Inside Look At A Coronavirus Hospital Unit In South Carolina | Stephanie Ruhle | MSNBC 1

Inside Look At A Coronavirus Hospital Unit In South Carolina | Stephanie Ruhle | MSNBC


Watch NBC News Correspondent Ellison Barber get an exclusive look inside a COVID unit at a South Carolina hospital. Aired on 07/10/2020.
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Inside Look At A Coronavirus Hospital Unit In South Carolina | Stephanie Ruhle | MSNBC


    1. @Mariusz Furman yes exceeds deaths are a good indicator and they are shocking in the UK I know. Sweden I think maybe the jury is out to an extent. Because although it’s true they’ve had more deaths than their neighbours things might level out a bit when their neighbours are out of lockdown awhile. I watched an interview held recently on herd the independent news channel today and there was talk that the hospitalisations in Sweden are drying up. It’s worth watching if you haven’t seen it

    2. @Tom G Swedes belive they have up to 10% population with antibodies in Stockholm, the most affected region, according to own tests from roughly one month ago. Yes, the jury is back and the heard immunity is unequivocally dead. It won’t be any significant difference between this wave and any next one.

    3. @Mariusz Furman I don’t know. Sweden has took a position they see as sustainable. Such as junior Schools open and senior Schools closed. Like seating only in bars with social distancing. They report their hospitalisations are declining and that they haven’t ever been overwhelmed. Don’t get me wrong Covid is causing devastation but it’s clearly the case we have to learn to live in a world with Covid in it and I for one see some logic of the middle ground approach Sweden is adopting. Either that or go hard lockdown like the Chinese

    4. @Tom G Taiwan, New Zealand, South Korea….. You have many right ways forward or one wrong dead end. Every unemployed can find new job. Non of dead can find new live.

    5. @Mariusz Furman don’t forget the decline of other deaths due to the lockdown, it doesn’t only work for covid, it work for everything

  1. Lindsey Graham was going to visit the patients, but he suddenly came down with a crippling case of the Vapors.

  2. Great move to show the people how COVID 19 patients are being treated and their conditions. For those who think that it is just an ordinary flu, please think again. The patient may just die off even with all the medical support given to them and the worse part is that they die alone without seeing their children, grandchildren, friends and relative. So please wear a mask and keep distancing to avoid getting the virus. Wash your hands properly whenever you touch anything in the public places like shopping centers, malls, hotels, meeting halls, convention centers, entertainment centers, etc Carry with you a small bottle of hand sanitizer to clean your hands after travelling in the tubes, buses, public transport, etc If you are an elderly person, avoid going out to crowded places. If you have to do it, go at the low-peak hours. God bless you !

  3. The US has become a dysfunctional, selfish country. It is shameful that our federal government failed completely to provide a national action plan like so many other countries–Canada, Germany, Australia, S. Korea. Those countries are opening up now after collective action by their governments and people, and they are able to monitor any spikes that occur because they have established the testing capacity and contact tracing to do so. Their governments AND people listened to public health professionals and they are the better for it. Meanwhile, half of Americans, who are functional illiterates, pledge their undying devotion to a president who tells them to inject themselves with bleach.

    1. It really does. I mean. for crying out loud, one of the driving factors to new cases is “people are getting bored”

  4. And even still Henry McDisaster won’t mandate masks. I’m estimating hospital beds will reach capacity in SC by the end of July if this weak leadership continues.

  5. One month (AND COUNTING!) in ICU build to save people after a heart attack, a stroke, or a car accident. Tell me one more time about this “common flu”. 😐

  6. I cried through the whole video. This scared me so much . I only go to the store 2 time a month. since December distance I do miss people watching. I’m old and enjoy watching young people living life.

  7. Ahhh, all those ‘elective’ intubation surgeries Tammy Faye McEneany was talking about.

  8. How can this be , we were explicitly and very strongly advised by our great and honorable President and all his wonderful republican friends that the deadly killer worldwide pandemic was just a Democrat hoax to try and trick us all. Also , that there were just 17 cases and they would disappear in a few days and not to worry because as soon as the “hot weather hits in April” it would go away. I was lead to believe it is not a real disease and is 99% totally harmless. I thought we were the best country in all the world fighting this scourge and not to worry just go about your life. I guess all this noise is just fake news from fake news outlets and from failing newspapers and a case of plain old locker room talk. But I have faith the great miracle the president speaks of will happen soon that one day we will wake up and pooof it will all just disappear for ever and ever.

  9. Its a shame to see a whole generation thrown under the bus and into body bags thru negligence. On their northern border we have it under control and can only pray smarter people take charge down there.

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