‘Incredibly frustrating’: Canadian stranded in South Africa after new COVID-19 travel restrictions

Canadian Richard Maisel shares his struggles of trying to find a flight home to Canada amid travel restrictions due to the Omicron variant.

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  1. There’s a certain court case you could be covering which is much bigger news. Or are you guys hiding something πŸ€”

  2. Live with it im having trouble paying my bills youre taking holidays in different countries ….I feel so sorry for your luck

    1. Same! Hes talking about being stuck in a country with a new covid variant, boo hoo. Meanwhile, im almost going homeless struggling to pay bills and keep hot meals on the table. Its very hard for me to feel bad for him or anyone in this situation. They knew the risks

    2. @S. P. No one said it was his fault concerning our financial troubles. That being said, he needs to accept responsibility for his actions just like we do. Dont go crying to the news when you’re trapped, you dont see me crying to the news and begging for money

  3. Well, you should have known that every winter we have a new variant with new restrictions, possibly for the rest of our lives.

  4. β€œToo many hoops to jump thru! I’m stressed and frustrated! Send a private plane to take me back home NOW!”
    Bruh cry more.

  5. “literally a pandemic going on”: yeah, south africa sounds nice!
    “gets stuck in south africa because pandemic stops flights”: oh no, who could’ve seen this coming!?!

  6. The only frustrating part is the omiCon*. Staying an extra couple weeks in not chaotic Canadian winter should be a treat. suck it up.

  7. No kidding that would be frustrating. Most of all when not getting paid at all for all the extra hours being required while on another on contract only business trip. It is starting to appear that only 8 men in the world are being properly treated well and that has nothing to do with pro-life too feminism like some are hoping we will all believe as explanation for not being properly treated as a loyal employee too.

  8. maybe dont be traveling right now? im sorry but i dont feel bad for this, you chose to travel and now you are facing repercussions

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