India shatters global record for daily Covid-19 cases 1

India shatters global record for daily Covid-19 cases


CNN’s Anna Coren reports as a second wave of Covid-19 has ravaged India’s health care system. Dr. Arvind Kumar, the chairman at the Institute of Chest Surgery, describes the situation on the ground. #CNN #News


  1. That number isn’t close to being accurate. Too many people too far away from the cities to even look for help.

    1. @Leonaza7 1/2 I’m Indian, and I 100% agree with what the commenter says. Shut your big mouth and don’t bring race into this.

    2. @Leonaza7 1/2 I don’t think you realize how little of Indian civilization is developed and city-based. You’re probably the type of person who visited New Dheli for a week or two and thought that was all of India. I can tell you, it’s not, not really even close. The remote places and impoverished conditions most of the population lives in makes it impossible for many people to seek any form of proper medical attention. Therefore, India’s true COVID numbers likely do remain up in the air.

      Take some time to use your cobweb-caked brain a bit and try to learn about the reality of this matter rather than instinctually flap your mouth about how every claim you don’t truly understand is a racist one.

      Thank you.

    3. @Leonaza7 1/2 if you do the math India is the size of the state Texas by 4, where India has over 5x the amount of the total US population(300+ mil to 1.6+ bil) lmao so pretty much dived 1.6 bil by 4 and put the whole US population in 4 places the size of Texas ( Keep in mind Texas was one of the worst hit states in the US: Texas currently has a 29 mil population so you’re pretty much increasing the population over 10x higher than what it currently is.) think of how crazy the pandemic would be if 400 mil lived in Texas . Lol like they use public showers and restrooms out there because it’s too many people.

    4. @Alsami Yasfh if you have to mention that you’re black in every single comment you make, it’s most likely that you aren’t black ( you’re probably more like this )

    1. @ChutiyaPlaysYT These deaths caused by 3 million Modi RSS/BJP Hindu fundamentalists who attended religious Kumbh Mela festival and took Covid-19 back with them to everytown. @narendramodi and his Hindu vote-bank killed Indians whose flesh now burnsin cremation

    2. The politicians that put profits and business over the people are to blame. Even Vietnam did a good job at stopping the virus from spreading in their country by taking measures of sacrifice for just a few weeks to save its people.

  2. I pray for the beautiful people of India. I’m so sorry for everything you’re country is going through. I pray that India recovers quickly.

    1. @Parv Gupta I’m glad to hear that your family is doing good despite have covid. I have a feeling that all of you are going to come out of the other end stronger. We are all One human family, and we need to start treating each other as such.

    2. @ChutiyaPlaysYT NO IT STILL WOULDVE HAPPENED THIS ISNT ENDING EVEN WITH VACCINES…..sorry for caps. anyway ya its all for government control….nothing else pretty simple. lol

    1. Oh does he now? What makes you think he knows what he’s talking about? Please tell me, I would love to know.

  3. Dear Ms Coren and Dr Kumar, Thank you Ms Coren for consistently spot-on reporting. You never back away from the truth. Thank you Dr Kumar for telling it like it is and for telling the whole world that with the Indian variant, every age group has now been targeted. No one is to blame; no one should have fingers pointing at them. Government officials in every land in the world are doing everything they can to deal with what has to be called the plague of 2021. Our hearts and prayers go out to the wonderful people of the great country of India.

  4. PRAYERS TO INDIA !! In this Holy month of Ramadan I pray India overcomes this catastrophe Ameen
    Pakistan India

    1. @Lauro Silvestre Jr. India have a million Muslims.. and it’s not about them celebrating or not .. I am the one Praying for there safety

  5. It’s hard to see rip for all who lost their lives in this pandamic outbreak love all from Pakistan

  6. This is so agonizing. Their cases were down to near nothing, then they opened up and dropped the masks.

    1. @A B You hate Trump, Biden can do no wrong. Just say it. It’s not about anything but “orange man bad” bud. Pfft lol

    2. @Zelg Kopitar cute try, thank the drug manufacturers then … they created and researched the vaccines, all Trump did is spike up the infection rates by arguing with doctors and politicizing mask wearing…. adorable try tho doofus.

