International students flee by bus, train to escape war in Ukraine | USA TODAY

International students flee by bus, train to escape war in Ukraine | USA TODAY 1


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  2. Was it really about their ethnicity ? Wasn’t it women & children first ? My heart breaks for all in Ukraine, including these international students however, where were their own country’s embassy representatives ? In amongst this devastating & horrific chaos, Ukraine had to assist their own citizens first (as do ALL countries in their own evacuation action plans for their own citizens scattered around the globe) … where were India’s Embassy Reps ? Why were they NOT communicating with their own citizens studying abroad ? This goes for all Countries with international students & citizens in Ukraine … India & the other countries who voted ‘a no vote’ to assist Ukraine & NATO allies also left their own citizens in Ukraine for dead without an evacuation plan ? Why aren’t these students angry at their OWN country’s inactions to communicate with Ukraine’s Local government & embassy officials to get them out ?

  3. Everytime I see that angle of selfie my brain thinks “here in my garage…just bought this, brand new Lamborghini”

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