Investigator Describes Gov. Cuomo's Office Culture Of 'Fear, Intimidation' 1

Investigator Describes Gov. Cuomo’s Office Culture Of ‘Fear, Intimidation’


Special Investigator Joon Kim discussed findings from witness testimony on the culture of New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo's office. It was described as "toxic, hostile, abusive" and the investigation has found that the governor sexually harassed multiple women.

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Investigator Describes Gov. Cuomo's Office Culture Of 'Fear, Intimidation'


  1. This will get Cuomo out of way, so he won’t be an embarrassment to the democratic party when he’s prosecuted for what he did in those nursing homes.

    1. @Roger Out
      You’re correct!
      Trump’s businesses and personal wealth has taken a huge hit.
      Deutsche Bank and the PGA have divorced themselves from the Trump Organization.

    2. Jesus,if he’s going to get prosecuted..who’s going to be prosecuted for the other 650,000 deaths..?

    1. @THEODORE NICKLAS the real traitors are the congress people who desecrate the capitol with their lies and backroom dealings.

  2. Sad. I liked him. Sorry to these women. Too terribly bad. I know the feeling. These guys who get power really do tend to have issues like this. Man o man. Disappointed in you, and offended, Governor. You seemed a straight shooter. I hope you get help. Brave women, you did the right thing.

    1. @Mildred Delherhosensmith right thats why we have over 600 000 dead Americans due to covid having 99.9% survival rate. like who cares right?

    2. He deliberately murdered 14,000 senior citizens by putting people with covid into the nursing homes. Even a child has the common sense to realize that when you put sick people with healthy people, the healthy can get sick. And you have no problem with that?

    3. @n?a – “But “But “But “But Trump. “How pathetic. You cannot even come close in comparison to what you claim Trump did to the thousands of documents, recordings and video (they have) on Coumo. LOL. “But “But “But “But “But “But “But “But “But “But “But “But “But

    1. There isn’t any evidence that woul rise to the level of sexual harassment in a court of law. Without evidence of wrong doing Cuomo is innocent. Before you say it, Hearsay is not evidence.


  3. Well lts see the diffrence between FOX reporting on this and on the Gaetz investigation.
    Lets see the difference between Dems and Republican handling these cases. As a rule Dems will urge Cuomo to step down and the GOP will pretend there is othing to see here.
    Hope Cuomo will be hit with litigations from here till Mars and that we never hear from him again.

    1. Lol you clowns elected Biden who has been seen on camera multiple times being creepy with women and kids

    2. @G2 Precision you better look up what Matt Gaetz sister in law to be, Just recently tweeted about hij, or are you affaire of what you light learn?

    3. @Mildred Delherhosensmith why can’t you morons stick with one storyline, you people claim no one boter for Biden, now all of a sudden when it suits your narrative, he is the legitimate president who got 8 million more votes than his loser opponent, who still willnot admit he lost fair and square

  4. Why do we keep electing, and giving a pass to these broken damaged monsters?
    What happens to Cuomo now, does he go to bed without his supper?
    That’s not punishment, that’s called intermittent fasting!

    1. @G2 Precision There’s a difference between of-age and not-of-age. He broke the law and hopefully he pays for it.

    1. @Mildred Delherhosensmith Haha! Yep! I actually forgot about Biden being a creepy, touchy-feely old pervert.

    2. Bob K: I don’t think racist name calling is the proper response to sexual harassment. Please edit your words and apologize..

  5. I think he should step down and because this sounds very much like trumps administration – we should have held him accountable too. This should not be ok by any leader at any level. This sounds like 1950 before laws in place

  6. This is such a shame, I was so hoping it was not true, but Cuomo needs to be held accountable as should others who followed along with him.

    1. im not going to lie it doesnt look good but we are talking about new york groups who lie for a living typically live there and im also one who understands where these mentalities of people can find there way into his inner circle and say we should wait for more

    2. @Chris V. Noire. Why not turn those empty commercial properties into Section 8 housing? Then, the BLM folks, the homeless, and refugees can live there rent-free, riot, pillage, and baby spit.
      Empire State and other high-rise buildings should be put to fair use to house illegals during these challenging times. They need more space to spit anchor babies.

    3. @Russo Vlad Sure – anchor babies from “THOSE” people are different from all those Russian women who stayed at Trump properties to give birth to their U.S. citizens – but they weren’t anchor babies, were they? They weren’t brown with the wrong kind of accent. Not surprised your name is Vlad and you look down on people fleeing violence looking for a better life.

  7. i remember this guy who blatantly said that he grabbed them by the *insert other name of feline*. I wonder what happened to that also piece of sh!t.

    1. watch America act like this is the worst case they’ve ever heard. They elected a President with a record on this type of stuff that Cuomo could not match in two lifetimes, then actively ignored multiplied voices of women who complained about incidences worse that being screamed at at work.

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