    3. @EcstasyOfficer actually Biden stopped Trumps 500,000 covid death streak and made the daily death numbers lower…. thanks to not politicizing mask wearing and not arguing with doctors… and disturbing vaccines

  7. This is just Awful! If we could only help you not just with our prayers but with our actual helping hands. My heart is breaking just watching this. My heartfelt prayers are with you all..

  8. I hope we learned that if this strain is in India, it’ll only be a matter of time before it is everywhere. We need to stop travel to and from India now! Prayers for the people of India.

    1. We won’t, until it’s too late. U.S. is never proactive. It’s reactive. This is why we’re always behind the curve.

  9. This is heartbreaking beyond words. Sending love and prayers to the Indian people from Ireland

    1. Lol heartbreaking please, 250,000 African children die each year from malaria and they don’t even make it past the age of 5. Cry me a river

    2. @dude, I don’t care *Ya less than 1% of India have COVID. They are trying to find places they can play up COVID because the ‘HOUSE’ is running out of tables*

  10. I hope that the United states is or will be helping India. You are in our prayers . America went thru the same thing. I have lost 3 close friends to covid 19.

    1. @Zman 123 The world is on the brink, racism is the last thing we need. If we do not come together. our species could be facing near extinction. There is a far deadlier and contagious strain than those currently on the way.

    2. @James Johnson no no america is only the racist place in he world according to cnn and other sources.

    3. @Zman 123 we don’t have to say it. Americans themselves acknowledge that racism exists in USA.

  11. I’m from a small village India. Have never seen any foreigner in person let alone talking to an American. So at this platform, just wanted to thank you all Americans for your concern. From all the news reporting about us that I see from your country on YouTube, I feel that you guys are very good people.

    And also so developed as well. We are not like your country. We are poor. So naturally, our health infrastructure is also nowhere as compared to what you guys have. When yours health system came under such strain last winter with these many cases, one could only imagine how are we doing with the same number of cases. My worst fears have came up true. We are dying. In huge numbers. But life here is not like how it is in your country. It is cheap. A couple of hundreds dying here and there is no big deal.

    I wish one day we reach where you guys are. I’m just 16 but still it’s not happening in my lifetime. We’re at least a century behind you guys

    1. @Coffee is the path to victory Ohh I see. This is new information to me. I will read more about it. Thank you so much for telling me about it

    2. If you buy them and install them in your kitchen or ceiling be careful, because the powerful ones can give you a sunburn, and staring at one will blind you if your studying with one nearby an extended period of time, even from far away it can give you sun spots in your eyes. So use sunglasses, sunscreen and a hat if you have to be near it.

    3. @Alok me and you share the same views and similar life experiences. I agree with what you say fully about praying and hope the same for your country to fully recover and come out stronger aswell.

  12. My love to india from bottom of my heart himat nhi harni bhaiyo we have sent you 50 ambulances if needed more hum funds karke bhi bhejain ge himat nhi harni sab thk hoga love from pakistan

  13. Vishwaroop Sharma My sincere condolences and to you and your mother! Remember it is true that with God we are never alone. I pray for India and for your family

  14. I’m so sad, it’s heartbreaking images seeing on TV. India stay strong & hope u get away from this soonest.
    Best wishes & prayers from

  15. I was supposed to visit India to see my girlfriend in June but I had to cancel 🙁
    prayers to India from America

    1. I really hate the fact that people have to endure this. Nobody should ever have to go through a loved one dying of covid. Unfortunately for about 3.1 million people that fantasy you thought would never happen is becoming common

  16. Oh I just love the wording in these videos. So scary! “Shattering” “surging!” “Skyrocket!” I’m so fearful.

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