Indictment Of Trump Org. Delivers Blow To Already Cratering Brand 1

Indictment Of Trump Org. Delivers Blow To Already Cratering Brand


David Fahrenthold, reporter for the Washington Post, talks about the financial condition of the Trump Organization and how the newly announced indictments of the company and its CFO are compounding problems the Trump brand has suffered since Donald Trump infused it with his toxic politics. 
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  1. Going broke is worse than going to jail for this pitiful man… Sadly, his gullible supporters will keep sending him money. That’s what cults do.

    1. @Nick Roberts And you know this, how? Since when can’t Biden read from a teleprompter? I just saw him read from one yesterday. He articulates well, and he’s not self-absorbed.

    2. @Shawn Mendenall Confirmation bias
      Confirmation bias is the tendency to search for, interpret, favor, and recall information in a way that confirms or supports one’s prior beliefs or values. People display this bias when they select information that supports their views, ignoring contrary information, or when they interpret ambiguous evidence as supporting their existing attitudes.Wikipedia

    3. @Mark Ray I love how much reality annoys you. Joe is your president, sweet simple minded man.

    1. @Mary Jane you all cheated to get a brain dead President in and we are going to prove you cheated everywhere. Audits are rolling everywhere

    2. @Rusty Key well said! you are factually correct on every single point and there is proof abound to backup all of those points 9though leftists will deny it to their graves)!

    1. @Mimi Wallman did you even research this ? the tax cuts helped everyone across the board. boosting the middle class. which was why there was so many new business startups during his term. you are probably referring to the corporate tax rate which needed to drop. we had among the highest corporate tax rates in the world. todays business climate. companies can base their operations out of anywhere. high corporate tax rates just cause large industries to move and take their jobs and economy somewhere else. president trumps lowering of the corporate tax rate brough several industriies back to the states.. creating jobs and stimus. under obama. the economy was stagnant and slow. we should have recovered years earlier. tax breaks promote spending and increases GDP.
      his policies were working fine till the pandemic. which clobbered everyone. minus that. trump created the strongest economy we have ever seen. at least from a point of employment we have never had so many employed and producing.

    2. @My Name Brilliant! You need to repeat this with every video you watch until everyone gets the message! If you don’t I will but then I will have to change my name to Peter Plagiarism!!

    1. Exactly and the Russian gangsters were using shell companies to launder their money through the trump brand. Eric trump told a magazine journalist in 2014 that “American banks won’t give us a dime, so we get all our money from Russia” he didn’t think that the feds would be interested in their laundromat at that time.

  2. Banker to 45:
    It doesn’t matter if you signed the check with your official Sharpy.
    It’s still NSF.

    1. Well said. And, it nails the basic approach of rRump in every aspect of his life … its about appearances, not substance.

    2. @Tesserld Exactly _what_ “product” are you referring to ? As far as I’ve ever been able to tell, there isn’t, never was, and _certainly_ *_never will be_* anything that could be characterized as a “product” coming out of any organization that’s ever been associated with donald j trump, his offspring, or anyone he’s ever been associated with. Trump is kryptonite to _real_ merchantable goods and services. It’s all lies, damned lies, mendacity, flimflam, smoke, mirrors, bling and hot air.

    3. no, this is what happens when you fight for America! Shame on you lefties! God will vindicate President Trump as always and you lefties will wish you never messed with God’s appointed. please save the white supremacy/racist attacks…….more minorities voted for President Trump than for any other republican and President Trump received more votes than any other sitting president in the history of America. even more votes than OBAMA his second term. thank you!

    1. India also has such people at top positions in the Government.Don’t ask now who two similar photogenic people everybody knows just talking and doing nothing except talking and giving speeches.

  3. This happened in New Jersey in the 80″s, New York in 1990’s. People didn’t learn or do their homework. So it continued world wide. Chase Manhattan bank helped him in the 80’s hoping they would recoup their money. How did that work for you?

  4. Domino number one has fallen.
    The chain reaction will not be denied.
    And it’s hilarious. LOSER.

  5. What suckers we are, having a guy in the White House who, all the while, is running a petty, two-bit scheme to cheat on his taxes

    1. But for ALL the wrong reasons! Trump University. Trump Charity. Trump Airlines. Trump steaks. Trump Cologne. Trump Dump.

    2. And his ignorant supporters believe letting him get four more years America has already crumbled under trump he will blame everyone else for his failures.

  6. Donald is out there scamming his followers out of more of their money to pay for his problems. The scam continues.

    1. @RealEstateInsider247 he hasnt paid a pooey ton load of suppliers and cities. He “defunds the police” by not paying since 2016 the police cover for his rallies. 400000 to 800000 dollars. Each time. Each city

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