‘Infamous’ Rep. George Santos under investigation by House Ethics Committee

The House Ethics Committee announced it is officially moving forward with a probe into embattled Rep. George Santos as the New York Republican faces mounting legal issues and calls to resign for extensively lying about his resume and biography. #CNN #News


  1. Does Trump/Santos accurately represent the moral and ethical values of the MAGA Republican Party???

    1. ​@Roger Schroeder I think that you have that backwards. Trumps lies are far more egregious than Santos’.

    1. I thought that came from the Amber Heard school of Narcissism. “It doesn’t matter if it’s right or wrong. That fact that I believe it makes it true.”

  2. If Santos is the “Shape of things to come” for the Republican Party, then the Republican Party is not long for this world.

    1. Democrats removed Al Franken and Anthony Weiner. Republicans keep George Santos and Matt Gaetz. No difference between the two parties though, right?

  3. I was sad and shocked when the Balrog struck down Santos The Grey, but his return as Santos The White was amazing. Without him, Mordor would rule.

  4. Such a crazy bad boy, that Santos. But the way it looks now, he’s just one seed in a vast garden of crazy.

    1. @B. T. I think it’s the other way around. But you could be right, i’m still not sure about MTG’s gender.

    1. He’s going to be asking for even more money now for this ethics investigation. The grift never ends.

  5. George Santos is still on the US Government payroll, that means Santos is still winning the game.

  6. There will be no better example of the depravity of the GOP than if Santos is not tossed out with extreme prejudice.

    1. @Kevin Boone He is quite singular in his lying and prior alledged criminal activity. He’s singled himself out. I will wait for the Ethics Committee conclusion.

  7. I hope he’s booted out of Congress and hope the ethics committee investigation isn’t a joke. The constituents of New York need justice.

  8. George Santos has proven himself to be the perfect poster-child for the Republican party

  9. It’s always about the money with these fraudsters. Don’t expect Republicans to step up and do the right thing.

  10. Regarding the sexual misconduct allegations, why couldn’t his accuser go to the police and press charges?
    Or was this attempt snuffed out earlier?

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