Insurgents effectively hold town after attack in Mozambique, head of mercenary group says 1

Insurgents effectively hold town after attack in Mozambique, head of mercenary group says


In his first on-camera interview, Lionel Dyck, the head of private military contractor Dyck Advisory Group, told CNN's David McKenzie that insurgents in northern Mozambique effectively hold the strategic town of Palma after they staged a complex attack last week.
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  1. Remember everybody mercenary groups are private military for private companies. They reporting it like it’s normal.

    1. @Joseph Nigel oh because the Russians do it it’s ok got you! You need to stay in your lane bro your responses are not thoughtful

    2. @Brad c nah the Russians do it and blow up a hospital and then take the land.

      The Mercs blow up a hospital and leave.

      I think I’d take mercanaries.

      Read a book when you learn how the world works.

    3. Some countries with out special operations forces like to higher prior military from US. Some groups have been bad but most aren’t. Now daesh(isis) will require more than a private military group.

    4. @Don Quixote Or multiple with common interest in keeping conflicts isolated and without the issue of terror.

  2. This is so sad as Mozambique was just starting to function in a faulty normal way.
    Then you get these bored, f****ed up, jobless, idle men who fill their time with making other people’s lives miserable because they have nothing else to do.
    If AU will not intervene quickly, what is its relevance?!

  3. The world needs a news media that has integrity and serious about reporting the news. These communist news networks have lost all integrity in their reporting.

    1. @DXR your indoctrination is deep I see. Replubicans do have some corrupt ones as well but it’s the democrats are destroying our country and selling it out to China. The biden/harris administration is a complete joke to America. Democrats wasted the last 4 years chasing hoaxes. They wrecked our economy and are now flooding our country with ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS including drugs. Not one thing have they done for America in 12 years. Biden has never done anything for America.

    2. @William Hodgden I’m sorry that you are unable to understand the difference between reality & fantasy but you can help yourself out a lot by not putting things like that statement out in the world to prove just how ignorant you choose to be or if you don’t want to be so completely & totally wrong you might try to read something that is verifiable that has evidence to stand on it’s own merits because unless you don’t care if we feel sorry for you because school failed to teach you critical thinking skills (it’s usually due to religion making you believe in obvious bullshit) you are now in a world where you willingly accept lies from the right despite all the evidence to show that the left is who help & will be the future not the death of humanity

    3. @Demetri Corcovelos boy are you a indoctrinated fool. Go ahead and believe these communist news networks all you want but a common sense person can see right through their lies.

    4. @Demetri Corcovelos democrats are not about humanity. They are about gaining votes for power and corruption. If you were a real American you would see that. But if you are a immigrant or a transgender than you are being used.

  4. Mercenary armies are always a problem, yet America might not have achieved 18th Century independence without them.

  5. Your daily reminder from CNN:
    Do not question mainstream media’s narrative
    Never ask questions
    Critical thinking is racist

  6. Seems like those insurgents are there to stay again with this craziness with these insurgents

  7. Did AOC not say that WhtSuprmists only use the word “insurgents” yet CNN freely uses it in the header?

  8. It’s an Oil Rich Country …. No Reason to Have Poor People Squatting on the Valuable Land Rich in Resources …. They Must be Relocated …. Sincerely China

  9. wow! human rights watch (HRW) calling for military intervention? (no doubt with US and UK and French imperialist support). I suppose seeing as one of their board directors had to resign for collecting Nazi memorabilia, its no surprise

  10. A week after they (a NATO Partner) signed a memo of understanding to extract the rare earth minerals in Mozambique. Going by the standard NATO playbook the hire guns are being used to cause a call to arms to save the minerals er I mean people.

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