Indiana Grandmother Sentenced For Role In Jan. 6 Attack 1

Indiana Grandmother Sentenced For Role In Jan. 6 Attack


Scott MacFarlane reports on the sentencing of  Anna Morgan-Lloyd for her role in the Jan. 6th Capitol riot. 

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    1. ​@Ron White His tax returns were given to Mueller and released illegally last year and nothing was wrong with them. But yah, congrats on needing false hopes of Trump’s tax returns to live another day without offing yourself.

    2. @Dirty Red “were educated”. It’s amusing when someone who gives a lecture on education demonstrates that he has none.

    3. @YUM Liberal Tears yeah tell that to the bipartisan committee that agreed that Russia did interfere in 2016 elections. Oh wait, your didn’t know that? Maybe because you were too busy watching CultMax and Faux Noose to know

    1. Not yet . She’s in solitary . Waiting in her cold cell for the bells about to chime . And she doesn’t have much time . Because at 12 o’clock they take her to the gallows pole

    1. That’s what they want …..are you going to just lay down again and take it?? WE BETTER GET OUR COUNTRY BACK OR IT WILL NO LONGER EXIST!

    2. 150 yrs ago you burn down a federal courthouse you hang. In my city I’m pretty sure if I send my kids out to rob a Nike or Gucci store or Walgreen me and them would be in federal pen. Too white….blm/antifa only…’s the truth…y’all know

    3. @Juliana Americanchild This is all of our country. We’re all Americans. All Americans Matter

  1. I don’t wish this on her, but from what I’ve heard, few make it through probation. Anyone want to look it up, I’d prefer to be wrong.

    1. for a Grandmother that stupid to raid the US capital.. 3 years is a long time to stay out of trouble…

    2. @Republicans that didn’t vote for trump Yeah, and the requirements can be strict, I understand. Like, no traffic tickets, etc.

    1. @Mary Kunst 15 year old daughter having babies? Outstanding parenting..

    2. @Jock Young You just don’t have a kid.. Wear a condom or birth control? Or think biblical Don’t commit adultery until you’re married.. and Financially plan for the child.. That’s why you have 49 year old grandmother’s getting 3 years probation.. She had poor parenting.. Her kids have poor parenting and her grandkids..

    3. @Republicans that didn’t vote for trump I was 21, my daughter was 22. Both married. Your math sucks.

    4. Ep. 1547 Dear Liberals, Get To Work! – The Dan Bongino Show
      The Dan Bongino Show
      Published June 22, 2021

    1. Seriously. “Grandmother” implies that she’s old and, well, grandmotherly. 49 isn’t even middle-aged these days. And there’s nothing strange about someone her age being in the mob—many of the people charged are well over 40.

    2. @Ruth Tourjee She’s saying what she needs to say in order to get off easy. See “struggle sessions” under fascist regimes for more information. And there certainly was violence on Jan 6th, anyone who broke the law should be prosecuted.

      Now let me see you admit to all of the BLM and ANTIFA riots and autonomous zones, and like me, say that anyone who broke laws during those events should be arrested and charged…

    3. Unfortunately many people are grandparents at that age… I guess not all grandparents are created equal…

    4. @Chris Hollier indeed. Including the filthy pigs that assaulted peaceful protestors. Of course your hypocrisy won’t allow you to condemn those law breakers now will it.

    1. Ep. 1547 Dear Liberals, Get To Work! – The Dan Bongino Show
      The Dan Bongino Show
      Published June 22, 2021

  2. Why emphasize that she’s a grandmother when she’s only 49? And why imply that it’s unusual? Tons of insurrectionists were in their 40’s, 50’s, even 60’s.

    1. To implicate that even grandma can be a domestic terrorist. Now they have to track all the grandmas and their “organizations”

    2. If granny had just carried cans of gas and matches, looted buildings and killed under the guise of BLM or ANTIFA then that would have been acceptable.

    3. @Klent Foster shattered glass panes, damaged furniture, vandalized offices, stolen property, attempt to sell state secrets to enemy country, poop smeared on Capitol building, injured and dead police officers, but least focus on the word “burned” because that gives “our terrorists” a way out.

    4. @Steve F oh yeah the 15000 arrests made during the riots were all of tourists. Whatabouting much?

  3. If they plead guilty does that dissolve their responsibility in the attack on the capital and get them probation. I hope not

    1. NO they rat eachother out to get to the larger Rats and eventually to the big Orange Rat ( the Rat that Can’t even be trusted with a Twitter Account)

    1. I agree! Probation for 36 months? They should be throwing the book at them!!!! All of them, even the “grandmother”.

  4. Actual jail time instead of probation, early on, will send a stronger message to the remaining criminals to be judged, to cooperate and get all ringleaders investigated and charged!

  5. Wow that’s nothing she will be on Fox News doing interviews and running for government as a Republican in less than four years

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