Inside NYPD Operations To Prevent Future Terror Attacks

NBC's Tom Winter takes an exclusive inside look at the New York Police Department's intelligence bureau to see how their operations work to prevent future terror attacks and how they have adapted in the twenty years since the September 11, 2001 attacks.

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Inside NYPD Operations To Prevent Future Terror Attacks


    1. @Muddy Water Being a violent traitor trying to overthrow the government…It’s just too bad they didn’t open up on all of those clowns…But at least loyal Americans now know the republicans are traitors..

    2. Congress should declare the peaceful Jan 6 rally “Patriots Day” MSM and Democrats are so jealous of Trump’s common sense policies they just can’t understand it. They are sheeple being woke up. Hang in there democrats, the silent majority will help you through this awakening.

    3. @Lake Safety LOL….”majority?”…Not even close champ…And traitor 45 and the republicans are finished….Enjoy his sentencing…

  1. Let 5000 terrorists out of jail in Afghanistan, and arm the Taliban to the teeth. That’s how you reduce terrorism?

    1. @Fawziyeh Aby did you see the list of equipment that was left there and it’s not useless the only equipment that was dismantled was at the airport the Taliban have the rest of it

  2. Let’s not forget that the same individuals that wanted to fund them are the same ones that are not while praising them they sacrificed their lives and some of them didn’t 911 like the the firemen and everyone sacrificed their the life for before 911 and there still are doing it the soldiers the fireman the cops they are sacrificing their lives there’s no need to defend them we need police in our area

    1. @Friend we have blm and Antifa which are in fact terrorist organizations as well. You foreigners wouldn’t understand that though.

    2. Wasn’t the attack on 9 / 11 ” domestic ? They used American airplanes that stayed in national airspace .
      What is the definition of ” domestic terrorism ” ?

  3. Your law enforcement, the good as human beings, the ones who protected Capitol KILLING THEMSELVES, but not the other ones.

  4. “And if you look at the buildings in Manhattan, I guess my building on Park Ave. is now the tallest.” – Stable Genius the day after 9/11 bragging about himself.

    1. Manuel Dah Manual Laborer : Manuel, get a life. Put down that shovel and try to use your brain if you have one that is.

  5. Hope they consider hiring cops like Fanone and Dunn with the frontline experience for units like this in DC and other capitals in the US.

  6. Yeah, really united, Joe. United in fear and blinded by hatred to start a senseless war that would last for 20 years.

    1. You can pretty much bet that they won’t storm the NY Capitol!
      It won’t be soon enough for domestic terrorism to stop.

  7. Remember when MSNBC was supporting democrats to defund the police and probably still are their just putting on a lie

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