‘Iran is raising the bar’: Ex-NATO commander on attack against US troops in Syria

The US conducted an airstrike in Syria against what it said were Iranian-affiliated facilities after a suspected Iranian drone struck a facility housing US personnel in the country, killing an American contractor and wounding five US service members. Former NATO Supreme Allied Commander Gen. Wesley Clark discusses. #CNN #News


  1. Deir – Ez – Zor stood against IS and its airforce, the USAF, surrounded and alone for 6 hard years.
    Small wonder it’s the target of choice for “retaliatory strikes”

    After all, Eretz Ysrael and Kurdistan can’t have a border at the Euphrates if it remains… and we must support our allies.

  2. iran is saying “why are you in a country your citizens dont give one squat about, nor could they find it on a map.”.

    1. @Demoj Rovtlinsky Take it what you want but peoples aren’t just flee from Syria because it’s rule by dictator. They’re fleeing from your so called “Moderate Rebels” as well. Some aren’t even flee because civil war that break out in the country. Judge from how many refugees are arrived in europe are healthy young men, I’m dare say that fleeing from war is just an excuse from them to find better life in europe at expense of european peoples.

    1. @Jane Doe No, I’m suggesting that the Republican party is becoming more autocratic. Trump was befriending Putin and siding with him on almost everything, and Putin is very definitely an autocrat. If it were up to Trump, we would probably be allies with Russia, and we’d be helping them defeat Ukraine, rather than the other way around.

    1. @Tay ler True, but there’s more to than that and has a lot to do with stopping Iranian hegemony over the region. That would be disastrous for our national safety and interests in the area. People who want us out of Syria are 1) dumb or 2) anti-American. I’d say here it’s a tossup.

    2. Legal by what framework? Do you have any idea what’s going on in Syria beyond what your troll factory king tells you?

    3. @Ronald Toran yeah because the Iranians having influence over a country thousands of miles away from our borders is a major threat to our national security. Makes total sense. This isn’t 2003 anymore dude.

  3. Well so far all of my predictions have been based on my reading of classics of military strategy. So based on that I would say this is a “stone thrown” to get the enemy engaged but in the wrong arena of combat.

  4. “A target list at the ready”.
    We track the movement of hostile troops constantly. Our target lists are updated in real time.

    1. Its the common Syrian people that want the US gone so that’s pretty useless.

      I’m a US citizen who is probably on that “target list” for example, and I’ve never hurt nothing.

    2. @choatus Its the common syrian people that want us gone :/

      What your saying is pure delusions and makes it seem like specific entities in Syria are against USA, that is just wrong.

      Our terrorism in Syria is making things worse, and we don’t have the ability to target them because again, its the common people of syria that want our terrorism gone.

    3. @Hosoi Archives His statements are pretty alarming, he thinks we just instantly killed the people that used drones to target a contractor. Obviously we did not kill the people behind the incentives as the incentives are very broad and massive and all encompassing. Its the common Syrian too.

    1. Buddy let me put your mind at ease, Iran does not want a nuclear weapon, they consider it unlawful according to Islam, but if they are made to feel insecure in their own neighborhood, then they might go for the bomb, they already have the know how, please ask your leaders not to push them in that direction, it would be a lose lose situation for both sides and the world, look at North Korea.

    1. If you really respect UN charter but not ‘rule based order’


    2. @Donald’sDoodyBerry you are helping Syria people against ISIS? they no longer need your helps😂🤣

  5. “We will retaliate because we got attacked in a foreign country that doesn’t want us there in the first place.” American logic… 😂

    1. @The New Nazis And who asks US to be in Syria? Russian and Iranian are invited to Syria but no one invite American

    2. @Zander Well no, it started with the British and the French, before that the Ottomans and the Iranians… You’d get my drift if you could.

    1. To spread love, freedom, justice and democracy. What’s wrong with that?? Better yet, what can possibly go wrong??

    1. Afghanistan was an unwinnable war, no one wins there……Iraq was a quagmire and a half….Iran is a regional power with pretty advanced electronic and air defense warfare capabilities, a massive arsenal of missiles of all sorts, drones, subs…….any war with it with absolutely enflame the entire region and cause massive oil supply issues. Occupying it in a conventional war? That’ll be the mother of all wars in the middle east. The price to pay in terms of material and lives is way too high. It’ll be interesting to see what if anything the US does in case Israel makes a move against Iran.

  6. he uses the term regional hegemony, but I often wonder if its just regional relevance or survival. no love for the regime there, but its pretty naive to think the US can support allies who wish to dominate iran without any blow back. so deterring further attacks will not be delicate, it will be dramatic, not delicate.

    1. yes is it same as russia, the syrian official governement asked them to help figtht isis cause after usa illegal invasion for oil, the syrians started losing against ISIS where they were winning before

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