1. This guy is so calm and has fantastic and agreeable points
    “Equipment don’t rule the world. The people do”🤩☺️

    1. @Nezuko Kamado yep he will distroy the world as we know it. All part of agenda 21/30 population control..

    2. Joanie Grocke I know I said I wanted to die but in such cruel way nobody deserves this I might as well kill my self

    1. How do you perform a first interview on this subject? There are so many wildcards in the mix I’m sure everyone in the studio is on pins and needles

    2. @Mesa Zishta it’s not just in Iraq
      The entire middle east.
      It’s a powder keg

      But I think it’s time
      The Iranians fight the suadis and get it over w

  2. He’s right about one thing. Time for the United States to stay at home. And to stop meddling in everybody else’s affairs around the world.


    1. @sean one Excatly! Thank you and God bless you and your family for your service. Army vet myself. Messiest thing Max Downs went through in his life is his purse

  3. Trump doesn’t care you know why none of his son in the military if there’s a war his son is alive how about the military family?

    1. @Plo Koon we backed them fighting Soviet communism
      Just like all the groups we’ve funded lol
      Fighting communist’s in the 80s

      We don’t need the oil now

      We out produce everyone

    2. @edmateos17 You just wrote a whole lot of bullshit dude. We could nuke israel tomorrow and it would make no difference tomorrow. Really… the white boy plan? Conspiracy theories are getting more weird.

    3. @Sana Qureshi actually Russia and America coridnated strikes against ISIS didn’t you see?

      It’s hard to avoid children
      When cowards hide amongs them
      I’m sorry that innocent lives are lost due to coward’s hiding w them

    1. He means serious business this guy is not a idiot i wouldnt want 80 million bounty on my head and this MF AFTER ME

    2. These are serious issues ranting on Twitter of all places makes the world laugh at us Americans 🤦‍♂️ our leader needs to be more professional

    1. @Wakanda Brrr you are delusional, I know some idiot hindus claim the Kaaba.
      But I don’t I’m a hindu atheist.
      If you had researched a bit you would come to realise the number of mathematicians India produced.

      Don’t believe me watch this, A bit cringy but it has all the relevant information https://youtu.be/kN2rvquYBbQ

  4. This is a good time to go back and watch the movie W”.
    The whole country needs to be educated about the reasons behind wars!

    1. @Mitchell YoungAnd when you say ‘Bring it’, are you speaking based on experience or history? Need a quick lesson? Simple Google Search if you know what that is…… The United States has fought five major wars — Korea, Vietnam, the Gulf War, Iraq, Afghanistan — and only the Gulf War in 1991 can really be classified as a clear success. Are you illiterate or ignorant? Or both? Have you served in the US Military in any capacity? Fought in any war yourself? Have any idea what war entails? Maybe you should go out first thing tomorrow morning and enlist to be on the front lines.

    1. Easy man!, Just been sarcastic he is indeed the Antichrist and if his not he is doing a pretty good job at looking like.

  5. The U.S. just needs to get out of the middle east. Let them run their own country how they want too.

    1. the US Senate are all in the aim dealers’ pockets, they are waging war just to use more weapons, that’s all.

    2. @Ian Walton it was Saudi Arabia that did 9/11 you know? And it’s a US ally now. Why? Because oil. And US is acting like a mercenary for them. Making the troops bleed for a war that is not their own.

    3. Ian Walton USA is the only responsible nuclear capable country the world can or should trust…. pleeaassseee!

  6. “Do you feel welcome in that region? Does America feel safer now? This is price of Arrogance ” He said enough about what’s gonna happen.

  7. Smh … my heart hurts with how “We the people” are being dragged into this
    “ The United States is a new comer”

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