Investigation Of Gaetz Pre-Dates His Extortion Claim By Months: NYT | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC 1

Investigation Of Gaetz Pre-Dates His Extortion Claim By Months: NYT | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC


Katie Benner, Justice Department reporter for the New York Times, talks with Rachel Maddow about the DOJ's investigation into avid Donald Trump supporter Rep. Matt Gaetz, clarifying the context of his pushback on the story, and outlining the seriousness of the crimes involved. Aired on 03/31/2021.
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Investigation Of Gaetz Pre-Dates His Extortion Claim By Months: NYT | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC


  1. Gaetz violated the Mann Act and was subsequently extorted. The extortionist should be charged, tried and convicted. Gaetz committed a felony offense, he should be charged, tried and convicted.

    1. @Joan of Snark If you look up the definition of a cult, you will notice that you are the one that’s in the cult. Orange Man Bad Cult of Gullible Buffoons. You are the one who has believed nothing but brainwashing and lies. You probably still believe in Russian collusion don’t you?

    2. @Ash Roskell Yes. The coincidence of attempted extortion while an active investigation is underway is too much of a coincidence. What better way to imply guilt than to see if the accused will pay up?

    3. @O Buddahee yada yada yada – anyone who doesn’t drink the coolaid is a crazy leftist, we got it. My guns, truck and hairy balls would disagree.

  2. He screwed himself trying to bring Tucker Carlson into it and Tucker was like WTF? No idea what he’s talking about.. Opps!!

    1. I could have sworn I just heard about Tucker’s accuser within the last year at the most. It happened 20 years ago.?

    2. @Ash Roskell haha yup, and Carlson saw the set up immediately and distanced himself. I feel like I need a shower after each time I watch these guys.

    3. Tucker was told to say that . FOX is so sued it is going broke if they Air his Defense and back it up they are Culpable and can be sued . Gaetz is done for .

    1. @Greg M I’d think, now there’s knowledge of the investigation and that he’s outed himself, there will be a House vote and he’ll be stripped of his chair on that committee, like Margery T-Green was from her schools chair (but I may be wrong. I’m in Australia and may not have your system right)

    1. End of the dream life for Gaetz (and Greenberg). And like a lot of ugly dreams, there is a monster at the end of it.

  3. Spoiler alert: Being ‘extorted’ by someone who knows about your crimes doesn’t make you innocent of your crimes.

    1. @TheDiamond2009 Says the guy in the front row who was screaming “lock her up” at every trump rally.
      Says the guy who has already decided Hunter Biden is guilty despite him not having committed any crime.
      Stop make a fool of yourself.

    2. One of the crazy aspects of this is how can an ex Justice Department employee who’s now in private practice make a Federal investigation go away? He clearly isn’t in a position to do anything about it so has no leverage. It makes no sense.

    1. @Susan Churchwell I’m far from a kid. Please do not talk about intelligence, otherwise you wouldn’t be a Trump supporter. You accused me of name calling and then you called me a kid and said I couldn’t make an intelligent argument. I guess it’s okay for you to say whatever you want and I’m supposed to be the subservient person and speak only when I’m spoken to. I’m the wrong one. No need to go back and forth because I will no longer entertain your idiocracy. Bye Karen

    1. @Ray S typical whataboutism. Back under your rock troll. Your dear leader will be joining his cronies in jail soon enough.

    1. @Stars InTheSky actually if both gates comments here about Tucker and the facts of the case are true then Tucker’s not a witness, he’s an accomplice

  4. *Roy Moore:* I’m the most pervy guy in the Republican party!
    *Matt Gaetz:* Hold my beer…
    *Brett Kavanaugh:* Did someone say beer? I’ll call P.J. and Squee and we’ll go “wrestle” some girls.
    *Gym Jordan:* Wrestle? I’ll pretend I didn’t see/hear that.

  5. Gaetz: “Well uhhhh…. she was ACTUALLY Antifa cleverly disguised as a teenage Lolita!”

    1. If she was antiFa … then she was anti Fascist. Nothing wrong with that. Only a Pro-Fa like Gaetz would think its wrong.

