‘Invoking Emergencies Act was the right thing to do’: Watch Trudeau’s press conference

'Invoking Emergencies Act was the right thing to do': Watch Trudeau's press conference 1


    1. @anne marie andrews do you understand what this emergency act will do? It gives him powers over and above our laws, our rights, our country. I didn’t vote for that did you?

    2. @oberg987654321 yes sir, the lower IQ are making the fuss. Google average trucker iq and average lawyer iq bud.

  1. How the hell do you not arrest those breaking laws and leave the protesters alone? Why does this situation require giving the government more power? Either trudeau cannot govern Canada due to incompetence, or he loves power and isn’t interested in canadians; either way he has to go.

    1. @Robert C. Christian The Governor General can appoint a new PM if the house agrees to it. If they can make a case and prove JT is unfit it can be done.

    2. @CanadaBud23 not when he has his own party scared he will come after their bank account too and NDP supporting him because they belong to the same club.

    1. @Steve A No, they would rather seize all of your financial assets so you can’t make credit card payments, so your credit rating can plummet. You think there’s a coincidence that the new landlord class that Trudeau has given immense power to will require credit checks for rental applications?

    2. @Mark Feng be thankful it was changed from the war measures act. If that act was still in place there would be nothing to stop Trudeau once he invoked it.

  2. My question is now that the protesters have been removed, will the government rescind the Emergencies Act or, will they continue to abuse to abuse this power. This party has already openly stated that they will use the pandemic for their political advantage. What ever happened to the government of Canada actually using their power for the betterment of the country and its citizens rather than serving itself.

    1. @Andrew “Only” around 78 private bank accounts so far, and there is over 3 million dollar, no problem ? 🤦‍♂

    2. @Andrew Or like Rod Cappon stated,
      Let get this straight. . . .
      “-The Police seize my account.
      -In order to get it released I have to go and talk to the police and give up my right to remain silent.
      -I have to prove to them I am Innocent before they will release my money.
      -If they don’t agree with me they will hold my account and use what I said against me.
      -Since I have no access to my money I have to do all this without a Lawyer. Since I can afford a Lawyer and one will not be provided to me.”
      Canadian Dictator Trudeau’s Justice 2022!

    3. @Andrewthe emergency act have never been used the war act was only used in the 2 Wars. Not sure where you heard that. When and why did they invoke the Emergency act 1.5 Years ago?

  3. “Make sure our borders remain open”.” Small business having to be closed in Ottawa” what about the two years of attacks on small businesses by theae mandates

    1. You do realize that we are in the tail end of a pandemic right? There have been mandates throughout the whole history of pandemics of the last 100 years. I understand that you are pretty young and probably don’t know any of this… but why not look up the last 7 pandemics in history? What mandates did they set then and how many lives did they save.

      At some point, you cannot just think about yourself.

    2. @Robert C. Christian You do realize that the national death toll these past 2 yrs were on par with the last 25yrs right? Stop acting like bodies are piling up outside of morgues.

    3. @Robert C. Christian Since you’re talking about the history of pandemics, NEVER during the history of pandemics have we EVER quarantined the healthy segment of the population. Only the sick. So yeah, this is absolutely insane and is 100% a Political-demic.

    1. @Stephen Rioux what did the government do for the last 2 years?
      Its ok because they sent you free money?
      If you think what the government did is ok then I am calling you out as well. Another fawking coward, shame on you coward.

    2. @Landon Breeden looks like you adults are cowards and are too afraid to speak up. Thats not an adult. Another coward hiding behind a mask.

    3. @SteelFisher It was not an insurrection 🤣 stop being a Troll. The Coutts border and ambassador Bridge crossing began opening through provincial negotiations and enforcement. Current laws exist under provincial legislature that could have been used, along with negotiation and dialogue, well before the emergencies act. I think a judge will agree 👍

  4. Minimum use of force???? Isn’t the invocation of the emergency act provision for maximum use of force including the suspension of charter rights?? WTF

    1. Thank you for the question Mr. Slacker. Yes, there is no higher use of force than Emergencies Act with exception of a declaration of war.

    2. ask the 80year old indigenous grandmother run over by the RCMP cop on a horse if that was “minimum use of force” . I think she would have something to say about that.

    1. Or, when your country is being held hostage by a bunch of extremists trying to take over health policy and doing damage to the economy and not doing all the law permits you to do to stand up for your citizens.

  5. Ok, Let me get this straight.
    -The Police seize my account.
    -In order to get it released I have to go and talk to the police and give up my right to remain silent.
    -I have to prove to them I am Innocent before they will release my money.
    -If they don’t agree with me they will hold my account and use what I said against me.
    -Since I have no access to my money I have to do all this without a Lawyer. Since I can afford a Lawyer one will not be provided to me.
    Canadian Justice 2022!

    1. @the wolfman Where exactly do you get the idea that we have the same amount of ICU beds today that we did 2 years ago? Totally false.

      Ontario alone has increased the number of ICU beds capable of invasive ventilation to 2,343 ICU beds. In 2015 that number was 1,222 ICU beds. Can you prove to me that large increase in beds happened between 2015 and 2019 before covid hit?

      Not a dime went to healthcare but many many billions of dollars did.

    2. @Louis Martin Jagmeet knew what was going down before most, he was “saving his butt” so Jagmeets political legacy didnt become tarnished, not hard to figure out.

  6. From the one with the lowest support of any government in Canadian history, and a current poll rating near 16 percent

  7. I hope Canadians realize that Trudeau is a poor manager in any emergency situation, as clearly demonstrated. Hiding, non-dialogue and divisive name calling only served to stir up the protest.

    1. No matter what the politics he’s clearly a terrible leader and never deviates from a prepared talking point. Often pointlessly repeating himself.

    2. What’s happens if Russia goes into Ukraine? He is so bad he might go in ahead of Europe. He had a hard time with this, what about war?

    3. @Marie G. Note well. Trudeau supported the BLM movement which torched city blocks, and he dismissed the burning of churches as understandable indigenous anger.

  8. The cat is out of the bag. They will try to keep the ability to freeze bank accounts without court order so that they can usher in programmable digital currency aka social credit score

    1. Won’t he be giving himself another raise April 1st?, And the Jan 1 “I need more of your money to give to my friends” carbon & alcohol tax increases will help pay for it.

    2. No, he was supposed to let them shut down the city and camp out in the streets. Where was Doug Ford? Doing nothing of value to resolve the issue.

  9. Disgusting overreach.
    It’s great how blatant they expose themselves and how effective it is at waking up the normies.

    1. Meh. Wasn’t disgusted at all. The convoys hangers-on and organizers and their tactics were disgusting.
      The police did an excellent job.
      Not a Trudeau supporter but he is coming out of this looking a little better than he did going in.

    1. Absolutely love our Prime Minister, if there was an election today he would get elected! Most Canadians i have talked to are very happy with the outcome of the demonstrations!

  10. Nothing he said meets the threshold of the Emergencies Act. I don’t support blockades of any kind. But this was no way to handle this. It’s a serious breech of democracy.

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