Indicting Entire Trump Org?: Key New York Law Makes It Possible 1

Indicting Entire Trump Org?: Key New York Law Makes It Possible


Former President Trump faces RICO exposure in two separate probes and that’s putting legendary mafia prosecutions back in the spotlight. Legal experts see RICO as a powerful tool in these Trump probes. In this special report, MSNBC's Chief Legal Correspondent Ari Melber examines how this New York law is key to the probes and why the Manhattan District Attorney has the power to indict an entire company. (This interview is from MSNBC’s “The Beat with Ari Melber, a news show covering politics, law and culture airing nightly at 6pm ET on MSNBC. ).

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    1. @dabe Vautista And you have been reported to the Humane Society for impersonating a chameleon.

  1. Donald Trump requests sharpie to add “Jr.” to all the documents he signed that would incriminate him.

    1. Michael Cohen said Trump is a bit like Hitler in that he rarely signs any orders he phones & tells his managers to sign it

    2. I would bet a lot of money on that. The kids are probably entangled in stuff they don’t even know about. This may get fun.

  2. When do we find out who purchased themselves a SCOTUS judge and paid off Kavanaugh’s house and debt?

    1. @Peter Bruno Hunter did not run and will likely never run. Why would you expose yourself to that knowing you are probably a crook. Joe is smart enough to keep his corruption, if there is any, out of his political affairs.

    2. @Brandon Bodwell I think Hunter is a crook, but since he did not run, that should not be matter when it comes to Joe.

    3. @Janice La Pinta Ah my bad. I had it backward. They bought Biden’s house for double it’s appraisal. Sure it’s not buying his home, but buying it for double. Some big wig working with a credit card company. It was a good Thank You to the Big Guy. Coincidentally, then Hunter ended up working for the company. So that’s cool.

      You may also want to look into Biden’s brother owning an island.

    1. @Lisa Lake we also heard evidence. I watched the entire thing on tv, and All they had in the first impeachment was a guy that though he may have possibly heard something from the other side of the outdoor restaurant.

    2. It takes a long time I took longer to convict John Gotti why you think the called him the Teflon Don?

    3. @dabe Vautista :
      “know what impeachment is”
      You wouldn’t have posted what you did if you knew what impeachment was.

      “the Muller report was a joke.”
      A comment from a internet nobody who doesn’t even know what an impeachment is.

      You joined May 22, 2021; how long did it take you to figure out it took more than just turning a computer on to get internet for your internet ready computer.

  3. This guy is awesome.
    He’s the only guy who uses new pop culture references all the time.
    Not like other boringas*s news people

    1. @Gerry “Castleman” Warde even if they do end up in prison they will probably still be running there criminal enterprises

    1. OMG, did you see Ari, I don’t think I smiled that hard in 5 years, that whole corrupt family deserves to rot, I would also like to see McConnell’s wife pay for her corruption & take him down to as her accomplice, we’re talking strawberries & cream delicious

    1. They tried in 2008 too. Until it actually happens, I’ll restrain my jubilation, because the news has been wildly inaccurate in the past year.

  4. I’ve been saying RICO Act for the past four years.
    Fantastic to hear that our justice system is finally catching up to my jeenyus level intelligence. W2G

    1. Do it don’t just talk that’s a wanna be 69 golfer when he’s really a 169 golfer on a good day if you got the time

    2. I did my friend. I saw that banana on the stair case when I’m was first thrown down for others to slip on. Sure came true. Wonder why he just lost it mentally when all he had to do was be nice not a racist good ol boy. Ask people to do it for you country and vaccinate and really wear a mask for awhile every life matter

  5. I bet prosecutors will look into how much “input” Donald had at the organization while President… then they can charge all President Trumps crimes with everyone at Trump Org.

  6. If all his boys went to jail, then this clown is guilty as well and must go to jail like his cronies. It’s just the fair thing to do. Don’t you think so? I do

  7. Rudy Giuliani used the New York RICO law to prosecute the mafia bosses. Now the same law is being used to prosecute Giuliani’s boss. How ironic.

  8. Lets just get this over with…. Keeping this guy relevant is beneath U. S. Lock them all up. Corruption corruption corruption

    1. They failed in 2008 with the last RICO against Trump + Soros… maybe this one will work, or maybe it’s the news telling us stories so we watch and hope.

  9. Someone will tell trump that Rico means “rich” in Spanish, and dumb dump will say, “Yes, I am rico. No one is more rico than I am. I’m so rico, you wouldn’t believe it.”

    1. @Ethan Weeter
      lol WHAT….
      I’ve been in jail and no that doesn’t mean that in jail…
      What jail have you been LOL

    2. @Truth Hurts Thank-you, nice on the truth hurts, I am a truth seeker but there’s only one party that does that, the other is going to prison, I’m talking Meadows, Hawley Cruz & Lindsey who were calling other states & asking them to lose Biden ballots, yet they somehow come out as the victim, they don’t belong in the senate, then you kick Manchin & Sinema to the curb

  10. woowee, this family is going to tear itself apart. first they find out daddy is broke and in serious debt, now they might go to jail…

    1. Please don’t say might, that scares me, this arrogant obnoxious family has to be made an example of, as well as the corrupt GOP, I would like to see McConnell’s wife get arrested for her families corruption & take him down as her accomplice, also Meadows,Cruz, Hawley & Lindsey who was phoning other states asking them to lose Biden ballots, why are they still in the senate instead of jail, then Manchin & Sinema can be kicked to the curb

  11. When is it going to happen? He definitely made many records in his Presidency. He is the only one to be impeached twice and now the first to be arrested. I like that plan!!

    1. It won’t happen. They just tell stories for the news now. Like the whole Trump will be arrested as soon as he leaves office. Oh man we have so much on Trump!!! Yet it never pans out.

    2. Trump was NEVER arrested. As for being impeached, he was acquitted twice. History isn’t going to speak kind words about Nasty Pelosi and her evil communist entourage for those two frivolous, anti-America impeachments of President Trump.

  12. That’s why I was so disappointed in Rudy Giuliani when he became a part of the mob. It’s such a shame to see him fall so far. ,

    1. Rudy is a spotlight chasing cousin humping wack job. He has long ago shed any hint of goodness he may have had in the last 15 years. I don’t care about his past anymore, his present it disgusting

  13. The entire Fox corporation is guilty under RICO. Wouldn`t it be nice to see Hannity, Dobbs, Pirro, Ingraham and Carlson lose their ill gotten gains and be incarcerated?

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