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  1. Just finished my block party playlist for the day Trump is impeached and removed. Everyone is invited, the brownies are free, new national holiday for all proud Americans!!

    • Mr. Underhill I’m throwing one too but it’s a stone cold sober party because I don’t want to miss one second of the good time.

    • Cool, Can I attend? Although I am a Trump supporter and I don’t drink anymore I just love to watch democrats pull their hair out.

    • Dandy Chiggins it’s not about winning or losing. It’s about our democracy. Not left or right, it’s about protecting our Constitution.
      It’s about rising the bar and cleansing the office of the con man who even stole 2 million meant forbidden it Veterans by using that money for his campaign. Thankfully a judge ordered it to be repaid .
      If he is so rich why did he need to steal the money.
      H is the greatest con man in our Government.

      I know he is mentally ill oer the 350 psychiatrist who just warned Congress of how dangerous he is.
      This is serious, but people don’t realize it.

    • Sounds Great Mr. Underhill. I don’t drink alcohol and have nothing against those who do, however the day The Criminal of the Year gets impeached, I’m getting dressed up and have a 🍹 margarita.

    • @Growth is Freedom United Earth Enterprise
      Thank you.

  2. Rachel is a true one in a zillion person. So smart. Thank you, Rachel Maddow.

    • @rtorres81rc the Government said!?!?!>.b habhbahhabvhavbhvbahbahb

    • @T’Town Tim – That letter is from the government prosecutors. Yes, the GOVERNMENT says. Hey…do you join the 188 Dems who just handed Trump a massive defense budget and a space force? I don’t…I hate Trump enough not to join that group. Lets see if Maddow is outraged over it.

    • @fsf dsfa finally someone who knows she is just a fear mongering show!

    • @Mr. Precedent she is fear mongering…she earns $30,000 per show. I am not a fan of potus…check out her show when she is accusing the Russians of controlling the weather!!! This is entertainment! Nothing more…but it is vile entertainment…she says what MSNBC tells her to say. $$$$ I am a liberal!!! Watch something else!!!!!!!

    • @rtorres81rc you don’t get it. She doesn’t get outraged over anything! She says what MSNBC tells her to say for $30,000 per show!! A show! Entertainment…for money…dough..mulah!!! She has sold her soul to sell fear and divisiveness! How old are you?

  3. There are no words left; no superlatives; we are so past, “The most corrupt administration in history.” The Trumps are a threat to the security of the entire world. Why are you not filling the streets, America? Your Republic has been infiltrated and all but destroyed . . .

    • JoeyFiveandDimes | December 12, 2019 at 4:11 PM | Reply

      Ash R   ………………..     I am mindful that ‘filling the streets’ would be justification for trump declaring martial law where mass violence and casualties more than likely .  I assert that a subversive campaign, #Maquis style is the better way to go . Then, remove the Fascists one-by-one .

    • Americans would rather tweet and post and wait for someone else to do the dirty work rather than take to the streets.

    • Oculus Nomad’s Lost Tribe | December 12, 2019 at 6:46 PM | Reply

      @Jan Hall I agree that your statement does apply to some Americans but certainly not to all…I certainly wish I would of thought of that word while making the comment…it fits right in with what I’m talking about. You have to consider the fact that domestic policy does have negative impacts on certain communities throughout the United States. If people believe the government does not work for them then they have no reason to march in the streets. 🧐🤔

    • Oculus Nomad’s Lost Tribe | December 12, 2019 at 6:47 PM | Reply

      @sk8queen I wish I would of thought of your comment as well…people are too distracted with technology now and that is an unfortunate set of circumstances.

    • Is Giuliani actually working FOR Lev Parnas? Seems that he is! Where else is he getting his money?

  4. I love this woman’s detail and mostly sarcasm lol I know she thinks way more then what she says

    • Kevin FanDelos | December 12, 2019 at 6:41 AM | Reply

      @ihave35cents If that’s your only point, I’ll take it, b/c it means you HEARD what she had to say and you took it in. She was successful in her job of communicating, to even a tool like you. Nice job Rachel!

