Iran's Largest Warship Sinks In Blaze In Gulf Of Oman 1

Iran’s Largest Warship Sinks In Blaze In Gulf Of Oman


The largest warship in Iran's navy has sunk in the Gulf of Oman after it caught fire and burned for about a day. Iranian officials are investigating. NBC's Ali Arouzi reports from Tehran, Iran.

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    1. Or they translated “No smocking” and just stopped wearing loose clothes and aprons.

  1. Man those navy seals are working overtime or those “Ufo’s” are finally getting physical.

    1. @Master Shake oh so u was flying next to it and took its measurements to know what it was huh?im so glad that we have your word on what it was as the person who was tracking it or we would have all thought it was an alien

    2. @Fitzroy Distant I mean people have done videos on the math involved all the info you need was on the screen .

    1. @NPC #1337 dew. Or direct energy weapons. Not to be confused with the crowd dispersal devices used by law enforcement that they started calling direct energy weapons to cover up and bury all the videos exposing them. Its basically infrared laser satellites that can start fires anywhere in the world.

    2. @NPC #1337 i was just explaining for all the sleepers on here that would just skip right over your comment and move on bc they are so clueless.

  2. Just getting rid of old assets before the Iranian deal is reinstated. Can’t receive them handouts if your hands are full. Jk, i don’t know what happened

  3. Space forces First test fire Beam , Mann that Lazer beam is silent , invisible but yet deadly.

    1. Personally I don’t like having to rely on a Jewish Space Laser. And the Evangelicals have been demanding Biden build a Christian Space Laser.

  4. Lmaooo they have been fighting like cats and dogs and they can’t not even afford to by a new cargo ship .

    1. @Lucky Sours lighten up nobody died ships get lost to fire fairly regularly the US lost a vessel last year to a fire .

    1. They’re trying so hard to save the deal. Irans been hit with so many blows. They just got a drones factory blown up accidentally too

  5. we are not going to allow iran to have any weaponry I learned this a chopper pilot in the navy in 1985

  6. That’s more smoke than my car will ever produce in its lifetime… but I’m being punished for everyone

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