Investigation into Trump org. reaches critical point 1

Investigation into Trump org. reaches critical point


Prosecutors could decide whether to seek an indictment against the Trump Organization's chief financial officer Allen Weisselberg as soon as next month, according to a person familiar with the matter.

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  1. Sure it does.

    Let me know when someone from Team Trump is **actually** brought to justice out of all this activity.

    1. @S W
      You say I gave you too much BS to use your time to refute and then you write several more paragraphs attempting to refute what I wrote. Do you realize how bizarre that makes you sound?
      Here’s a Faux News story about the gun incident (because I know you don’t go anywhere else for your news):
      Even they say his girlfriend threw the gun in the trash. So you were wrong.
      And Hunter Biden applied for the gun by filling out BATFE Form 4473 right before purchasing the gun on October 12, 2018. So you were wrong about that too.
      From the NRA:
      Form 4473 asks: “Are you an unlawful user of, or addicted to, marijuana or any depressant, stimulant, narcotic drug, or any other controlled substance?” As most intelligent people know, “are” is the second person singular present and first, second, third person plural present of the word “be”. Do you see the word “past” in that definition or only the word “present”? That means it applies only to the present moment, so if Hunter wasn’t using when he filled out that form, then he wasn’t lying. You’re trying so hard but it doesn’t work because you can’t get the facts right. I’m sorry if my providing of the definitions of words confuses you.

    2. @S W Sorry, you should have turned right at the last intersection. Faux News is in that direction.

    3. @Devo so what… Cohen’s interviews only started after his release from prison.

      Before he pled guilty Cohen was solidly behind the twice impeached failure. Then he got thrown under the bus. Since then he has tried to redeem himself and turn over material to prosecutors.

  2. Trump: “Weisselburg? I’ve heard of him but don’t know him. I’ve only heard he’s a very bad man & does very bad things. “

    1. @Harlan Moochie
      Praise HIS glorious na..……

      Would you like to “join in”
      brrrrrrrrrrrruther ?….

    2. @Harlan Moochie if you are depending on the “Atlantic”, you have lost your mind. All journalism is second hand information, subject to bias. All of the publications you listed are known liberal echo chambers. Enjoy your bliss.

    3. @mike stone When a person stands behind many microphones, with many High Tech Television Cameras precisely operating to record a Live event.
      One would believe those watching the event, would believe what they see, and hear.
      But, although this is the 21st century, there still exist those among us, who believe the journalist writing what they see and hear are all intentionally twisting the truth…?
      Why would anyone, with any professional sense of accountability, intentionally write something so untrue, when it could be easily verified as such? ?

      I agree there are those who have problems with telling the whole truth.
      But the majority like their jobs…and desire to keep them. I believe their need to eat, might be their inspiration…
      Try again.

  3. Hey Alan, don’t fall for Trump trying to convince you to “do the time and your family will be well taken care of”. As soon as you’re in that jail cell they will forget your family ever existed. Flip now buddy before it’s too late.

    1. @M Hall Biden did bring some upon him doesn’t mean there’s wasn’t a mess before 6 months ago. There’s always been a crisis. You’re just now paying attention to it.

    2. @T Chan what promise? he’s gone against everything he told us he’d do for us. he’s not fixing us after covid, look at our bs economy and the border. I wish i could take back my vote

    1. @Ker How many of those words do you actually understand? Understand – not just echo? Can you see how some cancel out the others? Any clue? Huh?

    1. @Gamersoldier100 can’t just watch right wing news outlets! There’s always two side to every story!! Other than sticking with one side;)

  4. “I have the best memory.”

    Also Trump, during his university deposition:
    I don’t know. I don’t remember saying that. I might have. I have a pretty good memory.

    1. @J Groovy An excellent compilation. All true and verified to the best of my knowledge.
      The only problem is that the people who do not already know this (and need to) do not have the attention span to make it through so much text. They seem to prefer one liners with a maximum of four words and/or eight syllables.

    2. @J Groovy Damn dude. That was a lot, but you pretty much shut down every pro-argument. Good work!

    3. @Dearly Diane fingers in your ears saying la la la la I’m not listening, don’t want to know the truth.

    4. @Dearly Diane As long as the Trump/Fox idiots believe the election was stolen, although they couldn’t prove it in 60 lawsuits. And then send him $. Really, what kind of fool sends a “billionaire” money. Nevermind, you already know.

    5. @J Groovy Excellent!! Well done! Unfortunately, they don’t have the brains, or common sense to understand the truth!!

    1. @Censored User Biden has a stutter that he continually has to work with! What’s the rumps excuse, besides being insane and ignorant??

    2. @Gamersoldier100 actually it was the Democrats. Trump wanted a relief bill that only included money to citizens, Democrats would only agree if it included money for corporate and commercial relief aswell

    3. @Dearly Diane or have you not just been paying attention? Ask Tillerson, or maybe Bolton, or how about Cohen?

    4. @mike stone Trump has the vocabulary, sentence structure and repetitive speech patterns of a high school student…and his knowledge of our geography and history doesn’t measure that high so……

    1. CNN, MSNBC, etc. can promise all they want, it will likely never happen until the people themselves march down to his home and take him in by force.

  5. What if he’s already flipped and is still going to work for trump to gather documents or even wear a wire for the cops???

    1. @Rod yeah we’ll it’s still way better than f’n “news”max or oann type conspiracy theory reporting!’

    2. @Rod haha so true, cnn is such a joke. I cant believe anyone stilll believes this garbage. This has been going on almost 5 years

    1. CNN, MSNBC, etc. can promise all they want, it will likely never happen until the people themselves march down to his home and take him in by force.

    2. Astro, that’s generally how the left operates. Why not send those fascist goons from Antifa down to implement a bit of fascist left wing justice?

    1. If stupidity is a crime, why aren’t you in prison and unable to comment making imbecilic statements?

    1. Oooh, we need report redical behavior.
      Just reportered Deborah Creisher, you cant just throw everyone in jail without a process and judged guilty.

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    3. CNN, MSNBC, etc. can promise all they want, it will likely never happen until the people themselves march down to his home and take him in by force.

  7. Weisselberg needs to have a long talk with Michael Cohen to see how far “Trump’s Loyalty” extends to the people who are loyal to him.

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