1. @amany almosawe the general public tends to be blind to these aspects of what has been a 20 yr “military conflict”. If you are genuine in what you say I feel for you and wish you the best. Hopefully soon aliens will attack then maybe we could all work together for a common goal

    1. @Melissa Miller Nope. We are Americans. It’s all part of the job. We try our best to turn confused violence into a peace kinda thing based upon mutual respect for the full color of humanity. The job does not well call for knee jerk reactionaries.

    2. Melissa Miller that was a protest, nobody got hurt, answering that with an assassination of a foreign leader is INSANE!!!!!

    1. cx23 so we’re not there for the thousands of people killed by that shitbag we bombed? Iran knows they don’t want a war, it’d be suicide, as long as the Iran government bows like the little shits they are there won’t be a war

    2. Shaq Kobe their general was killing us troops, he was even in the middle of the planning for another battle, sorry snowflake

    3. You never protected us Iraqis there is no iraqian soldiers in usa why there’s americam soldiers in iraq? We don’t want you or need you you destroytin our beautiful country again

    4. @Shaq Kobe you fucking idiot, america backed off of north korea because china backs it up, and they’re a couple miles away from south Korea. Iran would get clapped in a war

    1. @nithan nishri Noone could look at my post and get that idea.
      British people can say what they want about Trump, because his actions affect people outside of America.
      I don’t gaf about Iran, but America has f$$ked them on and off since 1953, and I don’t blame Iranian citizens being pi$$ed off at America killing an Iranian citizen in Iraq.

    2. Colin Cleveland Iran has turned into an ultra religious dictatorship in 1970, with Humeini talking the worst things people can say, burning America and Israel to the ground, letting this land go up in smoke as long as it’s for allah, funding terror organizations all over the world, making wars in Iraq and Syria, cooperating with North Korea, developing an atom bomb. Can you imagine what horrorying situation it is for a country like Iran to have a mass destruction weapon? Iran should be silences, and democratized. Its economy is already failing, why would they spend so much money on wars and weapon?

    3. Colin Cleveland What I’m saying is Iran needs to be calm, and if it’s not, America will calm it. Iran is too dangerous to the world.

    1. Iran kills all the US troops in the Middle East. The United States will suffer a greater defeat than its defeat in Vietnam. American soldiers can’t fight cowards. Without warplanes usa nothing. The Russians shut down the airspace iran destroys America

    1. jose chairez that’s already true .. u think liberals are in the military ? No they are at Starbucks ! Only alpha males & women are in the armed services

    2. Pc Principal adding women put your comment over the top and you are now promoted to sergeant! Dammit pc your gonna be a general one day!

    1. @gob goo I’ve earned that priviledge, took me years of hard work blood and sweat, broken relationships I’ve been behind bars, I’ve been penniless. I learned how to do it right and I’m finally someone respectable.

    2. namjoon, kim. Y’all cry over here over welfare while most recipients of such programs are wealthy white Americans. We have homelessness in New York City and any major cities in USA. Don’t front. We can’t feed our poors neither and we have billions for military equipments so you really are printing your own picture here sir 👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾

    1. @kartelo melo..Let’s be clear. No one wants war…including Trump, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Europe, NATO, etc.
      But Iran now knows they’re not dealing with Obama’s weakness.
      Trump put a line in the sand with Iran when they hijacked ships and shot down our drone. He said if they kill an American, the response will be different.
      Fast forward to Iran attacking a US base and killing an American. An act of war,
      So it’s bye bye terrorist General Sulamani.
      Bottom line, Iran would be very smart to step back and accept the reality of the situation. They’ll NEVER be allowed to have a nuclear weapon.
      And there’s another line in the sand. Iran has 52 reasons not to cross it.

    2. @hugh jorgan Let’s face the facts here, Trump ordered that strike on Sulaimani because MBS told him to. We all know Sulaimani was a threat to Saudi interests in Yemen and Iraq.

  1. Iran: “US troops will now be designated as terrorists!”

    US Troops “I have become the very thing I swore to destroy.”

    1. Ville no I speak for everyone that I served with and I’m pretty sure almost all don’t think that way.

  2. _”You either die a hero, or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain.”_

    Me thinks the US has overstayed its welcome…

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