1. Look at his face as he kneels .what upset me is all the other cops not saying or doing anything

    1. @toronto daddy the murder wearing the badge is a career criminal as well it appears. That does not mean he is ENTITLED TO MURDER ANOTHER CRIMINAL

    2. Thankfully, George Floyd was black and the cop was white. I mean, what would CNN have to sensationalize if it weren’t so?!

  2. I was in jail, they don’t help people with withdrawal problems. I had a guy in my cell who almost died his first night.

    1. @Keith Tomlinson mind your own business. Lol. People shouldn’t be put in jail for doing something cuz you think it’s bad, unless they harm someone else mind your own damn business like the original motto of this country, Ben Franklin out it on the money, mind your business. It’s that simple. The gun war will work as well as the drug war. Big down jails with otherwise law abiding people because you’re triggered. Unless they steal or hurt somebody, nobody belongs in jail. If you wanna throw addicts in jail, then you better do what places that house addicts do, you wanna make jails into rehabs then make them rehab. Or you could butt the hell out of what somebody puts in their arm who hasn’t done anything to anyone. Dumbass

    2. @Keith Tomlinson you sound like a leftist “don’t own guns” lol let’s see how it works out for them. Same way drug war worked out for you I guess.

    3. @Live and let die keep your mindless comments to yourself… I’ll say what the heck I want whenever I want!!!! You don’t like it.. TOO DAMN BAD!!!

  3. Chauvin was a training officer, he was responsible to train officers, can u imagine how much abuse of power this excop had.

    1. George Floyd was a drug addicted criminal who killed himself. Chauvin is innocent.

    2. Pay attention kiddies! Papa Chauvin is going to show you how we treat scumbags who try to resist arrest….. Yeah, even if Floyd hadn’t died, he should have been terminated just for his abuse and for setting a bad example to his trainees,

  4. Taking away one’s energy with physical activity, then putting a knee on his neck is COLD MURDER!!

    1. George Floyd was a drug addicted criminal who killed himself. Chauvin is innocent.

    2. Thankfully, George Floyd was black and the cop was white. I mean, what would CNN have to sensationalize if it weren’t so?!

  5. If the officers were so worried about the crowd being a threat why didn’t they do something like oh say radio for more back up perhaps? They weren’t in fear of the crowd you can clearly tell by their body language.

    1. The other officers threatened to spray them with pepper spray and they had distance between them and the officers.

    2. Thankfully, George Floyd was black and the cop was white. I mean, what would CNN have to sensationalize if it weren’t so?!

    3. And why would they be kneeling or hands in pockets if in fear!? No he was “cocky” and abusing power!!

    4. The police have been “DEFUNDED” there was/is no backup. Look in the mirror you killed Floyd by demanding the police be: DEFUNDED.

    1. Thankfully, George Floyd was black and the cop was white. I mean, what would CNN have to sensationalize if it weren’t so?!

    2. First, he OD’d on meth and fentanyl. Seond, there are new angles that show Chauvin on his shoulder more than his neck.

    3. Oh yeah, tell that to the women that drug riddled criminal assaulted and threatened. I’m sure they didn’t care what drugs he was on, they just are relieved he won’t be terrorizing women anymore.

  6. excuse me but just because a handcuffed suspect was on drugs doesn’t give you the excuse to have 3 grown men sit on him for 10 minutes while he’s shouting I can’t breath

    1. @Ken Kripto Typical trumpist over here, that was long time ago and george paid his dues, this incident has nothing to do with that one, oh and hey, umm show me the evidence of the woman being pregnant? … I’ll wait 😉

    2. Drugs are not an excuse and they do not pass the burden of care to the nearest sober person. Choosing to take drugs means choosing to endanger other people with your strange behaviors.

    3. @Paget Vido when an officer detains you or put handcuffs on you oh, then they are putting you in their care and they are trained in CPR and given Narcan kits and what you just said is absolute ignorance. Experience life much?

    4. @Lanuiiohu Sukikiya sorry salty tears but Trump is the only one that tried to steal an election oh, I’m sure you can go to Matt gaetz and probably make some money though LMAO

  7. Classic. They kill you then sprinkle drugs on you and in your car. In order for drugs from George to end up in the police car it must have been on him. Where is the body cam showing the moment they search and found drugs on him ????

    1. Thankfully, George Floyd was black and the cop was white. I mean, what would CNN have to sensationalize if it weren’t so?!

    1. @Jason M
      Yep, you know about floyd and his gang doing a home invasion on a pregnant woman back when he lived in Houston?
      6’6″ tall 250lb floyd pushes into her home when she answers the door, floyd then stuck his gun in her stomach and threatened to shoot her baby, then when they found she had no money one of his buddies smashed her in the head with his gun.
      Someone looked up his record, put it online, floyd was a real nasty guy.

    2. @Jason M
      You dont think a lifelong pattern of criminal behaviour and drug use led to Floyd taking an od of fentanyl?

  8. Im confused, is George Floyd on trial or Derek Chauvin!? You’re not about to convince anyone that drugs choked him to death.

