Is It Time To Abolish The Filibuster? | Into America Podcast – Ep. 110 | MSNBC 1

Is It Time To Abolish The Filibuster? | Into America Podcast – Ep. 110 | MSNBC


This week on Into America, Trymaine Lee takes a closer look at the history of the filibuster and the recent calls to abolish it in the Senate. He talks with New Yorker staff writer Jelani Cobb about how the filibuster has been weaponized and racialized over time and asks whether American Democracy might be better off without it.

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Is It Time To Abolish The Filibuster? | Into America Podcast – Ep. 110 | MSNBC


  1. Just use Moscow Mitch’s tactics against him, go “nuclear”! _you gotta admit it’s hilarious listening to to repugnicants wail endlessly_

  2. Yes, it needs to go! After learning what it was, it sounds like a waste of tax payers money with no solution or outcome. Get rid of it!

  3. It’s time to abolish fake news and jail the richest people in America- who are all democrats and politicians btw.

  4. 2017
    Charles Schumer, began: “We are writing to urge you to support our efforts to preserve existing rules, practices, and traditions as they pertain to the right of members to engage in extended debate on legislation before the United States Senate.”

    The senators continued: “We are united in our determination to preserve the ability of members to engage in extended debate when bills are sent to the floor.” The Senate plays a “unique role” in the legislative process, the senators said, and that role should continue unchanged. “Therefore, we are asking you to join us in opposing any effort to curtail the existing rights and prerogatives of senators to engage in full, robust, and extended debate as we consider legislation before this body in the future,” the letter concluded.

    Thirty-three Democrats signed the letter — Senators Chris Coons, Joe Manchin, Claire McCaskill, Patrick Leahy, Angus King, Mark Warner, Michael Bennet, Amy Klobuchar, Bob Casey, Martin Heinrich, Jeanne Shaheen, Sherrod Brown, Dianne Feinstein, Kirsten Gillibrand, Brian Schatz, Heidi Heitkamp, Cory Booker, Maria Cantwell, Mazie Hirono, Joe Donnelly, Jon Tester, Thomas Carper, Kamala Harris, Maggie Hassan, Bill Nelson, Tammy Duckworth, Tim Kaine, Jack Reed, Ed Markey, Debbie Stabenow, Sheldon Whitehouse, and Bob Menendez. Some are now gone, but most remain in the Senate today.

    One of the filibuster supporters was then-Senator Kamala Harris, now Vice President of the United States.

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