Is it Rhinitis or Covid-19? TVJ News - March 31 2021 1

Is it Rhinitis or Covid-19? TVJ News – March 31 2021


Not everyone with a running nose has covid 19. it could be a more common medical condition.

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  1. Finally
    And thousands of people are and have been suffering from this and have falsely been told/diagnosed that they have cv.

    1. If someone is suffering from rhinitis but doesn’t know and goes to get tested for covid instead, the test would come back negative, ruling out covid. So no people aren’t “falsely been told” they have covid.

    2. @M.N. I hear you but honestly this is subjective. False positives and false negatives are real.

  2. I have it my sister has it lol a stupid nurse sent my sister home from school cause of this lol u cant catch it from anyone my sister and mom tried to explain and she still send her home with her stupidity .

  3. Rhinitis can also lead to bloody nose caused by irritation of the capillaries in that area top of the nose.

  4. That’s my doctor. Saw him two weeks ago. Such an easy going doc to talk to. My ENT doc.

  5. I have this nasal problem for many years on and off now and being getting Loratadine for it from my doctor.

  6. Really !!!! never knew other illnesses existed because everything is COVID. Never thought I would hear a Jamaican doc speaking like this either.

  7. Thats my doctor he take out my thyroid in the cayman islands .bless up Dr Smith your simply the best.

  8. My daughter suffered with this from 1 till 9 years. snotty runny blocked nose. Sores inside nose. Mouth breathing constant infections.Lots of hospital treatment even an operation. Nothing worked until she grew out of it.

  9. It just seems weird that everyone who seems to have fever or runny nose is told that it is Covid-19. Its really enlightening to know that there is another ailment that might be causing confusion because that is what I was always wondering. Thanks Dr. Makes a lot of sense.

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