Insurance for Fisher Folks Being Examined – October 5 2020


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    1. A YouTube channel is there just type in your question you just ask you will get the information you want.

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  2. Why them never kill them everyone who thife must kill..God said by the sweat of your brow u must he bread,,not thief thy shod catch them and chop them up….,

  3. Insurance Companies are thieves. They want to collect but don’t want to pay out. In order not to they add all kinds of clauses that you’re not aware of until you make a claim.

  4. So the Fisher providers want to do things properly but as usual insurance and the system a try subvert them…create the policy and insure the people dem property cause Fisher business more important than nuff business

  5. Total foolishness the on line school is nothing because we can’t connect an when u do teacher a move away SMH

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