Is Competing in Your Relationship a Good Thing? TVJ Smile Jamaica


  1. Anyone who thinks a competition in his or her relationship is good may be in for a rude awakening. Initially it may seems funny or even cool to do. But, overtime emotions get involved then jealousy aka bad mind will start to set in. My perspective is that one should embrace and promote his or her partner and you grow as one team. The moment you involve or introduce competition in your relationship it’s no longer a partnership. One should as his or her self who is involved when there’s a competition. Is it usually two or more people on the same side or team? When you answer that question correctly you’ll understand that it is not a good thing to compete in your relationship! In other words, when you understand that a competition is between 2 or more opponents and not 2 or more teammates you will see why you don’t compete with your partner. It will definitely destroy your relationship. What relationships nowadays need is respect, understanding, communication and a whole lot of compromise! In our Jamaican culture, we tend to miscommunicate with our partners a lot too much already so we should not involve any competition in our relationships. It can become very toxic! Don’t get me wrong there is good competition in some instances like for example weight loss challenge, meeting career goals etc. but if your partner is not grounded to understand that if either one is successful and the other is not successful the level of respect and support should not change, then you have a big problem.

    1. This is the best comment for that question…the relationship will become toxic if you guys are in a competition.

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