INDECOM Probes Allegations that Rushane Barnett was Assaulted | TVJ News – June 30 2022

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  1. So after he killed five people he’s complaining about abuse he’s lucky he’s alive indecom need to rekax.

  2. A coward that harm a baby should get no sympathy, indecom need to shut down since their intervention in police affairs crimes been on the rise in our country and we can’t seem to get a grip of it. Human rights activists need to keep their nose out of our business also, check the facts and data of countries with harsh and stiff penalties look at their crime rates comparing to ours.

  3. God doesn’t like ugly, all who is supporting this wicked should remember that they have relatives and they would want justice. Karma is real and the mother in Clarendon you will get justice 1 way or the other.

  4. Indecom an the LAWYER fe get dun fah
    DAT lawyer don’t love dem life any lawyer who a represent him fe no see day light

  5. What the hell are you complaining about!!!!….after you cut the throat of five people!!….is what kind of foolishness a gwaan in dis country!if he confess to the crime what more proof unu want!…five persons are dead there goes your proof

  6. Investigate for what his life has more no more value and is not worth any investigation. This a complete waste of money and time. In all my years first time a hear of police misconduct and I couldn’t careless.

  7. He has a nerve.What he did to that lady and her babies he should not be complaining now.He is lucky those people in Trelawny allowed him to leave there alive.

  8. Push out to the community 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥❗❗❗❗❗❗❗

  9. Extremely formidable…Six persons lives are now permanently lost while families are left with the trauma and grief of their loved ones.

  10. Oh please assault by police this indecom organization should have protect those 5 innocent children and mother who this mad man has murdered physicatric evaluation is a waste of government and taxpayer money we all know he is in good mental health the system is just wasting time. When he gets to the real penetentiary let me see him violate any warder and get away by calling indecom🤔

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