India's leader holds rally with thousands as virus rips through country 1

India’s leader holds rally with thousands as virus rips through country


India's leader holds rally with thousands as virus rips through country
CNN's Clarissa Ward reports from New Delhi on the growing criticism of Prime Minister Narendra Modi over his failure to control a second wave of the coronavirus pandemic in India.

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  1. He has no clue what’s in store for his nation.
    Think its bad now? just wait a week or two when this really spreads.

    1. @Richard Thompson but you obviously the bigger troll here since you’re delusional about the pandemic.

    2. @rick ocampo That is kind of racist. Anyway the problem in India is too many people close together and no social distancing because it is very hard to social distance in big cities in India.

    3. do not donate to India! there are all of these links and websites asking AMERICANS to provide donations to the Indian Covid crisis, but it’s money wasted judging by this rally. what a disgrace@@!!!!

    1. Okay I know they said “Double Mutant Variant” but I heard “Devil Mutant Variant” and can’t help but think how metal that name is.

    2. @Jacinta Rooke India tried to follow America’s lead but forgot that India is not America. It’s a poor third world country. America is not. That is why your healthcare system has collapsed and ours did not. That is why you need us to send you vaccines and supplies. India should not be trying to play 1st world games. They can’t handle it.

    3. There are men like this all over the world and the people who praise them are the one who pays the price , yet they keep voting for them. SMH !

    4. @Ellie5621 trying to copy America
      It’ is happining Bcz of stupidity of our own leaders

    1. @Don nawzd why you are blaming to Virus….virus don’t spreading itself, its a ppl who are spreading…that simply thing ppl are not understanding…..

    2. Irresponsible Modi, irresponsible Modi’s administration… have you ever seen how Modi and his administration got f***..

    3. @Manish Khadka I don’t know what you’re looking at that big religious rally they just had if that’s not ignorant something wrong with you

    1. @David Adams yeah, but usa were replaced their president, we are not sure brazil and india will be able to rid their president

      because big countries in europe suffer same problem, it is not lik europe are so better to manage coronavirus

  2. Imagine this was a zombie epidemic and they continued to act like nothing was wrong

    1. It’s not zombie. We knew antigenic shift occurred in 2019. The WHO declared a pandemic in early 2020. Now, every March and September brings a surge due to antigenic drift twice each year.
      The waves and surges will continue to increase in numbers involved.

  3. There might not be many more waves…. Pretty scary….It’s crazy how little some people care about others! God help them!

    1. I don’t see how they are stopping this one short of reaching herd immunity by vaccination and natural infection…

  4. what they care is their political interest, they don’t give a damn about people’s life or death actually

  5. Indian media is one of the reason that these politicians in power don’t fear because they know their is no one to question them

    1. @Janet Godwin you support Biden yet you are attempting to take the moral high ground, you are delusional

    1. Theres 1.3B he probably figures it’s not a big deal if you do a “big picture” look.

    2. Yes and they need someone to help them. Their dying in their children’s arms and then the children are driving around on scooters , to go burn the bodies. They’re not dying from covid. Their dying bc there’s no oxygen

  6. Take care of yourself and your loved ones, don’t expect your government or politicians to care about you. from the US.

    1. Thats exactly what came to my mind when I read that Modi is busy building a new official home for himself as he is pretty confident he will be reelected. And God forbid if he does, then we deserve this disaster.

    2. @Brad Canning this also proves people have no brain to think for themselves. They’re like sheeps. Need to be told by the 1 person for over a billion’s lives. Your life is in your hands.

    3. The Nero story has been proven false, the instrument he was said to be playing in the original story wasnt even invented yet. But yes, Modi is an idiot

  7. India’s entire delegation to the G7 summit in London is self-isolating after its members tested positive for the India Variant.

    1. um I would really hope you would have required they complete 14 days quarantine whether they tested positive or not! 40% of all cases currently in quarantine in Australia are from India. ie of people arriving from ALL coutnries in the world, 40% of those infected have arrived from India! Hence the outright ban on their arrivals for a couple of weeks, especially given that it can’t be contained in hotel rooms & easily infects people in other rooms on the same floor despite closed doors between them

    1. LOL! Meanwhile letting their people die uncontrollably and spreading the Indian variant to the world. Talk about a LIAR.

