1. @Female Ranger of Norrath what kind of weak minded low self esteemed individuals let themselves be swayed by nothing but words….
      Words are useless.
      Action shows the true colors.

    2. @Fred A people should only change when they want to not when you want them to. Who are you? Jesus? Oh he who is all righteous and never wrongdoing.

      Air must get thin up there on your horse….

    3. @Wax MeOff420 Come on, man. Be honest with yourself for once. You have no problem changing anytime a man is in control. Society does it all the time. Why are you having such a difficult time now? Why now?


  1. Comanche Middle School wants a shoutout! We love your videos and watch them everyday ask our teachers😂

    1. I’m reporting that to your school district. Which teachers? What do they say? Your parents need to know this.

  2. This story is hitting too close to home for everyone in the comment section.
    The biggest fear a troll has is being exposed from the shadows. This story will call attention to them. Keep it up.

    1. BREAKING: FISA Court Admits Spy Warrants Against Carter Page Were ‘Not Valid’. Bye bye Comey, Brennan, Clapper, enjoy prison.

  3. Everyone deals with trolls, I commented on a cat video and someone told me they hope my family burns alive… that’s the internet for ya

  4. It’s a little funny though , boo hoo block and ignore, that simple “oh no there saying mean things” get over it there “trolls” they crave attention.

  5. 0:15 Here is a woman who distributed pamphlets with Extremely derogatory & Sexist comments against her with the name of his opponent in an Election in order to play VICTIM CARD to gain sympathy among Voters.

    Seems like there is nothing else left in her life except playing the Woman Card.

  6. YEAH,,,,,,, it’s called free speech,,, it’s also a way we can tell the actual trolling Creeps from legitimate criticisms,,,,,, Creep Trolls can be ignored because “one never interferes with an opponent that is disgracing themselves” and you can concentrate on REFUTING the well constructed CRITICISMS!!! It’s called being an OPPONENT in the game of politics!!!

  7. It boggles my mind that social media platforms cant develop an algorithm to better flag trools online. Machine can reckognise your face and emotion but we cant detect trool behavior?! Really?
    If they achieve high trool detection rate, it will decimate subscriber numbers and negatively affect the bottom line. In my opinion it is extremely immoral from SM platforms to kinda ignore the issue and not providing better solutions.

  8. People on social media are acting like straight up rude bullies. It’s like seeing road rage in traffic whatever happened to people practicing courtesy towards one another. We need to do better in order to be better! #STOPTHETROLLINGIT’SBULLYING!

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