Iran announces plans to boost uranium enrichment. Here’s what that actually means.

Iran announces plans to boost uranium enrichment. Here's what that actually means. 1


  1. Not having nukes leads to nations being “freed” and given “democracy” like Libya was


    1. What about Pakistan or Israel or north North Korea? What about Iraq’s non existing WMDs? This is just an excuse for war. They could have relieved sanctions as long as they kept the lower amount for energy until the deal expired and they could have made a new one once iran saw all the economic benefis.

    2. Iran has oil and 2nd most natural gas with other resources
      Afghanistan has minerals
      Iraq has oil
      Venezuala has oil

      Resource war

  2. There is only one country in the entire world that could use a nuclear weapon with impunity, and it is not the United States. Any country other than this one particularly trigger happy country would pay dire consequences if they ever attempted to launch a nuclear weapon of any kind in any direction.
    Everyone knows the name of this unnamed country. That in itself speaks volumes

  3. Hopefully it means that it will keep the eternal parasite known as Israel in check.

  4. Nothing to fear at all
    Trudeau is standing up for Canadians
    Iran gets to powerful Trudeau will cry and make them laugh so hard they pass out from exhaustion

  5. IRAN has every right to pursue CLEAN nuclear energy. ISRAEL, USA and their sociopath allies think it’s okay for them but not anybody else. Don’t be stupid, just go back in history and pay attention. IRAN never dropped nuclear bombs but the USA has ……….. twice. They’re aware of USA & ISRAEL’S war mongering. Silly to not at least prepare themselves for another USA invasion for the bankers and special interest groups.

    1. Danger from who? You think so much of United States bro the world have changed no place for bullies

  6. Didnt America pull out of the deal first! They broke out of the deal and did knee breaking sanctions. Why dont you talk about the deaths related to sanctions in Iran. Lower income there cant afford medicine any more! This is economic terrorism!

  7. Not going to happen, ladies. Better brace yourselves up there. Don’t screw up, we’re watching.

  8. Iran and Obama administration  reached an agreement on a deal called JCPOA.
    While Iran honoured  the deal , Trump grudging Obama dismantled the deal .
    The Iranians want the deal to work as they’ve been following all the rules of the Nuclear Deal and verifications , even though the USA pulled out of their obligations..
    If according to Mr Trump Iran had not held to the “Spirit of the Nuclear Deal”, then work should have been towards rectifying that, not playing into the the hands of war thirsty people and countries.

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