1. @KMF Fox did call it a plane crash, but the was BEFORE Iran admitted that they had shot down the plane. Now that Iran has admitted to it, CNN shouldn’t have called it a “plane crash”, they should have called it “a plane shot down”

  1. Does it really count as a “plane crash” if it was shot down by a missile? That’s like saying a car got blown up by a rocket then crashed and calling it a “car crash”.

  2. “Iran plane crash leads to anti-government protests” – Didn’t know there had been a plane crash too on top of the one the Iranians shot down…(Sarcasm)

    1. @Worlds Best Gaming Highlights I like how you guys are acting like CNN is trying to make it look like a regular plane crash when they clearly state over and over again it was the Iranian government that shot it down

    2. @Vivian S what deceptive language? I understood perfectly clear that they were saying the plane crashed because the Iranian government shot it down. I never heard them try and beat around the bush or down play it like you guys are trying to say. I think the fact is that trump called CNN fake news and now all trumptards look for anything to make CNN look like the enemy of the United states

    1. Because none of the countrys (or city) you listed could throw the world in to a depression. Iran could bring the E.U and China to their knees if they disrupt the oil fields. They would of been able to, to the U.S. as well 10 years ago

    2. All these countries have been in the news for months, last month it was all eyes on Hong Kong and Chile, last year it was North Korea and Venezuela, doesn’t mean its forgotten just because they don’t bring it up everyday on the news.

    3. @jamie johnson right but a global recession will hurt us as well. We produce enough for ourselves but not all the world.

  3. CNN: “We were hoping it was President Trump who shot down the plane, so we’re very disappointed. But for now, it’s a plane crash.”

  4. 9:19 Does she really think all Iranians are one blob of people with the same brain? Any simple person would understand that there are pro government people in Iran (protested after solemani was sent to hell) but the majority of the population is against the regime (protesting now.) But this CNN “journalist” apparently thinks these are the same people…

    1. Not that I watch a lot of CNN, but I saw absolutely nothing from them about the anti-hijab protests, and the literally hundreds of women who were beaten, arrested, and in a few cases killed, for daring to go out in public without a hijab on.

    1. @Shafqat Zaman that’s exactly what someone who knows that any Arab country is more corrupt, more guilty of crimes against humanity, more unlivable, more dangerous, and more violent against women than anywhere else on earth would say :] maybe tell your uncle to stop coming to America to buy small children as sex slaves from human traffickers.

    2. @kwolf43 speaking of stupid 🙂 when you finally get properly diagnosed as on the spectrum/mentally handicapped and get some medication then you’ll stop feeling so angry

    1. @F G , You’re as wrong as two boys kissin. General Salami was responsible for killing thousands of protesters. They hate him. They LOVE Trump.

    1. @jsean g really commie mad i can you master and your sid failure go back to hell where you belong liberal.

  5. Day 1: “It’s SCIENTIFICALLY IMPOSSIBLE for us to have done it.”
    Day 2: damn they caught us…
    Day 3: “Yeah we did it.”

    1. @Alex Barbre “but they did do it right? I think that’s the point” no one in iran is implying this was an israeli operation to discredit iran. theyre claiming it was human error which means it was an accident.

      its definitely possible that iran has crypto-zionists in its ranks…suleimani hmself just recently helped natanyahoo get his base mobalized by threatening to bomb israel lol its highly likely suleimani is as dead as epstein. when you recall a double agent its always wise to kill the character he was acting out to be.

    2. @Joe Gallop Wait hold up… So Iran did it by accident, and for some reason instead of admitting it, they attempted to cover it up for 3 consecutive days?

    3. @Jan Asamoah youre assuming they knew exactly what happened on the first day.

      in which case youre implying irans govt is run by boris and natasha level of intellect.

      they didnt know what happened on the 1st DAY
      they investigated and invited the us and canada to investigate on 2nd DAY

      and on 3rd DAY felt the need to make a statement bc everyone was trying to anger the persian public with all sorts of fake support as if anyone actually cares for iranian people…those sanction dont hurt the govt as much as the people so save me the zionist crocodile tears

    4. @Jan Asamoah withholding benefit of doubt bc they are iran is textbook definition of racism. iran deserves due process like every other nation

    5. @Jan Asamoah theyre not even trying to blame israel for it. i honestly believe this was either 100% human error or done to start something in iran. but theyre not saying this theyre owning it so im inclined to believe theyre being sincere. but i understand if youre too brainwashed to give muslims benefit of doubt EVER

    1. @Live&letLive he’ll probably finish it too , President Trump is not responsible for all the bullshit , I’m sure you have you’re very own little vision of life , where everything is just cake and candy . Not to worry , snowflake , Bernie promised free Dental too . What a maroon .

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