1. So very horribly sad! Sending healing energy, love and peace to my Native brothers and sisters.

    1. @Lil The United States is basically the only country that does. A majority for the funding for the schools came from the Canadian government.

  2. The Catholic Church waited till all the abusers past away before anything happened. Just so there would be no one left to be held accountable. It’s still happening today.

  3. When the translator got to the word, “Sorry” and the crowd interrupted with cheers I actually started crying. It was a pretty powerful moment. I was watching because of the historical significance it will carry but the emotional response was unexpected

    1. @Wynona’s Big Brown Dragon Why do you care? I’m a republican and sometimes things in common with Democrats. So, I too am a troll! Plenty on Fox as well!

  4. Indigenous people in America have gotten a raw deal from the get go. We need to have a conversation about the American holocaust against the original owners of this land.

  5. The worst part of this, is it has happened in many different countries. Not just Canada but right here in the USA too

  6. It will show more “If” catholic church would re-pay to family members that suffered such abuse, only by teaching New generations how ashamed of actions taken by their predecessors will be the right thing to do.

  7. It happened here in America too! At a school I went to called St. Mary’s Mission. They didn’t close it down until the early 2000’s. It’s still standing and a new school was built right next door what is now called Paschal Sherman Indian School.

    1. In my opinion Nelson Mandela’s approach was the correct, if pragmatic, approach. Run a group that highlights the issues of the past, ensure that they never happen again and move on without saddling today and tomorrow’s generations with the sins of the past.

    2. and resources brought in to help these people. It’s not like the Catholic Church isn’t RICH!!!!

  8. My family still suffer the effects of the residential school system in Canada…this will not help their healing…mental health resources and education of how this trauma is affecting them is what is needed.

  9. All the Catholic church ever does is “apologise” for abuse… but God does not sleep. May God vindicate these victims and hold those “religious buggers” accountable.

  10. I love this. At least Canada is making an effort in reconciliation for past wrongs. Bring it up in the USA and all you get is people telling you to get over it.

    1. That’s not true. Most of America’s Catholic churches for these children were closed around/before ww2!!

    2. @kay armstrong You are missing the point. I am speaking generally in regards to how America choses to handle it’s past “sins”. Be it the Native Americans, African Americans, Asian American, etc.

    3. @Heart Donations I’m not missing your point….NONE of those people are still alive on either side. Can’t feel guilty or live like a victim forever. MOVE on…it’s 2022!

    4. @kay armstrong That’s attitude is exactly the issue. Yes the people are gone, but the residual trauma is still felt. The get over something you first have to face it and deal with it. No sweeping under the rug here.

  11. Thank you Papa Francesco for modeling repentance and humility in the ministry of reconciliation. I pray all Christians and Catholics open their hearts to true acts of love for the neighbor, in service and with understanding, especially where there is a past of abuse and trauma. We have to fix the material loss but also the emotional and cultural loss and loss of trust in the human community. Don’t give in to cynicism. Let us approach all wounds with the care and courage of Christ, so we can go the way of the Cross together for as long as we’re here on earth. Let us look to the Pierced One for his grace and our hope.

  12. “Penance” is nice. But if you had any real interest in the INKLING of actual reparations you’d give millions so these people who were ripped from their families & whose lives were crippled by trauma (even physical health outcomes – illness & addictions- are 100% tied to childhood ACES SCORES/adverse childhood experiences).. if you had any interest in making it right you’d pay a fraction of what any sane lawsuit would force you to pay to make what’s left of their lives comfortable. They shouldn’t be living in shacks.

  13. This wasn’t just in Canada. The Carlisle School in the states is most infamous. See Deb Haaland on the 300 U.S. schools.

  14. Your apologies are accepted.
    But these are graves of Indigenous Canadian🇨🇦 children who died *over 100 years ago,* by whatever reasons
    – including sickness, accidents, pandemic over many years.
    – They were buried where they lived, the residential school.
    – It’s not something like the ongoing genocide in Tibet or Xinjiang, China🇨🇳.

  15. My dad was sent to a Jesuit school at just 8 y.o. He endured the impossible. At 13 my mom went through a brutal, botched attempt to sterilize her.

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