Inside A New York Apartment Damaged By Ida 1

Inside A New York Apartment Damaged By Ida

Yasmin Vossoughian reports from an apartment building in Mamaroneck, N.Y. where Hurricane Ida unleashed historic flooding last night.
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    1. @22 Veterans A Day Stop saying that word. It makes Republicans angry. They do not want to spend money on that word.

  1. Almost 10 years ago Sandy happened, and nothing has changed in terms of management, and infrastructure. My family home looked like that during Sandy. My family evacuated that day, and it was a terrible experience to deal with insurance companies, greedy contractors, and just having to let go of items that had sentimental value such as taped interviews and pictures with my dance teachers. They were irreplaceable since they are no longer with us. I do understand what these people are going through. I hope them the best of luck and make sure you do good research on who you hire for fixing your home. Make sure they have a license to work in your state and preferably from your state and not from out of town. Document everything, and don’t sign anything unless you understand the contracts. Make sure they can’t put a lend on your house whenever they want.

    1. Katrina was like to the day.
      I agree. I commented; You ever wonder if they make the fallout of a disaster worse deliberately?

  2. Gee, when they show a west coast home, destroyed by fire or quakes, someone always writes “Why would anyone build there?” Where are the questions about the advisability of building along the Atlantic ocean?

  3. I grew up in the tropics and all the houses were elevated (essentially built on stilts) because of the monsoon rains. Nobody lived on the first floor.
    It looks like with climate change, this is one of the costs – nobody lives on the first floor, for those living near sea level or has poor drainage (near the water table). If you do so, you do it at your own peril.
    Note: most insurance do not cover floods that occur over land, such as this, anyways.

    1. I’ve been saying it’s getting more tropical up along the Mississippi River from the Gulf up to the north east coast. I live in Indiana. Been super pleasant past few days however, air gets real thick and moist more than it’s ever been in my 44 years living here.

    2. Well now people in the Tropics are building western style home, so when it floods they loose everything on the first floor. It’s a status symbol now to have western style homes.

  4. You ever wonder if the fallout of disasters are made worse deliberately?
    Prayers to all in crisis. We love all of you.

  5. If you’re going to report about or live in a particular area, take the time to learn how to pronounce the cities’ names. Or just ask someone for Pete’s sake!!!

  6. Really! We Americans are still dealing with infrastructure problems. We can put numerous new administrations into the White House but can’t get them to fixed what is Broken in this Country .

  7. after hurricane Katrina, lawsuits were filed against all the insurance companies.
    forcing them to add language about mold, flood and types of wind damage.
    Going to be interesting to see how many lawsuits are filed in the coming weeks, months or year?

  8. There’s even much more damage from Ida than everyone thinks. The only reason everyone doesn’t see that is because they’re all idiots now.

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