Is An Out-Of-Power Trump Really A Threat To Democracy? 1

Is An Out-Of-Power Trump Really A Threat To Democracy?


With Trump taking the political stage again at a Republican event in North Carolina, plenty of political experts still call him a threat to U.S. democracy. MSNBC's Brian Williams discusses that with Don Calloway and Matthew Dowd.
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    1. @Iapetus Miller your country is going straight to a civil war I think it concerns all of is since what happens in the us greatly affects the world around you, especially those living on the same continent as you. Trumptardism is contagious remeber that there are stupid people everywhere.

    2. Of course he is. That’s the appeal he had to folks. He’s a narcissist that wants everyone to love him. Instead of the crooked politicians who want their overlords to love them.

    3. Wow !…

      I hear there is “tuition assistance”
      (bail money) available to many
      “underpriveleged arsonists”
      through the programs of the
      “kam harris/blm/barrel-o-monkeys”
      organization !……

  1. Lots trailer park residents who own a single wide gonna be not a happy campers once blubber isn’t able to overthrown our government.

    1. This ain’t a defense of trumpanzee’s, but the US problems do not stem from trailer parks. The disgust of the poor has more to do with it. Trump’s boomer followers are on average more well-off than the average taxpayer. It takes a decent amount of money to follow his mass spreader parties and be there to storm the capitol.

    2. @Rudy Casso Um, what’s wrong with refrigerated bread? Keep it cold so it doesn’t get moldy as fast. Especially in the summer.

    3. Wow !…

      I hear there is “tuition assistance”
      (bail money) available to many
      “underpriveleged arsonists”
      through the programs of the
      “kam harris/blm/barrel-o-monkeys”
      organization !……

  2. In case you were wondering, the t’rump blog is down but still collecting donations.
    I guess that $430 million in debt isn’t going to pay itself!

    1. @camwyn256 are you just repeating yourself or did you think that rewriting it would make you sound less of an a******

    2. @camwyn256 by the way I said China not Ukraine but whatever even Biden admitted to use his power to influence Ukrainian politics.

    3. @m crestwood all good. I wait with baited breath for the bloated beast to huff and puff his way into court where he will sacrifice his own children on the altar of narcissistic flatulence.
      It will be tremendous…some say…

    1. @Randy B A cult is a group of people usually all living together in a compound living life privately. Trump has 74m followers living all over the country, not cult members, try something else Randy.

    2. @Captain America it does, that is what the republican idiots are NOT seeing. but it does affect minority communities the most

    1. It’s amazing he can come up with those one-liners while taking fire in a military helicopter.

    2. Wow !…

      I hear there is “tuition assistance”
      (bail money) available to many
      “underpriveleged arsonists”
      through the programs of the
      “kam harris/blm/barrel-o-monkeys”
      organization !…….

    1. If I showed a few pictures of white people behind me, does that make me a racist? Why do most black people do it and not called out for it?

    2. Barry Created Donny. It’s amazing how some people have the talent of talking for 10 minutes without really saying anything. This is a requirement for being elected into office. Please don’t mistakenly assume “more education” always equates more intelligence or improved critical thinking. I want my 10 minutes back. All Hope, No Change. .,

    3. @Randy B
      Hi !… I’m Joe Biden…
      …and this mask nicely covers
      the “welts” on my face from
      “msssssssssss pelosi”
      slappin’ me around….

    4. @Randy B
      Hi !… I’m Joe Biden…
      …and this mask nicely covers
      the “welts” on my face from
      Stacy (the aircraft carrier) Abrams
      slappin’ me around….

    1. @ms operator I couldn’t stop watching Calloway’s trying to suppress his laughter the rest of the interview.

    2. @G Wal Dude, until i see him in court. I don’t believe he’ll ever see a jail. He is by far the luckiest S.O.B ever. 98% of us would be in jail, if we got away with what he has.

  3. Trump is definitely a serious threat to American and our democracy. We are in trouble if we underestimate him and the fools who follow him.

    1. This is VERY TRUE! We don’t need 4 more years of his deadly PLAGES! Donald J Trump is a danger to the whole world! Don’t kid yourself this man is deadly!

  4. It boggles the mind, but yes, “An Out-Of-Power Trump Is Really A Threat To Democracy!”

    1. @Joel Carlson I learned something today. There are attributes of fascism that can categorize tendencies in left-wing politics. I stand (partially) corrected. Whether Mussolini fell into that category,I don’t know enough about him. I’ll take your word for it.

