Inside the nuclear fusion lab trying to replicate the Sun on Earth

CNN's Bill Weir goes inside a laboratory trying to revolutionize the way electricity is generated. Unlike traditional power plants that contribute to global warming, this nuclear lab is working to harness energy similar to stars in the sky. #CNN #News


  1. “Thanks to the telescope and the microscope, religion no longer offers an explanation for anything important.”

    Christopher Hitchens

    1. Theyre far from having the answer. Did Hitchens record his last minutes for us to see his departure?

    2. Well, everyone WILL die & find out that Christian faith was important after all. Here is the WISE counsel of our God:
      “…. *Men will come to Him,* And all who were angry at Him will be put to shame.” Isaiah 45:24

      In fact, Hitchens has already found out but it is too late for him!

  2. Nuclear fusion might be the power source of the future. If so that has pretty much nothing to do with the NIF, which is a nuclear weapons research facility. The most realistic candidate for a path to energy production right now is ITER.

    1. DARPA is a defense research agency, yet many of it’s achievements, including the internet are used daily by the average person around the world. So, what’s our point exactly?

    2. @Chevy Chase ITER and NIF don’t use the same approach to fusion, so we need both in case one of them turned out to be better or easier or cheaper or more efficient in general.

    1. Although interesting, it definitely sounds more resourceful than the other artificial sun in china?

  3. Thanks for the warning *cough* I mean the report on the perfectly reasonable experiment (because we all know lab experiments never go wrong). 🙄

    1. What exactly do you think would happen? There is a reason why this technology is safer. No meltdowns, no nuclear holocaust, no massive city destroying explosions. The reaction is literally over in a matter of seconds in an enclosed space with no waste to dispose of.

    2. @Emmett Turner  safer than nuclear fission and… when did I say it’s self sustaining? Is there an actual point here, or are you just rambling?

    1. The more money do you give to a non-working science experiment the more money they will want!

      OMG it will all be green and we’ll all be saved from the carbon output!

    2. @Chevy Chase Progress takes investment, risk, and persistence. There were lots of failures and money lost before we got satellites up in space. Do you think we’d be better off without them?

  4. Doc Oc tried to do this and we all remember what happened to him…well… actually he ended up in the MCU so let’s go for it!

    1. Sure. But not for very long. Whatever left of you would be some trace carbon easily swept up or dustbusted.

  5. The progress made in nuclear fusion is truly remarkable, as scientists strive to replace traditional power plants with a clean energy source similar to the power generated by stars. It’s inspiring to see the successful demonstration of fusion and the shift in focus towards when, not if, this technology can be achieved.

  6. Thanks that’s a great idea.
    Replicating the sun.
    Maybe they should have seen Spider-Man and seen what happened to doctor octopus.
    But as long as they have a body of water nearby we’re they can cool it down with.
    Everything should’ve fine.
    Worse come to worse, the avengers will come to the rescue.

  7. Playing with powerful forces of nature, with limited experience of what could happen; what could go wrong?

  8. The great thing is China and the US are very competitive about this, literally creating stars.

  9. I remember my ’98 AP Physics class got to visit a fusion reactor in California. Glad to see they are still chipping away at the dream.

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