Intelligence officials ask lawmakers not to hold public threat hearings

US intelligence officials asked the Senate and House Intelligence Committees not to hold public hearings on this year's World Wide Threats Assessment after last year's testimony from agency chiefs made President Trump angry, according to a source familiar with the talks. #CNN #News


  1. The people need to know what information our intelligence has on our president. Who cares if he gets angry. This is absolutely unacceptable!

  2. He wants to be the only voice of government. So he can claim whatever he wants, without anyone to contradict his claims.

    1. @Angela Mathys actually in this ignorant, self-serving, entitled climate of the world 90million people ARE wrong.

    2. @christopher weise LOL ( I DONT KNOW WERE TO START WITH YOU ) Start with the truth or is that beyond you . Sorry your butt hurt about it but Fox is the most trusted name in news . Your a lier boy it’s just that simple . Grow up .

    1. ADE 1960 ehrh Right! Because that’s what HE, along with the FAR RIGHT are…a cesspool of hypocrisy & lies!!!

    2. The people who support Trump are seriously stupid, uneducated and uninformed OR they are huge assholes. Not one has made a decent argument on his behalf. I really hope the smarter Americans vote against him in record numbers or the whole world is at risk.

  3. “Wanna be king” Prez is trying to take away the power the citizen to have knowledge of THEIR government!

  4. The commander in chief is completely unhinged, and his administration is breaking our republic while we watch.

    1. “A republic, if you can keep it” if you don’t start fighting for it soon, you’re gunna lose it, cause yeah, Trump is tearing apart every presidential standard, give him 4 more years and you might have a monarchy by the end of it.

  5. Sooo let me get this straight: the intelligence community believes that trump is the greatest threat to the US and to the world.

    1. @jimmy Burnett you have no clue what your talking about did you know why he did it?? He did it because that general from Iran was planning a sinster attack on our us troops, and the us embassy did you know that if he didnt do that we would had a lot of troops and embassy slaughterd to there death.

    2. Don’t we the people have the right to know? It’s not like we can believe our President. Sad and scary times we are in.

    1. You are all either so blind blind or evil. Trump is a hero. Your hatred of him has blinded you so diametrically you can not be object. God will punish you all tgat are against a good man!

    2. @Diego Suarez if the trial finds no concrete evidence to remove him. I bet your eyes will be open. To find out how vile end unethical CNN’ positions against Trump has has been!

    1. jewell charles nah, trump fluffers are all mouth and no trousers, takes a special kind of weak and characterless person to follow an incessant and obvious liar – they will wipe the egg off their faces then go back to their trailer parks and continue to be irrelevant

  6. Tough luck! We don’t let tantrums stop our government from functioning. We need this administration OUT!

  7. Seriously, if government “intelligence” is afraid of “angering” chump, America should be really really scared. This speaks to the childish volatility of our so-called president who is anything but presidential.

    1. @Anthony G I’ll say it again, simple solution, if u don’t like President TRUMP, u r free to leave our beloved country, the U.S.A., u r just wasting your time.

  8. Trump: “I am a stable genius.”
    Intelligence bureaus: “Be careful giving Trump facts, they make him angry.”

    1. I wouldn’t be too surprised if Trump lashes out at the Govt Accountability Office, which today stated that the Trump administration broke the law when it withheld congressionally approved funds from Ukraine.

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