Inside An All-Black Militia Group | Morning Joe | MSNBC 1

Inside An All-Black Militia Group | Morning Joe | MSNBC


NBC News' Morgan Radford joins Morning Joe to discuss her new reporting on the NFAC, an armed Black militia group with a mission to defend the Black community. Aired on 03/22/2021.
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Inside Look At All-Black Militia Group | Morning Joe | MSNBC


  1. Good for them.
    No one in the US Government is going to do anything to protect them.
    By any means necessary.

    1. @Rodney Bean What happen in the past is still happening in the the presence fym. And you are not black you can’t tell African Americans to get over what this country did to us and is still doing it to us. No black person is going to forget about the past and move on like nothing happen we won’t forget and some of us will not forgive what white people has done to us. You don’t get to tell us to get over slavery, segregation, Jim Crow, and racism. We can’t move forward in this country because people mainly white people don’t see what the big issue with racism and black people fighting against it they don’t and will never understand because they never lived through it or been through it. They won’t acknowledge and change the way they treat black people in America that’s why this country as you claim is not moving forward. How you going to move forward when you can’t accept the wrongs that you have done and is still doing to black people. African Americans will never forget or forgive and act like 400 years of slavery and oppression didn’t happen to us and we will never forget who did it to us. So take that comment and shove it up your butt because it means nothing.

    2. @Rodney Bean+Anything perceived to be black racism is purely a retaliatory response to how we are initially treated by other races.

    3. @Alana Helen Just asking this out of curiosity: could other people join these militias or they are black exclusive and whether if these militias are bipartisan or not? (I’m asking this as a libertarian-conservative that adheres to principles of the once Tea Party Movement).

  2. “Son, sometimes you got to be the Lion, so you can be the Lamb that you are” – Dave Chapelle’s Mom to Dave

    1. @mike briganti If you define protecting and defending against attacks “revenge”, then so be it. Nothing more to say.

    2. @mike briganti Well well well ! A Trump supporter privileged bigot with perks. Your skin color allows you easy access. While people of color are red lined to most accessibility just about for anything, that’s afforded to you easily and without extreme prejudice.
      You see Mickey you want to keep it that way/// because that’s exactly what Conservative means.
      Now whose the racist of this United Apartheid Red States of America. By the way ! Why is your last name in lower case letters anyway ? You’ve got to change your self centered narcissistic ways, because it ain’t workin out fer the good fer ya ! Don’t let your heart be troubled.
      Don’t endeavor in evilness.
      Peace out with out prejudice because I have none. I wasn’t programmed that way .

    1. Yes, all of us normals of all colors need to stick together. That’s how we will defeat the hate-filled haters.

  3. The black panther party did the same thing. And they actually did alot of good things that went overlooked

    1. @Arturo Montana Being careful to not offend white supremacists is not an option.
      Black people must fight for our survival.

    2. @William Theodore Rosenberg u gotta understand what binging human even is. it’s when an animal can talk language, stand on hind legs and use tools that’s what makes a animal human nice double talk

  4. That’s what you get when you F around with people long enough. And they have a strong point if you ask me

    1. The military would wreck these people if some conflict occurred USA isn’t scared of bombing its own cities its happened before

    2. @Luke Monsensey lmao the proud boys are a bunch of idiots. If the proud boys and the nfac were smart theud join forces against the real enemy instead of being sheep and doing what our government wants and fighting with eachother cuz thats what they were told to do

    3. Just be careful~ look what happens without pulling a weapon- imagine if you are holding one to protect yourself. It will NOT end good! The government has put us in this place.

    1. They arent worried about the government, but instead Georgia radicals in the KKK who may want to sabotage.
      Dont be ignorant….

  5. You know the FBI has been through all of their backgrounds…unlike how they have dealt with the groups involved in the insurrection.

    1. @Patriotic Mexican-American we know it’s not the biggest threat. Recent sh*oting*. Was a syrian guy. Who hated Trump….. A fact

  6. As a Canadian watching what’s happening in the US…I’m surprised actually they hadn’t done this many years ago. They have my support.

    1. We had the black panthers and the government destroyed that from within. They’re trying to do it again with the leader of this movement

    2. we have…..back in the 60s with the black panther movement. Ronald Reagan freaked out like a little b*tch when he was Governor of California. Thus the only way to stop them was to have the government sell drugs in the black community.

    3. They did. The black panthers executed cops and planned terrorist attacks on the white house. The weather underground planned on killing white newborns in hospitals and they bombed the congress.

    1. @Dan O well not in all cases my friend. No need to make stuff up. For what I have came across allot of people that didn’t share my polical ideology not like me having a gun

    2. @Dan O why would I be speaking for illegal gun owners. Everyone in the video was legal gun owners so why would you think I was speaking for anyone else

    3. @Shawn The Great lol not you, i meant the deviant mind. We may be talking about the same people. Gun control is racist.

    1. @donald lawson I mean, I feel like you have a really close minded view of the world. You seem to see it in black vs white. Thing is, most of it is gray. Why don’t you try to get to know some black or colored people first? You seem pretty quick to judge, but any of these things you’re saying, have you ever experienced it firsthand? I’m not trying to go back at you, b/c that won’t really open your mind any more. Just try to get to know some different people and not base strong opinions or hatred from things on the internet.

    2. @donald lawson Thing is, all these things you are calling, have you seen any of them play out personally, live, right in front of you’re eyes? As I said, try to get to know some black people before you judge them. If you are going to say something, you have to be open to people responding to it.

    3. Facts but u take 1 another is Guaranteed to step behind him and i didn’t no about this and I’m down fa the unprotected

  7. Black people should protect themselves. When the government says you’re expendable ;all you have is each other.

  8. LOVE IT! Its about time!!! No one says anything about the other side (can’t even say their name without getting censored) and their militia groups. STAND UP AFRO AMERICA!! YOUR BLOOD, SWEAT and TEARS are IN THE SOIL OF THIS LAND!! THE ONLY HOME YOU’VE EVER KNOWN!!

  9. I totally agree with these people… if white folks can do it why not black folk.. defend yourselves at all costs

    1. @Ashy Husky ashy elbows ,you are mistaken. The difference is the other groups aren’t racist. They have members of all colors. Nfca.w.e is racist and only allows blacks in the group. They would get slaughtered it they came up against real worriers

    2. @Kid Fox you’re comparing the genocides of millions of people to the formation of a preemptive, lawful, regulated militia? Do I really need to explain to you how stupid that is?

  10. It’s only fitting that the rebirth of the Confederacy sees a rebirth in the Black Panther movement. Madness.

  11. It is amazing how when we go in the Marines or any other branches of the military. You notice is always okay to defend other people that don’t look like us, but notice when it is time to defend our own self it’s always a problem. By any means necessary

    1. I wonder what thier response would have been if they were asked if they’d take the jab lmao!

  12. I support my brothas and Sistas! I’m interested in going to the range and protecting my family!right on!

  13. I was smiling and nodding until “black ethnostate” and “our goal is our own government”.

    That’s bad, fam. That’s facist-bad type stuff there.

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