Iraq Withdrawal Letter Screw-Up Shows Pentagon Tainted By Trump | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

Iraq Withdrawal Letter Screw-Up Shows Pentagon Tainted By Trump | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC 1


    1. @Andrew Colomy You can say that about every news source. Try if you don’t wanna seek the truth you make for yourself.

    2. When you have incompetent people in our government making bad decisions after clown chump instruct them to carry out his instructions which are generally incoherent.

    3. Goin sane Productions As a Democrat, why would you vote for either of them? Might as well just vote for trump 🤦‍♂️

    1. @J Silva If the Iran government doesn’t respond, groups of terrorist will. And by the look of the millions attending that funeral procession, I think the numbers are up!

    1. He hasn’t thought that far ahead. You’ll know the day they threaten his golf courses and he flips out. Other side of the literal coin, war can be averted cutting a $100 mil check for Trump Tower Tehran.

    1. No, we are getting trolled. Everyone in power from the Generals to the politicians to the hosts wants us to stay fighting these wars and this is just the latest way to fool you and I to support it–presenting this is story of leaving as an absurdity and a mistake.

  1. It now appears that the up to now impartial US military is now being coerced into playing Trump’s deceitful and corrupt game.

    1. @Bryanx1964 Yeah, I saw the crowds at the funeral procession that are glad he’s dead. Try watching the BBC News videos if you want a good look at Millions. I hope 100, 000 of them didn’t sign up for terrorist duty. And no I am not afraid of the Iranian people, just our nitwit government, their nitwit government and fools like you!

    2. @Bryanx1964 when America back a leader for other countries America ends up always having to return a clean up the mess they created

    1. Certainly not America – it has nukes instead and lots of them very sad to say – they just do not care anymore – the gloves are off and by the time American people wake up all pretense of democracy will be disposed of – Bernie 2020 is our only chance and we need to turn out in numbers like Iranians did for Soleimani

    2. Why worry about that now? We haven’t had any in three years and won’t have any for about one more at least, and even then it will be very diminished.

  2. I’m now officially announcing this phase of our interaction with Iraq and the Iranians as The Cadet Bone Spur’s War!

  3. It’s been a long time since I’ve sent an email but doesn’t the system ASK you if you really want to send this “draft”?

  4. “Donny, don’t withdrawal yet, we are still busy taking over Turkey, Syria and Afghanistan. Just wait a few months. Yours truly, Vladimir.”

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