andrew he skated in on republican dissent and was propped up by party first voters. the number of people that voted him out was, i thought, hopeful. at least in contrast to his prior election.

    2. Everything in America is image; substance is few and far between. So Donald can get away with his false bravado

  12. He has a ‘Revenge Rally’ tonight in Ohio. It’s just like Animal House: When the axe is falling, ROAD TRIP!

    1. @Belly Dancer Em I read he and Epstein fell out because trump kept on asking him to get younger girls aged 14 and Epstein and Maxwell, wouldn’t agree as they know it’s definitely jail for girls under 16.

    2. @Mike Cannon with the Delta variant spreading like wildfire, he and his sycophantic followers will be courting disaster by attending another one of his superspreader events. He just doesn’t care about anyone or anything as long as he can get himself in front of a crowd and in front of cameras. It’s disgusting.

  13. Hey, who’s Orangey gonna get to defend him now?, Shoe polish sideburns Rudy just got his law licence revoked, not even Perry Mason could defend him

    1. Just for the sake of being correct, no, his law license was not revoked, it was
      suspended pending the outcome of a hearing to revoke it.
      You bring up, though, a very interesting question about just who is going to put their reputation on the line to defend this crook. He will want them to lie to the judge, not a very smart move in any case, and even Rudy drew the line there.

    2. I heard the the my pillow guy was trying to get his license but failed the prerequisite classes and claimed it was a conspiracy to keep him from defending Trump. Not sure if true but probably is.

  14. Convenient how the “election fraud” they want to investigate is only in states that trump lost.

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