Intense Gun Battle in Haiti | Vaccination Struggle Continues in Jamaica - July 8 2021 1

Intense Gun Battle in Haiti | Vaccination Struggle Continues in Jamaica – July 8 2021


The latest in Haiti, a deadly gun battle between police and the men suspected of assassinating president Javenel Moise has been raging in the capital Port-au-Prince.

Introduction – 0:00
The Struggle for Covid Vaccines Continue – 3:21
Flooding Woes & Bad Roads in Stan Beck Drive, St. Mary – 10:06
PNP President Wants Unity Within Political Party – 15:39
No Spectators at Tokyo Olympics – 18:47

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    1. Reminds me of what the jamaicaobserver did with Patrick Green yesterday who barely escaped extortionists in St. Catharine who ran away to Ochi. He is 53 years old. With links, they can find him.

  1. I have a lot of heat inside of me for politician and public officials and the same station last night six public officials two politician involve in the dark underworld 🕸️🕸️🕸️🕸️🕸️🕸️🕸️🕸️🕸️🕸️🕸️🕸️🕸️ watching the news last night and TVJ that is the reason I keep saying public officials should subject to a lie detector test every 3 month all politician should be everyday morning noon and night they cannot be trusted

  2. Public official should be out there clearing the water from the roadway that is what they should be doing instead watching the news last night you hear about public official involved in the underworld

  3. And so what that happened with anything he should get a medal that is his job to save people

  4. Every corner every turn all the roads in this beautiful country disappear whenever it rain who you think have the answer to the solution only make it worse I always said the people at the national works agency should be try and sentence for life none of these people are not my friend

  5. Really we nuh know seh…is America killed this man..
    To create a civil war…this is all a coo

  6. A public officials man who supposed to do in what he get paid to do sit in the office putting on makeup Lord help Jamaican people please

  7. To get shot and battling for life then to hear that your husband is dead is a real pain. Am glad all the children are ok.

  8. I’m sitting here listening to this gentleman when he speak with them the man said he pay 32,000 a year in reply the ugly something I could tell the man say 32,000 cannot fix road who the hell that person is awesome jackass sir for the next financial year do not pay no taxes

  9. If the same effort to eradicate poverty was applied as in the concoction corruption, it would be a blessing to humanity.

  10. A di same bad road unnu did a jump up and down pon inna election an a di same road unnu a goh jump up and down pon wen local government election come .. just mek sure unnu have unnu Clarks ready

  11. The Best Ganja in the WORLD…and we are behind..Way they dont move the OLYMPICS MAN..TOKOYO CAN NOT MANAGE..

  12. How golding a create crime plan fi other constituent while his own constituency has a serious crime problem

  13. Thats so sad people r so mean theses days Now and waxing cold lover of themselves The prophecy is fullfilling so quick😑😑😑😥

  14. People ,people what golding is saying make no sense, look what is going on in trench town and he is the

  15. Whatever happens in HAITI, always have something to do with FRANCE, who iz still hurting over the loss, at the HAITIAN REVOLUTION, over 200 yrs ago.

  16. The road can be fixed with all the taxes from all those land owners for all those years I agree with that land owner

  17. Last year many Haitians protested in the streets for the president to resign as he was over staying his term in office. I believe the Haitian president would have been alive today if he had just listened to the protesters. I won’t shed a tear for tyrants.

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