Iowa Polls Show Clear Top Four 2020 Democratic Candidates | MTP Daily | MSNBC


    1. Bad Bird still waiting on the supposed evidence for this misleading talking point about free stuff? Fighting to fix the system isn’t free. And when we turn things around, they still won’t be. You’re just a cutthroat capitalist who wouldn’t mind selling out your own family/friends (if you have any), just to make some dough. You don’t like the math and how M4A doesn’t scam people, functioning for the people and not for profits.

  1. Isn’t it cute in the end They’re all playing for second place and we know what that means in politics.

    1. Mr. Bass, did you know that the United States of America subsides Israel’s Ubi? $3000.00 per month per adult. ANDREW YANGS freedom dividend and his human centered economy cares for the Americans kicked to the curb looking up at you. Your boy Richie Rich lookalike has forced big businesses like Amazon to channel income streams through Ireland financial systems and paying 0 taxes here. 100 of the fortune 500 companies are paying 0 taxes here. We’re currently in 7 wars yesterday we sent 14 thousand Marines and 60 aircraft carriers to Iran essentially surrounding them our military is over extended. Governor (the body) Jessie Ventura called him a coward who will start a fight and hold your coat while you do the fighting. If it’s not working for you it’s not working

    1. @Elijawae Al Shabazz the DNC is a criminal organization they’ll never allow an outsider to be nominated. Look what Hillary & the DNC did to Sanders in 16′

  2. As much as you morons like to look and swear by these polls, One would think that you all would be looking seriously at the ones that shows your all’s tanking ratings. LOL!!!!!

  3. Please remove the irritating background music – or at least learn from Al Jazeera how to fade it off during the first sentence.

    1. @Daniel Love Orange isn’t a skin color, sugartits. There are still more white republican politicians than white democratic politicians. 🤷‍♀️

  4. Is it hard to name the whole field? Are the keystrokes real heavy, Klobuchar, that took forever, like seconds!! I need a break, okay,
    Sexist msnbc useless as always corporate ghouls

  5. Think we need to include #andrewyang, since he is packing town halls in New Hampshire and Iowa! #YangGang #FreedomDividend.

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