1. @Saynoto Socialists
      america will never rule the world as you well know.
      wait for the cyber attacks and see how good Iran can be bringing chaos to america

    1. @Pavan bellary — No, Obama really didn’t. Perhaps you’re a trump-tarding brainwashed war-monger. Will you be enlisting to head over there, neo boy?

    2. CD Smith nice job lying about Pakistan, Yemen, Somalia, UAB, Syria, and Libya. Six illegal wars Obama started. With his drone program that killed literally tens of thousands of civilians.

      Supporting Obama means supporting a genocidal war criminal. But thats no problem for a pure evil democrat

  1. “One of the tests of leadership is the ability to recognize a problem before it becomes an emergency.” –Arnold Glasow

    1. @Mae Gary We have all these spoiled rich boys running things who always had a maid to clean up their messes for them. Now it’s a habit.

  2. All I have to say is that we all know they fund the proxy wars for the, to attack us lmao I hate two face people u can see it in his face his a fake

    1. @Darius Kang Sooooo… basically you’re saying you want to give Iranians – a country who has said that one of their main goals is the destruction of America and Western civilisation since 1979, even when Obama was helping them – nuclear weapons and completely give them free reign to do whatever they wish with terrorist organisations like hezbollah, hamas and ISIS (which your “hero” Soleimani helped fund and raise) and basically lie down and show their bellies and pay them not to attack?
      … You’re a Muslim that believes in Sharia law, aren’t you?

    2. @Ahmad Ali 1 Iraqi people are the ones that keep asking the US to keep forces there.
      2 The US has not claimed any land despite the costly wars they have fought in an attempt to stabilise the region. Were they always succesful? No. But were their intentions or actions evil? No. Also, in case you don’t know, Hezbollah attacked a US embassy. According to international law, any US embassy is US soil, and any Iranian embassy is Iranian soil, and it’s that way for any country. So yes, Hezbollah DID attack American soil.
      3 Wanna hear about double standards? Soleimani funded, trained and commanded numerous terrorist groups who targeted – and still target – civilian targets to this very day. Even here in the Netherlands, Iranian refugees were celebrating his death because of how many Iranian civilians he brutally murdered. Soleimani was one of the people with the most blood on his hands and was in Iraq when he wasn’t supposed to be, and to all accounts was planning more attacks on the US.
      This is all apparently okay according to you and Iran etc, but killing 1 man responsible for so much death is suddenly a mortal sin?
      Talk about double standards there… Do American or Iranian or Israeli or Iraqi or Syrian or Saudi etc lives not matter to you?!

    3. @Ajjdjxkkrfkfkfkkajsjckfkkdkskskakskkckffgggkskskxn oh ._. Please don’t put me on Wooooosh XD I’ve seen too many weird comments here that my sarcasm radar is a bit broken

    1. It’s like spanking a misbehaving kid and the kid doesn’t get it and doesn’t care to get spanked again..😂😂

  3. If it is like that, then just move the knife back and forth we will see the blood come out and be death for good.😂🤣😅😂🤣😅😂🤣

    1. There are two clans in the Middle-East: Number one is NATO, allied with Jordania, India, Egypt, Israel, Saudi Arabia, U/AE, Qatar and such. The Gulf funds and arms ISIS, Al Qaeda, Al Nosra, Nour al-Dine al-Zinki, all the other groups ending with “al-Cham” in Syria, Boko Haram to quote a few examples.
      Number two: Russia, Iran, China, Palestine, Lebanon, Pakistan (well, they’re double-sided by accepting US funds and buying chinese/russian weapons), Syria, Yemen etc. Iran, Yemen and Lebanon helps the Hamas, Hezbollah and Houthis. Pakistan on the other hand assists the Talibans.

      Iraq wasn’t included in the list since this country is successfully FUBAR. Iraq is originally a shia country and last time it was a country, it was led by Saddam Hussein. The shia, the non-salafi/wahabi muslims, christians, jews, secularians, anything that is not Saudi Arabia is considered an enemy. 9/11 was carried mostly by saudis with direct embassy relationships.
      Bin Laden was first welcomed as a hero, but after Afghanistan, there was a significant internal struggle in the saudi royal family. One part of the royals considered that despite the fact that they don’t like westerners, they had to play along and keep authorizing the US presence and bases in the “holy land” in order to have a better chance against their enemies such as Iraq.

      Bin Laden on the other hand was against foreign bases in the holy land at all costs, as he thought the americans would leave as they promised.

      At the end of the day, NATO never struck Saudi Arabia, the first sponsor of their own expansionnist ideology called wahabi/salafi islam, home of terror. Hussein was a warmonger that equally shared expansionnist goals. That said, Iran has a more “defending” consensus but their actions through the underground groups that they fund is exactly expansionnism too.
      NATO is also expansionnist and thinks that there are international virtues of “democracy” that can apply to everyone, which is not the case since the leaks of the Afghanistan Papers and the failure to kill all of the Talibans.

      I would say on the other hand that the saudis are many times more influent and were largely underestimated. They killed Khashoggi, they did 9/11, they spread propaganda on Twitter, Facebook and even here on YT (I caught one of them a couple of days ago, they are fond supporters of the saudi regime and speak exactly like ISIS salafi terrorists which is illegal in my country so he was reported). They train salafi imams, they build mosques in Europe, they appeal to the muslims from the maliki school of islam and even “disbelievers”. They sponsor every sports events and corrupt the FIFA. They also trade gold bars with currencies regardless of blood money. Pensacola’s shooter was a saudi. They own international channels such as Al Jazeera and beIN, own real estates and western companies. In exchange they buy NATO weapons. Most of ISIS recruits are saudi, then it’s western europe folks since they are also looking for engineers (in order to operate captured oil wells for instance).

      Iran is mostly Operation Nimrod, Hamas and Hezbollah politically speaking. Strike Saudi Arabia and you have most of the problems solved in the Middle East. Then prevent Israel to expand and boom that’s it.

    2. @discorperted Sunni is not enough for a wahabi/salafi. It’s either radical sunni or nothing with Saudi Arabia. 60% of Iraq is shia actually.

    1. Make sure that the Obama nuclear deal with Iran goes through.
      They promise to be much more careful with them in the future…..honest.

  4. “Iranian ambassador: US putting a knife to our throat with sanctions”…. Would they prefer cruise missiles?

  5. “I am not a military, I can not tell yoi what was really going on? ”

    Wow, no casualties, really? Tell us the truth

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