    • @Ihave35cents <<--- is a paid russian troll. Hes a regular here. One of many. Just fyi. #PutinsTrollArmyRealTime #MakinDemRubles

    • What exactly did Trump say about why the Bidens are so important, for following the US ambassadors recommendation in getting rid of Rudy’s corrupt chief prosecutor client and the oligarchs that fleeced Burisma. Meanwhile Trump, Manafort, and Rudy are close associates to a real world class Ukrainian criminals. In fact Trump and Rudy have done more for those former oligarchs of Burisma than the Bidens ever did just by getting rid of the US ambassador, the corruption fighter. Now they are trying to reassemble that corrupt Ukraine oligarchy run by Putin, everything leads to Putin in the new Republican party.

    • Facts

  5. Arthur Schnapka | December 12, 2019 at 4:58 AM | Reply

    And I worry that I’m doing something wrong when I send $500 to my family in need in Europe, this guy is receiving a million $ wired to him? Don’t banks ask questions?

  6. Yeah but he’s got one good thing behind him like the fact he hasn’t left, but that probably doesn’t help much since he lied to the court…

  7. Megatron Megatron | December 12, 2019 at 5:13 AM | Reply

    It is obvious that the Kremlin finances the trump administration and the Republicans.This is corruption and treason.

  8. “I’ve never met the guy. There may be one or two pictures of him and me but I take pictures with a lot of people.” – DJT.

  9. Hoops Kevinski | December 12, 2019 at 5:49 AM | Reply

    So they can’t go through Deutsche Bank anymore, ehh?

    That’s what Lavrov was doing here; reduced to physically bringing Spanky his allowance! 🤣

  10. daniel stewart | December 12, 2019 at 5:52 AM | Reply

    I wonder if dumps going to be the 1st sitting president to get on a plane in the middle of the night and fly to a country with no extradition agreement with the US?

    • @wing Man
      We pay for everything right down to all his legal expenses for personal, Pvt business, Senate Trial & all his frivolous lawsuits. Why? ..bc he didn’t do a blind trust.
      Ain’t that a kick in the head.

    • Terje Simensen | December 12, 2019 at 7:46 PM | Reply

      @Downright Dutch you don’t need a psycholog, you are overcooked.

    • @JoeyFiveandDimes a little plastic surgery and a new paint job, maybe go with an earth tone this time instead of orange, and he’s good to go. But sadly whatever that is that lives on his head might be out of a job.

  11. If Lev Parnas is a flight risk, then so is Rudy and Devine Nunes.


  13. It sounds like Lev Parnas should be locked up because he clearly knows too much, and his life might be in danger.
    While Parnas helped Nunes arrange meetings, he also assisted Rudy in smearing Ukraine Ambassador Yovanovitch, who was fired by Trump because he believed she was interfering with his criminal scheme. Last month, the SDNY charged Lev Parnas and Igor Fruman with illegally moving money from foreign donors to American political campaigns, all of which were republican campaigns. Hmmmm😞

  14. That’s why he doesn’t want anyone to see his taxes. He owes Russia billions

  15. “We are just getting started, America.”
    😬 Yikes.

  16. This whole thing is a never ending story that will play out long after he leaves office. His taxes will be THE tell all.

  17. Makes me wonder. Why is Trump trying so hard to keep his tax returns from being released? Hmmm.

    • Also, why does he refuse drug testing since his attorneys researched Hunters abuse & used it openly in impeachment proceedings ?

    • generationofswine | December 12, 2019 at 1:53 PM | Reply

      @cocomo Well it’s pure hypocrisy that they call Hunter Biden’s job in Ukraine a scandal. They obviously don’t oppose nepotism because Trump has given his kids the keys to the WH even after they failed their security clearances and he had to intervene. If you have no problem with that, how can you rail against Hunter Biden getting a plum job on some gas company’s board?

    • @Tf2knight I’m so sorry😢🇺🇸

    • @Tf2knight you can’t be serious…..😔

  18. Jor-El Irizarry | December 12, 2019 at 7:23 AM | Reply

    Not only is he a flight risk, he is also a “suicide” risk. He needs to be placed in protective custody.

  19. No Surprise, this party needs lots of money to keep the support.

  20. There’s more Kremlin influence in the Trump administration than American…

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