Is a Tidal Wave of Covid-19 Coming? 1

Is a Tidal Wave of Covid-19 Coming?


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  1. Jamaica need a category 5 hurricane for you. People what taking God people for fool to really talk about

  2. How do they know what’s coming beforehand? The blood of Jesus Christ of Nazareth block this!!!

    1. They know because they are working from a script, they are not prophets, they are just all apart of a wicked global agenda

  3. I thought they were opening upto tourists? Why if they’re saying a 3rd wave could possibly happen. How is the Vaccination Roll out going in Jamaica? Stay Safe Jamaica. Can’t wait to visit when safe for everyone

  4. I thought sll protocols were stopped! I live in Manchester and people are hardly wearing masks! But we Jamaicans always have to learn the hard way! So sad!

  5. All schools should orobably remained closed until closed until next year or so. We cannot afford to have any more gatherings and infections in the third wave of the coronavirus disease. We just cannot

  6. Look at your contribution. You are preparing for a third wave but you are opening up tourism

  7. we could experience this we could experience that…for hypothetics you don´t destroy a nation!

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