    2. @Susan Churchwell No, your statement is on display for any who view this thread to see. I simply dissected your statement, made two empirical observations, and then made an assessment based on those observations. See, THAT’S how critical thinking works. You’d know that if you had the necessary critical thinking skills. Your apparent lack of knowledge in that area renders my assessment accurate.

      Anything else?

    3. @Susan Churchwell I don’t doubt that my observation about your lack of critical thinking skills FEELS like abuse to YOU but it is not. It’s not my fault that YOU didn’t think your statement through BEFORE you posted it. So, nothing else it is then. You and yours stay safe.

      End of Line.

  6. Gaetz: “I plead insanity, Judge.”
    Judge: “Insanity!?”
    Gaetz: “Yeah, Insanity! I’m crazy about that girl!”

  7. I like how he implicated Tucker Carlson and his wife as witness to the trafficking!!!!!
    The DOJ is going to be busy tomorrow!!

    1. I admit i like it when dishonorable Republicans-in-trouble reach out for help from other dishonorable Republicans… and coldly get their hand slapped away. Not a surprise. Picked the wrong team, huh Matt? Conservative mercenaries only help each other when winning… and there won’t be much Conservative winning over the next few years, or maybe forever.

    2. @Sheila Goos
      That’s correct. I was just stating a fact that not 17 is an adult in some places in our country. I don’t agree with it tho.

    1. @David Leung sadly, probably not. Gaetz was busted for speeding while drunk but the cop lost was the one who his job

    2. @Fragile Crystal This charge is different in that it’s a federal offence, though Florida seems pretty much the most openly corrupt.

  8. Geatz gets pulled over by a cop
    Cop: Have you been drinking?
    Gaetz: She is 18 she told me so.
    Cop: Sir can I see your I.D.?
    Gaetz: This is absurd she is 18 and a grown woman
    Cop: Sir step out of the car
    Gaetz: No I will not take a lie detector test because she is 18!

    1. @Scout For thousands of years families/territories/countries formed alliances by marrying 60 year-old men to 13 year-old young women. Educate yourself before talking nonsense.

    2. @Fred Gagger But the actual wedding often took place when the girl was older. Though, it’s actually irrelevant in this case as the girl was underage in this era.

  9. There were scores of child predators attacking the u.s. capitol January 6th and Qanons didn’t even realize they were aiding their mortal enemies.

    1. @Garry Miller yep. It’s like getting your family into a cult all about being righteous only to find out the leader is screwing your wife & daughter. And your son too, possibly the dog. It’s scary how many people fell for something so absurd

  10. But I don’t get it… how did this get past those wholesome child-defending geniuses at Q-Anon?

    1. As I understand it (& I’ve never looked into it…they’re way too crazy for me), QAnon thinks that it’s Democrats and many Hollywood celebrities are the ones exploiting those children. Gaetz is a true class-A jerk (the kindest thing I can call him), but he is neither a Democrat nor a Hollywood celebrity.

  11. That just proves he’s guilty if he’s being blackmailed . You can’t blackmail an innocent man.

    1. @Susan Churchwell You are beating a horse nobody cares about. Nobody cares because H Biden has no government position or security clearance unlike Trump’s kids .

    2. @Susan Churchwell his story (gaetz’s). Doesn’t add up. That’s why there is so much shade. If he is innocent why did he go on tucker Carlson and lie about it? I not saying he is guilty til there is evidence but innocent people shouldnt run around fox telling easily refutable lies. Now even if there was a true story to be told, Matt can’t tell it. He is already an unreliable source.

    3. @Susan Churchwell Hunter wasn’t “cleared” per se because no credible evidence could be found. He is currently only being audited by the IRS. No longer by either of the two law enforcement agency(s) involved.
      Both preliminary investigations were dropped once USIC deemed the “China-Ukraine-GazProm, etc.” intel nothing but Kremlin-manufactured disinformation ahead of the 2020 election. So stated by Barr.

      As per usual, it was just more BS coming from the desperate Team Trumputin.

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