Inside UHWI's Covid Ward | TVJ News - August 16 2021 1

Inside UHWI’s Covid Ward | TVJ News – August 16 2021

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  1. Realistically, you cannot start giving credible statistics since our vaccination rates are so low. If the vast majority of Jamaicans are unvaccinated then clearly they would make up the majority of COVID cases at this point.

    1. Only joke is you for not paying attention to what you are actually being shown here. Which is nothing here.

    1. These people not promoting how you can boost your immune system… only thing them promoting is this AGENDA POISON .

  2. I can’t imagine the amount of stress you guys going through.People not taking it serious, because they just want to have fun and think they are invincible. Some people are carriers and don’t even know, because they might be positive. My best friend was in a coma for 4 1/2 months and was on a ventilator. Thank God he woke up, because the Doctors had given him a 3% chance of living. When he woke up, he lost 80 pounds from 220= 140 lbs.He had to go to rehab to learn how to walk, tie his shoe, put on his pants. He was instrumental in my family and I going to take the vaccine.It’s better to be protected by something, than nothing at all. Still even wear my mask. Note: My friend is doing great,put back on the weight and because a Christian. Also had an interim Pastor at my Church who didn’t want to take the vaccine or wear a mask. He caught COVID, was hospitalized on a ventilator and never made it. Guys stop being stubborn, inconsiderate and take the vaccine. These nurses are enduring a lot stress, because it’s not only Covid, but these dutty John crow them who a shoot people and the nurses are overwhelmed dealing with this also. Wish all the nurses well and pray people will come to their senses.

  3. I went to Hyatt hotel recently thinking they were disciplined but there is no social distancing. Food lines are back to back many foreigners not wearing mask and these same people come into town. Just because a person took the vaccine does not mean they cannot carry the virus and give others.

  4. My PRAYERS Continually are with you ALL in JESUS CHRIST NAME amen, however I like what you are doing, showing the conditions, hoping PEOPLE will see that this covid pandemic is REAL….

  5. I do not know if there is anything more can be done to prove to ignorance that covid is real, the medical workers are being stretched and the the jovial happy go lucky could care less, people are getting their jollies on, and putting the medical staff at risk, glad i retired, because in i would be in debted to them

  6. My heart goes out to the nurses and those hospitalized. I feel the pain of the nurses. People need to start taking the vaccine and follow protocols to protect themselves and others.

  7. This has made me have even another level of respect for the nurses out there… You should truly be appreciated

  8. These nurses deserve better pay and as a people we must appreciate them it is not easy especially in these testing times .

  9. 4 nurses for so many patients and I complain when I’m getting my 5th patient at work. Thank God I’m not an icu nurse. I will stick with my step-down patients

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