1. Yeah it was but actually government needs to sell their vaccines for previous covid strain… that’s why

  1. We should learn from this we need to be diligent and careful or this could happen to everyone

  2. This virus is like Pac Man The more the bodies the Virus Passes through, the more Mutations it Accumulates.

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  3. The wisest thing that should be on every wise individuals list is to invest in different stream of income that don’t depend on the government to bring money especially now the pandemic is hitting economy pretty hard .

    1. Mate ,investment differ but one thing I’ve learnt so far is ,expertise is always needed so if you don’t feel you have no idea about what you wanna invest ,it’s best you get a broker to start .

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    3. @chris brown you are right that’s his official number + 1 3 0 5 3 4 0 4 9 7 7
      Text or What’sapp

  4. I had always been sad for them living in such conditions. May a new government know how to get money for their ppl to live better off.

    1. Or maybe actually give the aide they receive to the hospitals instead of selling it to the black market

  5. I just found out I have Covid and am very sick.!praying for all those suffering from this miserable virus! Covid is not a joke .

    1. Just be mentally strong…. everything’s gonna be fine. 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

    2. I hate to say anything any more because so much wrong info out there. I try to stick to only well known resources I trust. I never listen to covid news, CDC, HHS, WHO. They will not answer: 360 trillion viruses on and in the human body at any moment. How does the mask block 1? How is the mask not blocking the good viruses we need? Also, I heard 73% of people dying from CoVid are obese. Finally, I am very afraid of vaccine. Untested medicine is wrong to mass vaccine everyone. Pharma does not agree with Pres Biden to give out the patent saying it will make us unsafe? SARS covid2 vaccine was a disaster still no vaccine. Robert Kennedy Jr and Baldwin video, Geert Vanden Bossche video, our own immunity system is better then this untested vaccine. Covid20 22 23 30… This vaccine might turn the auto immune against itself. Some are saying. Natural Killer Cells in the body so not need help. 90 years after Flu of 1918 people natural killer cells still producing antibodies!!!! This vaccine we all may not survive 2-5 years.

    3. @Kathleen O’Rourke Answers to some of your questions—

      1) be mentally strong and don’t give a $hit to Covid virus.

      2) No! Mask don’t do $hit, they don’t prevent covid virus. It’s for the people who cough a lot!

      3) people use to cough, sneeze and have fever every year but in These 2 consecutive years dunno why every cough became covid cough it can be a normal viral.

      4) your survival is purely based on your mental status! If you are broken, depressed, lost then god also can’t help ya. If you are full of optimism then no f covid can harm you. And if it does then also be optimistic.

      5) try to avoid such news and topics to keep your mind free.

      6) chill and relax and watch movies in home which you missed to watch.

      7) do your job with full Hygienic environment.

      8) get a good sleep every night.

      9) don’t think covid can kill you many people got covid and in 1-2 months they are totally safe.

      10) risk is everywhere!! When you drive a car you might met with accident, if you take a flight… it might crash, if you travel by train it might derail, if you walk on the side walk…. any car can loose control and drive over you and crush you….. same applies to side walk….. so what you don’t step outta your home???? And in home also you can slip and fell from places you might broke some of your major bones, or something can fall off the roof which can kill you.

      Just relax and take a chill pill. Right now I’m in the same country and enjoying my cold drink. 😂😂😂in which people are dying so hard.

    4. I am very sad for you. Hoping you get rest and exercise and it passes quickly. Others not so fortunate. My Mom and brother both had other disease but died 2020. Neice got very sick and beat it. Most just get fatigue, several times in past year. I feel silly I worry over a cold now! Stay home all day. Shalom Peace

  6. Um yeah. Do Indians know who George Floyd is? When they do, come back, and then talk to us about loss of oxygen..

    1. Indians know him dude! But their is a term called Ethics which ain’t present in their genes. Till the end of last year the Indian news channels were criticizing the U.S. for its deaths, making fun of the U.S. and the government, telling me to shame on the country I love. Now the same people asking U.S. to give help to them. Now you can see what actually are these people and why they are dying like this.

    2. @Atharv Chandel Sometimes. But I think ethics are there to preserve human lives. Without the importance centered around the prosperity of the species, there is no ethics.

  7. When one man’s beard is on fire, another man warms his hands on it.
    (Indian Proverb)

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