    1. 24james so ur saying a man having a knee on your neck has nothing to do with you not being able to breath…. just keep on lying to urself buddy

    2. EXACTLY … those cops KILLED this man and its a CRIME … GF was NOT a good man ..NOT the gentle giant as media tried to portray him, but a dangerous and violent criminal … ANYWAY that does STILL not give the cops the right to KILL him this way … but what i am wondering about is, that 1 year before this happend to GF , another man (a white man) was killed the SAME WAY by the cops ,., but there was NO media coverage and the story about the same kind of police brutaltity towards a white man was not only not covered by the media but covered up by leftist MSM like CNN and they also deleted comments that were refering to this case … his name was T*ony Tim*pa and you can find some videos how he was killed the same way George Floyd was killed by the police here on YT (the ones they did NOT delete cause a white victim of police brutality did not fit the narrative of the left that controls msm and big tech) – to*ny timp*a was a WHITE MAN and killed by cops …either WHITE LIFES MATTER OR NO LIFES MATTER -. dont be pissed all you anti-white racists out here ..i am just using the same “arguments”

      thank you BLM and other non.white identitarian groups that you gave my ppl (white ppl) our identity back …we almost forgot who we are and thought
      “OK we are all Americans now” …but since we saw how you ONLY are pissed when blck ppl (criminals) are killed by the police , we started thinking again … and many of us feel the same way as you do now …OUR RACE first -…thanks
      for that … you are making a better job than David Duke and other white racists together” ..keep up your good work ..it helps whites to gain their identity back

  9. Disgusting to say the least when Chauvin had 18 complaints on his official record, two of which ended in discipline and had been involved in three police shootings, one of which was fatal.

    1. @N B no. Chronic users develop a tolerance. That dosage is consistent with pain management for many medical conditions

    2. George Floyd was a drug addicted criminal who killed himself. Chauvin is innocent.

    3. @Richard_Rachel Levine is a man I got a pair. AND IT AINT NO SKIN OFF MY BACK IF YOU DO NOT GODSPEED

  10. Edit: hands are not in pocket (at least not completely). My mistake.

    Original: His hand is in his pocket!!!! This ‘man’ was feeling pretty safe from those spectators.

    1. @Jug Ganautics based on the last part of your argument, I’d guess that the first part of your argument is bullshit too.

    2. @red light yes, and the prosecution has pretty much established already that the state of mind of Chauvin must have been one of totally callous indifference to human life. If the guy is complaining he can’t breathe one minute and unconscious the next, don’t you think it’s time to check on him, and think maybe I went too far?

    3. @Nobody Knows I don’t know why you think that makes a point you have no reasoning or explanation just saying BS is not presenting an argument

    1. @Sheila Boston oh yeah? Is that why Floyd went back to the car and tried to get his girlfriend to pass the counterfeit money herself… yeah, good theory there

    2. 16 YO at McDonnalds haven’t spent the past couple years getting completely bashed by the media setting a narrative of making them look like criminals…

  11. There’s zero excuses for him muderering Mr. Floyd and those other officers are just as guilty.

    1. He didn’t even move his knee from his neck/shoulder when EMT was trying to check his pulse. The EMT had to tell him to move off of Floyd. This was after Floyd had been unconscious for over a full minute! What threat did he pose while completely unconscious? Chauvin’s intent is CLEAR to anyone who isn’t making excuses & turning a blind eye bc he wears a uniform.

    2. The knee was on the shoulder. It was proven in court. Come on man…. Catch up with the facts… Floyd overdosed on speed ball. The cops knee on floyd’s shoulder had nothing to do with his death. Nice. No the cop should sue to get all floyd’s millions

  12. I had to put it on mute every time they did that tape/video I couldn’t watch or hear it..I just started to cry

    1. The full video? Where he is resisting arrest as the police were being respectful.. Is that what you mean

  13. Rather George was on drugs or not, it doesn’t matter. He was not a threat, he was handcuffed, 3 cops on top of him and was begging them to stop saying “I cant breathe” no excuses.

    1. @chuck wick it was both the shoulder and the neck. Fool. How else can you stop the breathing. By constructing his muscles back he closes the pathways omrestricting breathing.

    2. @Ant Clerfont that’s what I sounds like to me. The judge keeps siding with the defense team. I would be so pissed if the judge reduces his time

    3. @Sheila Boston Except his knee was on his shoulder. They showed the video in court and the police chief who is testifying against Chauvin agreed.

  14. So. If a person does drugs. Me an 3 of my guys can zip tie your arms, and I can put my knee on your neck, and if you stay screaming saying you can’t breath, and if you die after me keeping my knee on your neck. THAT’S NOT MURDER RIGHT?? Ok bet.

    1. That’s not murder right? Aight. That’s gone be my thing if they let this racist cop off. Trying to start a trend.

  15. Exactly! Mr. Floyd is NOT on trial here!! Let’s NOT lose sight of the MURDERER! Just saying…

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