Is Gov. DeSantis ‘Paying The Political Price’ For Battling Mask Mandates?

More than half of Florida’s students are now enrolled in public school districts with mask mandates despite threats of sanctions from the administration of Gov. Ron DeSantis, according to new Washington Post reporting. The panel discusses.

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Is Gov. DeSantis 'Paying The Political Price' For Battling Mask Mandates?


    1. Yes, “Citizens may hate me, but being a QAnon Trump moron means I’ll die for the freedom for my kids (and other family and friends) to contract a horrible disease.”

    2. And yet all you idiots fail to acknowledge the studies that show masks aren’t effective, and kids are at the lowest risk level. Of course if you watch this lying network, you’ll never get the truth.

    1. @Edward Martinez so you’re saying you can’t think for yourself there’s a lot of people out there like that they’re called children so he gives parents the right to make that decision but I guess you need a government to tell you what to do

    2. @Edward Martinez so if you can’t think for yourself I guess you would need to government to tell you what to do they’ve done so many things right here lately he just put the power back into the people’s hands like a good elected officials supposed to

    3. @Ed Yates Go tell your uncle Putin pinko I get advice I research then I make up my mind. I ask and pay attention to expert’s Clyde right turn!

    4. Thank God for our Govenor still to this day with the backlash he’s taking he’s still making vaccine mandates and mask mandates. The states who did the right thing will soon pay the price for a mega varriant

    5. @Edward Martinez and that’s exactly what you should do no argument here are exactly right to do your own research and come up with your own plan of attack I do agree with you and you don’t need the government to tell you what to do you are making up your own mind

    1. @Deb Shaw Well if the Orange Menace could pass himself off as a conservative, why can’t Rhonda Santos be a socialist? He’s just a pre-1980’s USSR socialist.

    2. @Tropical Shepherd wooo the boogyman is out to get you. If I remember correctly, it was the republicans during the bush years that led to the loss of call canter jobs that made my town flourish. Then it was the democrats that kept that going. The more you point your finger, the more its gonna get broken – the problem isnt one house or the other. Its both of them. Its not the liberals or the conservatives – its both sides pumping the system of its money. This has been going on since before our grandparents were born (if you care to do your research). The real enemy is the imbalance of wealth and power. Both sides are playing you like a fiddle, but all you can do is point your withered, smashed finger… pointlessly, ironically.

    3. @Tropical Shepherd i take no sides in this, in case you cant tell from the limited text ive written. Its obvious from my perspective that both sides play into your innate bias… fueled by emotional rhetoric. The more you judge, the more you become pray to their ideologies. The more emotional your standpoint, the more you become unsuspecting victim to the distractions from the real issue: the wealthy control everything, leaving scraps and a broken past for us to eat.

    1. Believe it or not, up here in N. IL, several church groups, including mine, are praying for you folks. Not much else we can do about the sad state of mind your politicians seem to have.

    2. @sealyoness Unfortunately, praying doesn’t work. As of today 4,488,807 have died of Covid worldwide. God did not protect them nor heal them.

    3. @G S That is not true. All lies come from the devil; stop listening to him. Prayer is to be made according to His will; it is His will that must be done, not ours.

    4. @G S you do realize that we will all die sooner or later right? You actually thought that we humans are immortals or something? Ever heard of natural selection?

    1. Are you guys stupid? The governor is not prohibiting children from wearing a mask if they want. The governor is prohibiting the state from forcing people. You guys really want to give your power away to the state? Idiots…

    2. @UCgHa2agbvvwg1c2wax2eHOA No one is saying you can’t have your kid wear a mask. You want your kid to wear a mask go ahead. If you don’t, then up to you. Governor is saying the state doesn’t have a say. You really want to be forced to do something?

    3. @RORO D F off this is bigger than anybody anything currently it’s your party you can die if you want to choice

  1. “It’s one thing to try to bully local government officials, it’s another to pick a fight with the Mouse!”

  2. Nah, he’s getting paid for it. Go to his Twitter. He’s literally advertising covid treatments his top donors have stocks in. He’s a lunatic.

  3. Personally, I love it that he seems to be shooting himself in the foot. One can hope he does not get re-elected.

  4. I’m tired of politicians only paying a “political price” for their corrupt, reckless, or above-the-law behaviors. I want them to face a real, legal price.

    1. So would I. They need to go to jail. Politicians and police are the worst criminals who are never held accountable for the immense damage that they do.

    2. I’m in Missouri, if one of my grand babies dies as a result of a covid infection I will be filling a class action civil suit against Mike Parson for wrongful death based on depraved indifference because of his anti mask policies!!

      I’m not concerned about any financial gain, as long as Mike Parson is ruined financially and professionally!!

  5. DeSantis won’t mandate mask mandates – because his “king-maker”, wants to have lots of sardined, maskless,no social distancing rallies, mostly unvaccinated attendees – because live rallies produce more campaigne contrubutions, because the audience feeds off it itself, like at sporting events. DeSantis is up for re-electon next year, and paying homage to 45. Campaigne contributions are always more lucritive, when done with live-hyper-active crowds -the adrenaline helps extract more $$$$

    1. @Tom Nelson As I said elsewhere on this post, people are defying him…school districts, Disney World, Cruise Lines…his poll numbers are plummeting…Biden personally called Superintendents across Florida and told them they would be reimbursed through Covid Relief Funds for any money Desantis withheld. All of this is backfiring on Desantis in a good way as people are rising up against him and thumbing their noses at him and his ignorance in trying to be a Trumpian Dictator.

    2. @Amy Henry people are actually in favor of him and I stand with him. No school should force students to wear a mask and also they shouldn’t received any covid funds as well. That money should be use for those who haven’t gotten their stimulus checks.

    3. @Amy Henry also you should t be lying here. Desantis is doing a great job unlike Biden that allow some innocent Americans along with innocent Afghans to get killed at a suicide bomb at the air port.

  6. Can’t wait until the health insurance companies start charging extra for those who aren’t vaccinated.
    It has already started with Delta Airlines health insurance charging $200 a month extra to non vaccinated employees. That starting on November 1 2021

  7. When DeSantis’ political career ends, he can get into the T-shirt industry. Not sure that business will do any better, but he might just be able to make an honest living selling to his small group of supporters. Imagine that. An honest living for DeSantis?

  8. Time to elect a compassionate governor, his bullying has to stop. Close the door on your way out and drag M Gaetz with you!

  9. I still want to know if these parents have asked their children, “do they want to wear a mask or a ventilator?” If they still don’t want to wear a mask, then show them the funeral for a child under 12, take them to a funeral parlor and let the pick out a casket and lay out their favorite clothes for the occasion.

    This sounds callous but they’re talking about parental rights to freedom yet they are making decisions for their children’s life or death. I look forward to a child standing up and suing their parents for not allowing them to make the decision to live. This is political and out of control.

    If these were poor families and children not fed or bathed, child protective services would be taking them out of the home for neglect. Well not protecting kids from a deadly virus is neglect as well. See how privilege and money talks?

  10. Floridian guy laying in hospital bed, taking his final breath: Ron is doing a great job. Cant wait to re-elect him

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