International Aid Organizations Scramble To Help 18.4M Afghan Refugees 1

International Aid Organizations Scramble To Help 18.4M Afghan Refugees

Current U.S. programs set up to help Afghans migrate only help less than 1 percent of the population.
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    1. And what unarmed and untrained civilian populace has overthrown an organised and well funded army? You talk utter horse crap

    2. @McLovin the usa did as a colonie. Many nations in the 12000 year human civilization history have. Get educated bruh

    3. @McLovin lastly afgans had 350 thousand soldiers trained by the best army in the world. salary and equipment paid by us the tax payers and they ran away like cowards. gave all the equipment to the Taliban.

  1. r u kidding me 18.4 million Refugees
    if they come to US Democratic party will never loose any election in next 100 years,,

    1. Tom, I get social security and Medicare, and last year I got unemployment benefits. I also received stimulus payments of 1200 plus 600 plus 1400. I know two women who work for below average wages. They get food stamps, the earned income tax credit, and now monthly payments for their children. Many in my town get money for farming. Many in my town have mortgages which are insured by the federal government. Teachers here do not have to pay income tax on the health insurance the school provides for them. Some in my town get section 8 housing credits. There is a very cute housing project near our park where senior citizens rent apartments for low rents, because the owner got a 25% low income housing credit. The govt paid one fourth of the cost of the project in return for her agreeing to charge low rents. We have several churches. The govt gives tax deductions for those who contribute to the churches. So you are obviously wrong when you say the US does not take care of its own.

    2. @Jake Moseley You also say US takes care of its own……I bet it wasn’t 1.5 Trillion dollars over the last 20 years…or we would have free college, and healthcare as well.

    3. @john smith
      John, I live in the USA where many millions of people are helped by the government with help such as social security and Medicare, tax deductions for contributions to churches, the earned income tax credit, the child tax credit, stimulus payments, unemployment benefits, farm subsidies, flood insurance subsidies, unemployment benefits, tax exemption for employer provided health insurance, low income housing assistance, guarantees related to home mortgages, subsidies to lower the cost of health insurance provided by the Affordable Care Act, food stamps. Thus the claim the the US helps everyone in the world but not it’s own citizens is obviously false.

  2. Don’t you have américain citizen that need clean water and food and housing did you finished providing for them ? Are you sure!

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