Investigation Into Cuomo’s Conduct ‘Will Look Like A Mess’ At State Level | MTP Daily | MSNBC 1

Investigation Into Cuomo’s Conduct ‘Will Look Like A Mess’ At State Level | MTP Daily | MSNBC


Brendan Lyons, Managing Editor for the Times Union, says that any state investigation into Governor Cuomo’s conduct “would look like a mess.” Aired on 02/25/2021.
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Investigation Into Cuomo’s Conduct ‘Will Look Like A Mess’ At State Level | MTP Daily | MSNBC


  1. Cuomo like DeSantis in Florida NEEDS to explain why they’ve been fudging their covid numbers. This is unacceptable behavior.

    1. @My Channel To be honest, it didn’t really matter what donnie did. It is well documented the absolute incompetence his administration’s response was (the WORST in modern times) for this pandemic. You can only do your best with the options and resources available to you. Cuomo knows donnie more so than most because they’re both from New York city, so, he should’ve known the kinds of games the Orange CON was up to and capable of. By hiding his death numbers ONLY makes Cuomo look bad. donnie’s already been acknowledged as the crook of the century (a very young century at that) to no one’s surprise but Cuomo has no excuse. None!

    2. @Trent Timoy Unfortunately, trump had & still has a lot of support, so Cuomo didn’t want all those people going after him at the time. Guess Cuomo thought it was the best option, but maybe it turned out not to be for him.

    3. @My Channel Well, it looks like Cuomo’s done. These issues are not going away. Manipulating death numbers, bullying fellow democrats to his will and now this sexual allegation. It sounds like a strike 3 to me.

    4. @Trent Timoy Ah, didn’t realize there was an allegation. I think he’ll be around for some time since there’s still going to be an investigation. I just hope others, such as DeSantis will be held to the same standard, even though I know he won’t be.

    5. @My Channel DeSantis is a creep who’s running on conservative populism. His state still has one of the worst covid numbers in the country (no matter how much they want to silence Rebekah Jones) and because he opened up early he’s getting a lot of kudo’s from his constituents regardless of the deaths and infection rates density. Florida’s a loss cause as far as I’m concerned. One day it will turn blue and but not soon enough.

  2. Florida calling for governor desantis to be investigated for covd19 death. Desantis spreads death across Florida and Florida schools.

  3. Rough patch for this dude after he did such a good job holding Trump to account for Covid.

    1. @Mister Hat lol read my last comment. Call me a troll all you want. At this point it’s just a term people call others who they disagree with them.

    2. It’s Donald Trump all over again attempting to pay back all of the people who stood up to him from Cuomo to Libby Schaff in Oakland,Calif and Grwtchen Whitmore in Michigan.

    1. That’s the difference. When a republican gets caught doing something shady, both republicans and their constituents start gaslighting.

      I don’t fault Cuomo for the “mistake” made with nursing homes. He was forced to make difficult decisions with no help from the federal government while the president golfed, called it a hoax, and mocked the wearing of masks.

      However, if he covered things up and then bullied his staff as part of the cover up, he needs to go.

  4. I’m sure fox news will give the same level of “these claims are nonsense and if he said he didn’t do it, then he didn’t do it” that they afforded the Stable Genius when it came to the 26 women who made similar claims.

    1. I am a palled that you conservatives listen to Faux news. We must take the warnings that WikiLeaks gave us about the main stream media. We were told that the MSM is compliant with the corrupt and entrenched political class as well as the globalist. Use your remote button and turn off the main stream media.

    2. You know, it is possible for two people to be equally shty at the same time. In all reality Cuomo being purged from the Dem party would be the best outcome. He’s legitimately a horrible human being and his political affiliation shouldn’t even come into consideration.

    3. I’m a Dem who hates Trump like everyone else, but if Cuomo did these things, then it’s unacceptable. EVERYONE on ALL parties must be held accountable

    4. @GO GATORS what does absolutely hypocritical is the way the media is attempting to protect this guy. If he was Republican there would be calls for his immediate arrest and incarceration without a trial. It took CNN a long time to even acknowledge this allegation. No there is sexual-harassment involved also in our women’s groups are strangely silent.
      I have said for a long time that we need to return the strength of our party and weed out the corruption within the party. We pay for too much attention to the what the Republicans are doing but we give scant attention to our party. We need to return to our historic democrat ideals that were given to us by our iconic FDR in JFK.

    1. At the time it was warranted, because the available information made it appear that he was doing a great job. But just like you’d likely turn on a beloved family member if you were made aware that they’d been abusing people without your knowledge, the surfacing of new evidence warrants a change in how people feel about Cuomo.

    2. You’re acting like Democrats know everything about what every person does at every second. You don’t know someone unless you hang out with them 24 hours a day. Nobody knew anything about this until he was accused. That’s how things come to light. I too respected Cuomo at first, but if this is true, then I don’t respect him anymore. It’s common sense. Also, I seem to remember Trump endorsing ROY MOORE….so don’t put a whole party in one boat.

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  6. This just another phony allegation by a progressive zealot against an establishment candidate. The alleged “life scaring” incident happened in 2015. One has to wonder if the 2022 Governors race is the more important date for Boylan.

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