      That being the case, there must be right-wing Communism

    2. @Charlie FoxtrotI believe it’s viewed that when Europe was basically conquered by facism Hitler led it from the right and Mussolini from the left. They made quite a pair for a short while. To bad humanity has forgotten and seem to be willing to give it another go.

    3. @Charlie Foxtrot Yes! And the devil is in the details, which often get skimmed over, like did you know Hitler dad a division of his SS that were Muslim?

    1. As much as I would love to see him in an orange jumpsuit, the most important thing is that he gets convicted of a crime so he can no longer run for office. That will eliminate his power – as long as the GQP has any brain cells left, but I’m becoming more and more convinced they want to be a fascist authoritarian party with or without Dump.

  5. What we’ve learned as a nation the last 4 years is that a solid 1/3 of this country have no issues with fascism and you don’t have to wonder any more how Nazi Germany came to be.

    1. @Randy B
      It’s been 5 hours…

      That’s about 60 “dismemberments”
      worth of “work time”…

      120 “Arms”
      119 “Legs” 1 was too “mangled”
      60 “Torsos/pieces of torso”…
      Zero “skulls and brains”, cause
      they all got crushed…….

      All “available” for sale
      in YOUR “human marketplace”…

    2. There’s 29 left leaning news in the US and only 24 right leaning. 13 considered “center.”

      I tried posting this last night and got deleted so I’m not gonna cite the full url I’m using as a source but I got this from a website that is allsides. Add the com after the period

      You can check online which websites get the most traffic. Very few of them are the ones that lean right.

      This is besides that most universities and schools lean left. Besides that Twitter and Facebook have shown they have a bias for the left (whether it’s justified or not is a different discussion but the point is that wouldn’t have flown in the time of Hitler)

      And even those on the right criticize Trump often. Not a lot of them got on board with the election claims. Barely any of them said Jan 6 was a good thing after the fact. The point I’m making is that Hitler (besides the vile things he said that Trump never came close to on his worst day) had the media in his favor. They burned books. They put their propaganda in textbooks(sounds like critical race theory). Infiltrated the schools. It was against the law to even make a joke about Hitler. Meanwhile Trump was letting the media say whatever they wanted. He would just roast them back. And Trump was already in power. Whatever oppression he could’ve used, he didn’t.

      Also, the rhetoric H*tler used is a lot closer to what the Democrats use today about “white privelage”, “systematic oppression” and “inbreeding.” You just have to change the word Jews for White. wouldn’t say even Democrats are doing what N*zis did, because they were just another level or evil. But if there’s anyone that you could paint parallels too it’s not Trump IMO. Again, I don’t know if my post got banned bcuz of the url I shared earlier to the bias media check website or the quotes from H*tlers letter so I’m not gonna provide the full quotes but you can find them online. This was 1919

    3. @Sara Mill yet it’s the dems trying to preserve our most sacred of rights. The right to vote. Repugs have already passed legislation in Texas and Arizona that allows to completely dismiss voting and the will of the people. Wake up, Nazi sheep

    4. @MTM Hitler was in power. He also had a failed coup to maintain his power. He then was ignored and went largely unpunished. Then WW2 happened

    5. @camwyn256 that’s true. That’s what I’m saying is he became chancellor in 1933 but he had already made clear what he wanted to do to Jews as early as the 1910s and given his 25-point-program in 1920 when was only in charge of the Nazi party. Trump still hasn’t done that and he was already president once.

  6. “Every lie we tell incurs a debt to the truth; sooner or later that debt is paid.” — Valery Legasov

    Donald J. Trump is Chernobyl in human form.

    1. He is a monster! Donald J Trump is a danger to the whole world! Don’t kid yourself this man is deadly!

  7. Info for Americans: if this was Germany, 45 would be in jail for his 1|6 speech 🙂
    The crime is called ‘hate speech’. Same with Tucker Carlson.

    1. It’ll be hard to prove in the court of law since he didn’t give specific instructions. He hinted and insinuated but nothing specific. He is stupid but not that stupid.

  8. I would say that the people that he speaks to is the danger. We live among a bunch of people who think just like this maniac

    1. @diane shelton maybe those in Congress and on the news. Those that attacked the capitol certainly weren’t smarter that T***p

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