1. lol sanctions on iran have been raining for more than 40 years but yet iran still makes its own weapons without difficulties

    2. @ADOLF PUTLER in your head

  1. A little less talk and A lot more Action, USA & their Allies should impose strong sanctions against Iran especially Economic and oil sanctions. This ruthless Regime are unstabilized the region and the whole world.

  2. I think if Russia is having Iranian there in Crimea than it’s only fair that Nato have experts in Ukraine to train Ukranians on military equipment.

    1. It’s ok for NATO countries to help Ukraine… But GOD FORBID if Iran, China or North Korea help Russia! CNN 😭😭😭

    2. They already have been that’s why it’s fair that Iran does this. Especially because of how the NATO aided Iraq with WMD’s during the Iran-Iraq War and said nothing about the war crimes committed against the Iranian people during that war.

  3. iran had a contract to fulfill its not upto them how their weapons are used,they are just selling weapons as agreed

  4. “Iran sent military trainers to Crimea to train (Trumpian) Russians on drones, sources say” so let’s otherwise “Convince It Forward”

  5. I would have to say that by supporting Russia in this way, Iran has forfeited even the remotest pretense that it has a government based on religious principles. I suspect it’s a higher price than they think it is, moving forward.

    1. @a.b I can’t verify the facts as you present them. But if one digs deeper into atrocities committed by governments or societies, one finds that there are bad actors in all countries and in all societies who sometimes take control to a certain extent and for a certain period of time. I’m sure that not all the people of Iran support what the current government of Russia is doing to Ukraine; and not all of them would have wished to send drones to attack Ukraine’s civilian population randomly. My point was that the leaders who made that decision certainly revealed their hypocrisy, if they continue to claim that they are operating on religious principles, because there isn’t the slightest religious justification for attacking civilians in Ukraine. I agree that there are hypocritical people who gain power and make decisions in Western countries, as well. The Middle East has no monopoly on using religion or other ideals as a foil to commit atrocities.

    2. @ssake1 So is the west in the right when they send weapons to UAE and Saudi Arabia to terrorize Yemeni Civlians?

      It is abundantly clear that different rules apply to Iran than apply to the US and its cronies. Have some integrity and admit this is the case, at least.

  6. If we look realistically and do not deceive ourselves!
    In fact, 55 countries are testing their military weapons in the Ukraine war, Russia, America, England…

  7. Wow…What say your Retired ARMY generals. I know the Air Force guy is lost, but what say your actual military, diplomatic and political analysts? How do Iranian activists feel about this new development? What says the Ukrainian Foreign Minister? This seems like the lead, and not Putin’s martial law on uncontrolled territory.

  8. European air defense is overrated. It cannot do anything against the Russian Kalibr missiles, Iranian cheap drones (I’m not talking about the “Kinshal” hypersonic missiles)

  9. Lmao on minute merika says drones are not working now they say there really affective what ever fits the narative of the story 😂 🤣 😅

  10. I love the way Americans tell you everything. By the way, Frank trained Bob and now Bob knows what to do. You gotta love these times since so much is out in the open. A lot of countries and people support Russia. How come the Iraqi invasion wasn’t as covered? A lot has changed over the past couple of decades mate.

  11. Good to see countries cooperating to defeat US hegemony. Why use a missile when a drone can be more effective? Since February we have been told Russia has depleted its precision missiles, the precision missiles are still flying even today.

  12. Four components of the Iranian drones that they sold to the Russians are American (from the American military industry). So some big military companies sold that technology to the Iranians! Otherwise, as far as is known, the Iranians sold two thousand drones to the Russians cheaply! Why cheap? Because the Russians together with the Chinese sold ballistic missile technology to Iran!

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