Internal CDC Document Says Delta Variant As Contagious As Chicken Pox 1

Internal CDC Document Says Delta Variant As Contagious As Chicken Pox

Earlier this week, the CDC reversed mask guidance and now asks even the vaccinated to wear masks indoors as the Delta variant surges in states with low vaccination rates. » Subscribe to MSNBC:

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    1. Dr. FAUCI and the NIH conducted an experiment in 2019 called the Influenza Human Challenge, where subjects were injected with a modified strain of flu. This is the first time a study has successfully transmitted an aerosol virus. However, it still remains to be seen how these diseases are spread otherwise. Some of the volunteers had strokes and went into a coma

    2. A competent mental health professional can help you with your debilitating delusions. Good Luck.

    3. @Dale Sharpy
      He picks up a bus and he throws it back down
      As he wades through the buildings toward the center of town
      Oh no, they say, he’s got to go Go go Godzilla, yeah

  1. Ted Cruz STILL thinks he has a presidential chance. hahahaha Never gonna happen…STOP KILLING PEOPLE!

    1. @Joe Mama… If there’s any Republicans left to vote for him… Oh wait, he’s making sure there’s fewer of them by “trolling” CDC guidelines… Oh, well sorry! No Presidency in your future!

    2. He’s from Canada right? He can’t run for president. God help us if I’m wrong. I feel for the innocent people in Florida. Ronny is Donnys little minion. He’s the one I’d have to move out of the US if he became President. I have friends in Moscow. Great..just great. Can’t go there either.

    3. @Joe Mama LOL, sounds like you should pay a little better attention to what’s going on in the nation, world, etc…, you’re clearly VERY *uninformed*.

  2. Canadian citizen Ted Rodriguez Cruz was born on Canadian soil but no one ever asks his birth certificate and you have to wonder why. You couldn’t possibly have anything to do with the color of the skin like Obama

    1. @Moral Hazard You should not be so lazy. You prove his mother isn’t a citizen and Ted isn’t her son.

    2. @Thomas Thomas as much as they whine and crying about Obama’s birth certificate for 8 years had a copy of his birth certificate they did not believe it was real I just want to know why they never ask for the white Canadians birth certificate ask for the Black American one

    1. @Carol Rapson no.. The baby killers are definitely pathetic Dems. Oh, and dont forget we have a lot of guns. Not too tough to even up the population when things get rough.

    1. @t nonyabusiness I’m black American not ” African American ” and tend to be more of a Republican voter than anything else .
      Why would you assume a connection between skin college and voting affiliation

    2. The GOP’s self obsolescence plan is working. Finally they’re doing something right.

    3. @Carlos Carlos Because statically 90% of blacks vote democrat. You would never ask that if you were really black. jajaja

  3. “Cancun Cruise” at it again. Phony quotes putting out false representations, “DOUBLE SUPER SECRETS”, not your average secret. Alert!! Dangerous clown sighting.

    1. yeah that tongue was getting tied in knots, that’s what happens when Cruz twists the truth, which Cruz “Cancun Cruise” always does when he speaks..

    2. The way he had to struggle just to say double super secret is proof that he had to pull that out of his @ss.

    1. @Teresa Gunn there’s going to be a war, mark my word. I wouldn’t want to be on the side thats wearing pink skirts and dont even know what bathroom to use.

    2. On behalf of all the unvaxxed, THANK YOU to all the vaxxed people for being our guinea pigs and for proving that these rushed jabs were useless.

    3. @TruthSeeker08 they dont understand. Its like trying to teach a cat to roll over. They get the same confused look.

  4. Lying Ted! needs another super secret holiday in Cancun! This guy ted also know as Rafael has totally lost it!

    1. It’s shameful how he tied his fugly wife to a post and left her to freeze while he went to Cancun.

    1. As a person who lives in TExas, NO! I didn’t vote for him and campaigned for Beto in the heart of tRump country and I believe cruz Only won due to gerrymandering! We may not even be able to vote or our votes tossed away if they “Think” there is fraud! We need federal regulations for voting Now! Take care friends!

    2. @t nonyabusiness Not fair… Airports hadn’t been closed down due to Trump”s lies about COVID + don’t worry Texas’ numbers will soon surpass those of New York BECAUSE of Cruz’s IDIOCY and not because of lies from POTUS but because of his OWN lies.

  5. MSNBC: Remember When Ted Cruz Promised We Would Stop Caring About Covid-19 After Election / All All in

  6. Follow the science anyway, I kept my mask on because you can still be infected By the virus and End up in the hospital. You’re Chance of survival is better than those without.
    Military hazmat training. Error on the side of caution is what it said, always error on the side of caution.

    1. Error on the side of caution when it comes to being comfortable with mandates and attacking free speech

    2. I don’t fear for myself. I’m fully vaccinated, so even if I WERE to catch it, I’ll be fine.
      But there’s always a tiny chance I might be carrying some of the virus, so I wear a mask to make sure I don’t accidentally infect and possibly murder those I come in contact with.

    3. @Adam Taylor You are definitely a man of honor & character! We need more people like you in this world!

    4. I kept my mask on because I don’t trust the CDC…they jump to conclusions without enough data to back it. And yes, I am vaxxed and a life long Democrat.

  7. Idiots: “The vaccine is a hoax!”
    Polio: “Go on…”
    Idiots: “Wait, who said that?!”

    1. Idiots in 2020: The virus came from wild life
      The Media in 2021: Covid looks like a lab manipulated virus
      Idiots in 2021: Oh wow, it must have been a lab “accident”
      Big Pharma: There’s a sucker born every minute, take ’em for all they got.

    2. @Klaus World it is possible it was released from a lab.
      But there is no evidence it was made or manipulated and that any release from a lab was accidental. It is a possibility, not proven.

  8. I hope Cruz loses his reelection. He is dangerous, he should recommend his constituents in Texas to get vaccinated. It’s sad to see. He is vaccinated, butt he doesn’t care about anyone.

    1. If he didn’t care about us during our blizzard situation, of course he’s not gonna care about vaccinating Texans!
      God I pray he loses by a landslide!!!

  9. Question;
    The “vaccines” have never been FDA approved, they’ve been authorized for emergency use, which means they’re a medical experiment.
    Is this misinformation?

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