    1. @kanishka gunjiyal now close UP has surpassed USA population i m from UP only And its population is now 260 Million

    2. @Boogie Man What’s crazy is Ganga is considered a goddess. Devi Lakshmi will not enter a filthy house, so I don’t know how disrespecting that river is working for those people. Maybe if they cleaned her up, they’d find a cure.

    3. @ice breaker They’ve already said they were going to jet people close to graduating, faster so they could have more medical staff. 2 days ago.

    4. @Eshwara Shawn covid came from China but when did useless Trump do when it got to America? NOTHING EXCEPT LIE It didn’t need to be this way…. I know you “ignorant” Trumpers hate the truth but look up the word “ignorant” and go from there buddy

  8. ‘How the hell is this virus spreading so fast…just can’t figure this damn thing out!’

    1. from what we can figure out in Australia/NZ, where we track every single case, it has a bizarre spread pattern. It’s reproductive rate is only around 4, as opposed to airbourne viruses like chicken pox & measles that are 12-16, so that makes covid seem low, BUT it’s spread via a small percentage of people who are super-spreaders & when it gets into one of these people, it DOES spread airbourne & reaches a 12-16 person infection rate, in fact possibly even higher! We’ve seen single infection incidents here of 35 cases, so a single person with the virus attends a single venue, with enough distancing to almost completely eliminate spread from an infected person except for one of these super spreaders. So people are taking precautions that generally work, then bam, out of the blue they compleetely fail & everyone there gets infected!

      Now in addition to that, it’s fast! agressive versions of this virus become infectious less than 24 hours after exposure, so we’ve had cases of over 100 people being infected by a super spreader while still in the pre-symptomatic stage, before even the person they caught it from has developed symptoms & contact tracing begun & this is all with extensive covid restrictions in place!

      Apply that to India & we could see a super spreader get infected & attend a 3 day religious festival & single handedly infect 2000-3000 people during their time there, with each of the people they infect on the first day then becoming infectious on the second day & if even one of them is also a super spreader, then they too will infect thousands before the festival is over & half those they infect will also be infectious with a full day before the festival ends to be infecting people, so one person could easily cause 50,000-100,000 infections at a single festival, then all those people will travel home, often some distance & continue spreading it. 80% of people won’t spread it enough to reach a reproductive rate of 1, but the other 20% will make up for it.

      Note that we have confirmed transmission via 5 minutes in a room (bottle shop) with an infected person & in another case, either being in the room with an infected person for long enough to collect a pre-ordered, pre-paid pizza, or via the handling and/or eating that pizza prepared by someone with covid. In both these cases, this was regular variants, NOT the ones we are now seeing with increased infectiousness. So extrapolate the above to India & the new variants & it becomes obvious how easily numbers rise doesn’t it!

    2. Doctors in Wuhan put their findjngs on internet Jan. 2020 – It spreads like cigarette smoke through the air when we breathe.

    1. @meedo ahmed we have passed that don’t trust the official figures. In Delhi more then 2000 people die every day . Delhi has more then 100 cremation places and all are working 24/7 from 2 weeks so you can do the math

    2. @Gurneet Chatha yep! no one really talks about the lessons of 1918 pandemic that killed 1/3 of the world’s population . the war was a better story . just like today it’s better Story to talk about infringement to our liberties caused by facial masks

    3. it will end once vaccination is done to 70% people now only 15% got vaccinated this year is full of fight from corona did u took vaccination ??

  9. I am from Sri Lanka.. I feel like right now what India needs from media is to show information about the resources they need to control this situation, and also to highlight institutions and countries that can help them, rather than showing same footages and highlighting someone for the public to blame.. People already know what happened…

    1. Sri Lanka needs to be very careful about India right now, because if those politicians can’t solve this problem internally, they will transfer this problem to its neighbor countries. I heard news India is trying to start border trouble with China again, but this time, it looks like India will poke all of the nations around itself, because just poking China won’t be enough for them this time.

  10. That’s what we get for being more focused on Hindu Muslim than on actual issues . Our politicians are literally vile

  11. When we crossed 200k cases our prime minister was busy in elections
    Supreme court has to tell him that do something about the situation
    That’s the most scariest thing

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