Is 3D printing the future of house construction? 1

Is 3D printing the future of house construction?


Some construction companies are now turning to 3D printing to build homes in a fast, cheap and sustainable way.

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  1. Cool how does those chemicals used for this process fair under fire and how toxic are they if they do burn?

    1. It looks like the printer in the video is using liquid concrete. They could use another material. They should develop a material that’s more environmentally friendly than concrete.

  2. Houses dont really cost allot to build the government makes you buy only there products and then Jack’s up the price.

  3. Gee, an overpriced Cardboard Box. The Paper Wasps, Ants & Termites will be so happy!
    ” Well we’re movin’ on up, To the east side.

    To a deluxe Paper house, me oh my.
    Movin’ on up, To the east side.

    We finally got a piece of the pie…. ”

  4. Zero construction waste omg how will the industry earn like half of this business is cutting corners and shady practices.

  5. Boomers: “We bought the company that makes houses out of diarrhea, we are now charging $500000 per bungalow.”

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