Iran Retaliates, Fires Missiles At US Bases In Iraq – Day That Was | MSNBC


  1. And here we have ladies and gentlemen, the real urgency of attacking Iran ….. Its name is: distraction from impeachment

    1. @Mind Freshener Democrats are rooting for Iranian militias in Iraq now…… It’s their only hope.

    2. @Mind Freshener
      This thing, with Joe Biden…is an exact same stunt…Putin, used…
      to win his almost failed re-election…in fact, it was highly likely, he was going to lose…thus, the reason for “false allegations”…
      (Meghan Kelly…interviews Putin…March 10, 2018…Part 6)…much, to learn in those interviews…
      Now, how or why, would Trump, know to do likewise…??? hmm…😏…

    3. So them military lives thrown away by potus are just for political gain. What a tragedy. What an abuse of power.

  2. So BS *saber rattling* … Iran launched a few missiles _(which no patriot interceptor shield counter-missiles even noticed, much less hit)_ which didn’t actually damage anyone.

    Umm… *says USA military aren’t protected,* despite trillions spend in the region over the past decade or so.

    It’s a revelation of the LACK OF CARE from this farcical government of sycophants and stooges, errr… Republicants and the fundamentally ignorant people who keep them in office.

    1. If the US is looking for an excuse to destroy Iran, it may not intercept incoming missiles. As it turns out this attack from Iran seems pretty ineffectual.

    2. I say they may have organised usa and iran ok let make it look good send over 12 missiles we won’t shoot them down, they hit we take its done.

  3. The Bush administration started a war without an exit strategy,
    while the Trump administration is starting a war without an entry strategy.

    1. @schoc13 wake up, America would crush Iran. As said trump doesn’t want war. A terrorist was taken out, which was the bully mainly to the eastern countries. the impeachment doesn’t mean anything until it goes to senate.

    1. Have no worries. Iran is very cautious; they are impotent; they don’t want their oil junk wrecked. They have a choice: fight or talk and behave. The regime is all bad.

    1. Glad to see the support of a Country who kills homosexuals, Christians and belittles women.. bravo 👏

  4. Trump tweeted half dozen times about Obama starting a war with Iran to get elected, everything Trump says and tweets is projection.

    1. As you know now, the President didn’t start a war..although there has been an underlying one going on with Iran, forever..The difference is this President will not play games and not throw them money..Iran knows not to mess with the US especially, with a strong leader..

  5. manufactured conflict by trump and gop to distract from impeachment, this is as dirty as America’s hands has been in some time and every trump supporter out there is to blame for every soldier that will die in the events that follow may god have mercy on your misguided souls.

    1. According to the deranged lunatic Mike Pompeo, it was god that sent the dribbling moron Trump in the first place.

    1. There were no casualties…the soldiers on the bases had been warned in advance, so they could hide in their bunkers.

    1. Yeah, we took out the top “general” aka terrorist and they hit a port o potty on an Iraqi base! Pretty proportionate! Iran was smart enough not to hit US civilians or military personnel.

    2. Because Trump would’ve sent them back to the Stone Age if they did. And Iran knew it. This was an attempt to appease the Iranian people by that evil terrorist regime.

    1. They were very big. Big missiles. Big boom. The biggest the world has ever seen. (picture Trump with hand gestures)

  6. Let’s see—>
    1. Trump pulled out of that nobama nuclear treaty…which opened up Iran to do what they want
    2. Trump says they’re “breaking the law”….what law if the treaty was renigged. Remember?
    3. Now THEYRE the bad guys?…..
    Are our guys fighting for freedom? Advancing democracy? Keeping peace?…..or is this to distract from his impeachment and because it’s a voting year? Hmmmmm

    1. @nutin butruth yes they were. Why di you think nothing was said during nobamas time and trumps UNTIL HE PULLED US OUT …..

    2. @nutin butruth yes they were. ..until we renigged. Cmon man–>you think nobama and trump would’ve waited this long? Really?

    3. Now he’s begging Useless NATO to help. Trump is like finding out your daddy is your grammy’s husband

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